Juhi – Part 2 – Sex With Male Flatmate

Hi, everyone, my name is Juhi, this sex story is about when I was 22 years, my stats back then were 34c-28-26 and I took great pride in my assets. I had opted to do a masters degree from London and me and my friend Shreo had opted for the same university and had planned to search for accommodation together. Shreo back then was extremely hot and busty, her stats were 36DD-30-34, at the time I had my eyes pop out seeing her cleavage. Well, you don’t really have to be a lesbian to ogle at others boobs, we girls also admire or envy what we don’t have. Anyways, as faith be, we had a tuff time finding a place to park our asses, and every passing day dug a hole in our pockets as we were staying in a hotel till then.

Well, I then started discussing it with my classmates and we finally got a volunteer. So there was this Indian guy – Neil, son of an extremely rich industrialist in India offered us that we both could stay with him till we found an accommodation. We asked if his landlord would object, to which he replied that his dad had a 3 bedroom apartment which his dad had bought for him to stay in, in fact, he also had a maid for himself. So, we both decided to shift in temporarily, so that we could buy some time to find an accommodation.

The first few days were routine, I and Shreo were staying in one room and Neil was staying in the master bedroom. Neil was really hot, tall about 6 feet, well built and honestly the day I saw him I wanted him in my bed and as faith could be, we were staying under one roof. Now, I starting craving for him and so was Shreo, in fact, that bitch had on a few occasions walked into his room in her sleep shirt hoping for some action but nothing had worked out.

One fine morning, when I woke up I saw Neil was working out and was without his shirt, fuck it got me so fucking wet and honestly I hadn’t even masturbated for about 4-5 days. So I walked up to him in my shorts and a spaghetti which had my nipples protruding out – one coz I was horny and secondly I had just woken up and wasn’t wearing my bra. Shreo was a lazy ass and woke up really late, so it was only me and Neil then. I really wanted him then and there.

I made some tea for myself and went and sat on the sofa near him, giving him a clear view of my inner thighs and my panty. I was on purpose trying to look elsewhere so that he could get a complete gaze. Slowly, I looked towards him and noticed that he had a bulge in his tracks and it gave me goosebumps. I really wanted that cock but didn’t know how. Anyways, he finished off his workout and went to his room, I decided to follow him, and to my greatest luck on that lucky day he had removed his clothes and was heading towards the bathroom, and that’s when I entered the room and unlike that Sharmili, an Indian girl, I boldly started at his Penis. Am sure he saw the lust in my eyes.

I just went near him and started smooching him and stroking his cock, he had a good penis, bigger than the dicks that I’d had and it was thicker in its girth as well. We smooched for almost about 3-4 minutes and he had his hands all over me, crushing my boobs, rubbing my vagina, pressing my ass, and honestly, it was almost about 2 months that I’d had my last fuck, so this entire thing was really driving me crazy. As things progressed, I pushed him on the bed, took off my spaghetti and started sucking him. Man, I was tasting a penis after 2 months and it was so fucking awesome. You don’t realize how awesome the feeling is when you get you are in a relationship and get it every day, but once you breakup, most of the girls would agree that sex is the only thing you miss the most.

So there I was, slurping on his cock and sucking his balls as well. I have a great craze for blowjobs, and I love working my tongue on a nice hard cock. So, I sucked him for about 10 minutes and did something that I personally don’t like, but all the guys that I did it to loved it, so I did it to Neil as well – tongue fucked his ass. Man, that motherfucker went crazy and started lifting his torso, it was real fun. Well, I had started tasting his pre-cum and knew that he was building up. So I quickly got rid of my shorts and panty and jumped on his penis. I can’t explain in words, what a fucking heavenly feeling it was to have that nice hard thick dick in me, I was vigorously riding on him and my boobs were bouncing.

I caught his hands and got him to squash my boobs and pinch my nipples, I really love it that ways and he obliged. We then changed positions and he made me lay down on my back toward the end of the bed, and he stood up and started pounding me, it was so fucking amazing. The room was filled with the noise of our fucking, and my hungry pussy just wasn’t able to get enough. Luckily, he was not the ones that cum easily, so we continued, after fucking hard in the same position, we then got in a scissor position. He was crushing my boobs and going deeper with every thrust.

We both were sweating and tired by now, but lust had overpowered every other feeling and all we wanted was sex, sex, and sex. After the scissor position, I pushed him down and hopped on that dick in the reverse cowgirl position. I was riding him hard and was taking some big jumps, there was a mirror right in front of me and I could see my boobs bouncing massively, I was building up as in this position his dick went in real deep and before I could think of anything I had an orgasm. An orgasm that was one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had while fucking. I came for almost about 20-30 seconds and I froze in that position with that dick still tight within me. I wondered, this bastard surely has some balls, and I was happy because I knew that this bastard was my flatmate and we were gonna have many such sessions in the future.

Then I got off and saw a smile and lust on Neils’ face, I knew that he wanted to cum as well, and even I wanted to taste his cum. I honestly had no energy for another round, so I decided that let my tongue do the work for me now, and I took his penis and started blowing me. I kinda like tasting my own juices, and that’s exactly why I like sucking a penis once it’s out of me. So I sucked Neil for a bit and he was also near and exploded on my face. Probably even he hadn’t masturbated for a while, coz he unloaded a huge load on my face, my tits, and my tummy, leaving me no option other than to have a bath immediately after that.

This was just one of the sex story’s that I had to narrate, honestly guys I’ve been a notorious bitch since I remember and there’s no harm admitting it. I’ve had a great passion for tasting male’s cum and coz of this crazy hunger I’ve had 100’s of cocks since I was young. Although am married now, I think there’s no harm having a variety in bed and do occasionally hook up and spice up my life. You’ll drop your feedback at [email protected] and I’ll surely keep posting my sex escapades as and when I get time. This entire episode has again got me wet and today I don’t have an option other than my fingers, so for all the guys who have their cocks out, guys let’s masturbate together. Cheers !!

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