Juhi Part 3 – Our Sexapartment

Hi Friends, My name is Juhi. I’ve published two stories earlier. Every story I narrate re-ignites the hunger in me to re-live that moment again. This story particularly is the continuation of my previous Story ‘Juhi 2- Sex with Male flatmate’.

Well, back then my stats were 34C-28-36 and I was staying with a guy Neil and a girl Shreo (36dd – 30 – 34) in central London in Neils 3 bedroom apartment, which he had offered us as we were practically homeless. Now, in my previous story, I’d narrated how I and Neil had a steamy sex session. Well, after that also, we did have another fuck session when Shreo wasn’t home, but very soon she did realize that I was having a gala time and she got all angry as she wasn’t getting fucked.

Well, Shreo was a bong girl and everyone would agree that bong girls are one of the horniest in the country and I can vouch for it as I’ve had so many Bengali friends and all they wanted was a cock in their pussy, in their ass and in their mouth all the time. So coming back, Shreo actually discovered a used condom in our rooms dustbin and got to know that I and Neil were fucking. So, when Neil came back in the eve, she was very blunt in confronting him. She wore a black one-piece satin lingerie which barely covered her ass, and she went to him and said – “ Neil you allowed both of us in your house, right, so why is only Juhi allowed in your bed”. Neil was a bit confused, but Shreo pulled him and started kissing him, this bitch hadn’t had sex for over a month and as per her words,

She was itna horny ki she could have fitted a bloody Qutub Minar in her pussy. So there they were, standing in the hall and in a hungry tongue fight and I stood there confused whether I should stand there or participate. But, I decided to watch the live porn film and removed my denim and sat there touching myself.

After biting Neils lips and tongue fighting with him, Shreo had grabbed his cock and was aggressively massaging it from over his jeans and Neil was groping her ass and her 36DD’s. Well, in no time Shreo’s one piece was on the ground and as she had nothing else on, her nicely trimmed pussy was shining with wetness. She quickly, undid Neils belt and got rid of Neils jeans and held his hot rod and started admiring it. Seeing Neils Penis again had also got me super wet and excited, but I sat on the sofa rubbing myself.

Shreo did not waste time, she quickly slurped his cock for a bit and then went and laid on the table and pulled his cock in, they started fucking fast and faster. She was letting out some squeaks and had her eyes roll up with ecstasy and joy. After fucking in this position for a bit, she quickly got into doggy and asked him to fuck her hard and Neil obliged happily. Shreo was building up, and Neil was enjoying his newly found 36 DD’s, they were swaying to and fro with every hump. Being her roommate for a while, I knew that Shreo loved anal, so I walked up to them and started kissing Neil and then inserted two fingers in her ass. It was tight and it was the first time I was even putting my hands in a girl, but I knew that she would love it and the moment I did it, she jumped up with joy and as I started ass fingering her, she had an orgasm in no time.

She laid down there as she seemed to have a powerful orgasm and the whole episode had got me fucking wet. So, all I did was slid his condom off, put on a new condom and laid down on the same table and signaled him to fuck me now. He was a fucking monster, he could fuck for a while, longer that all my chutiya boyfriends who came in no time. Neil was a bit tired and I was all horny, so I got him to lay down and I positioned his penis in me and started riding him, first slow and then wildly. Shreo had recovered till then and had joined in and was pinching my nipples. She had a weird thing that she liked to abuse during sex, and she started saying stuff like – stuff your leaking pussy, fuck the brains out of this sex slut, Gaand maar iss chudakkad ki, etc etc.. some reason Neil liked it and as a result he was fucking with more aggression, I was absolutely ok till the time I got more of sex n sex.

Neil was building up and he wanted to ejaculate, so I pulled off his condom and started sucking him, but Shreo was more hungry for his cum and quickly pulled his cock and started sucking him wildly and with great passion. He soon sprayed all his cum on her face with some spurts coming on my boobs too, which I just massaged and applied all over my boobs. That cum hungry slut kept sucking him even after he came and licked him totally dry.

After this, sex was a daily session, sometimes it was three of us, sometimes just two but life was different. Apart from shitting, we never closed the doors of our bathrooms. So we peed with open doors, we bathed with open doors, we fucked in the shower, we fucked in the hall, the kitchen n every fucking possible place.

We never also wore a lot of clothes, so like I normally wore a bra and shorts. A bra was essential else my tits would fucking become all hung and look ugly. Shreo normally wore like a slutty skirt and a bra. We also did move around nude a lot many times. We did some crazy stuff in that stint like we had peeing competition as in whose pee can travel the max distance where we all peed standing, we watched porn together on home theater system. Well, I honestly miss that nice and long cock, my husband now just gets on me fucks n sleeps, his weenie is also small and limp. But honestly, I have no regrets as far as sex is concerned as I have had enough cocks in all my holes and I still occasionally get young and older cocks when my chutiya husband isn’t around.

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