Junior And Senior – Part 1

Hy guys,This is one of the hottest ones I ever wrote in iss. Quite a long one. Hope you like it

Now I am in college. It’s about fucking my sweet skinny senior on their farewell and getting caught and fucking another senior.My senior amrita( name changed) has a skinny figure. She is hot as hell with small 32 c perky breasts and dark nipples. A small ass and unshaven pussy.

She is the slut of the college. She was fucked by many. A few weeks back I got an email from a girl saying she liked my story submitted on iss. At first, I thought it was a fake. Then I replied any how. I soon started chatting with her through email, then got to know we were hailing from the same place. Later chats turned erotic. She used to send her hot pics without and I used to share my dick photos. Even then I knew it was fake. Hoped an adventure from it. Then I called her one day through the hangouts. She was little shaken by the call. But answered. Then the hot calls came pouring in. Still, I haven’t seen her face.I requested her once.

Then A day before farewell for my seniors get a nude pic on her face after making her enough horniness I was amazed and stunned, she was my senior amrita nude. As a sexy doll. It was hot. I then messaged her lets meet. She agreed. She said she would be free on that farewell day evening.Then on the farewell day, she came in a black and red hot saree with a tight hot blouse. She was so sexy. I felt horny just by looking at her.

Then as programs progressed. I took a photo of her sitting with her friends without her knowing and some photos of her navel and send through hangouts. As she opened it, she looked amazed. Then I messaged her to come to the back of the auditorium( it was usually deserted). My junior alan was there, he was my best friend. He wanted to fuck her ever since he saw her. During the lunch break, I and he followed her onto the back of the auditorium. It was empty. Then we went behind it, as there was a pile of benches and desks. We had planned something erotic. He slowly went behind her and hugged her. I moved towards a corner as I could record the things , so slowly settled in and placed my DSLR in video mode. As she was frightened and turned around was amazed.

He: hey amrita.Her: it was u. ?? Why didn’t you tell me.He: well yes. But I never knew , you ever such horny girl. Then he stood up and placed his hand on her shoulder.( sex with amrita is as he described to me)

Then he slowly placed his hand on her cheeks rubbing it. She didn’t at all resist him. He moved on to her neck licking it all over as she started to give light moan aaaaaaaah. Putting her hand on my hair and pulling vigorously. Then he reached for her boobs in her pallu without removing. Her moans became constant mmmmmmmmmhhhh. Her nipples were pointy as she played with it biting it through her blouse moving aside her pallu while he pinched her other nipple. As she was breathing heavily. As moved down kissing her through her saree. She was enjoying as she turned head to the side and drowned in pleasure.He reached her feet . She sat on one of the benches he started to lick her feet by each one, slowly moving up her shaven legs licking them, there were soft and bite the skin she gave a moan aaaaaaaaaaaa….. Beeeeee…… Gentle ..With heavy breathing. He started to pull her skirt as up slowly rubbing her one leg and licking the other all way to the top, and went inside her skirt , she had a dark blue panty. It had a wet stain. He slowly rubbed . He then removed it. Started to play with her clitoris . He licked her pussy lining top to bottom. I was enjoying it myself and jerking iff the hot scene.As she tried to squeeze her legs and hold the end of bench tightly. I could hear her scratching the bench and her sexy moan with heavy scream aaa ……..Mmmmm…..Uuuuuhhhuhhhh. It was too loud.

Another senior ammu, a hot doll with 34cwhite saggy breasts having light brown nipples they are fattier than Aparna. And 38 big spongy virgin ass. She had wore a skirt with opening in hips it was a tank top exposing her breasts she had a hot tight pink pussy. Had come in to the back probably hearing the voice of her moan. She saw them together, was amazed . Moved aside to hide behind a bench. I was frightend as I thought she would scream or shout at them. She was straight forward type. Rather she was rubbing her hands on boobs and biting her lower lips. I slowly took out my mobile camera set it to record her hot session. Alan bite amritas clitoris and then kept on lining it and licking up her clitoris , and then fingered her g spot . Her moans became loud aaaaahhhh…….. He was thrusting my fingers into love hole faster as scartched a little bit of her lovehole from outside and pinched top she screamed alot ahhahhhhhhhhh. Now anmmu was little bit too exicted .

She lied on the floor were she had lifted up her skirt fingering herself through her pink panty it was already wet and moaning aaaaaaaaahhhhh. But alan and amrita didnt hear her. I slowly went near her ,as her eyes were closed she didnt see me,slowly pulled her fingers from pussy and licked it. She was in cloud nine as she didnt notice. I then slowly started to lick her.After 1 minutes she came with her love juices while ammu had tightly holding the nearby desk. Amrita juices was dripping from bench, while ammu spilled it all over the floor and on to my face. Amrita was enjoying with alan as she came together with ammu both with hot and loud moan aaaaaaaaa.. .

Ammu noticed me suddenly started to scream I closed her mouth with my hand. I showed her my mobile cam hold her that it recorded everything saying this I slowly removed my hand and gave her a lip kiss. While alan removed his pant and trousers took out his hard 8 inch cock and amrita started to lick it dry. I slowly continued licking ammu all over as she was completely lying on the floor , moaning herself aaaaaaa…….Mmmmmmm. Alan heard her moan but masked it with his own moan but he also told me it was hell of a blowjob. She had lined his penis sucking top , slowly moving to his balls biting them making him more passionate and cranky afterwards she lifted her skirt and turned back lying on the bench as alan punched his cock into her ass hole .

Her moans aaaaaahhhh….Mmmm rose and was really loud. It turned on ammu as I was fingering her more and licking her breasts after taking them out of her fucking dress. She came as she heard amritas moan. I then slowly took out my hard cock and put in her pussy as she moaned loudly when amrita heard it but alan was fucking her so hard she was had no time for thought . He was pumping her like a piston in speeding vehicle. As I pushed my cock into her tight pussy, blood and pussy juices oozed out she was moaning and tears slowly came from her eyes. I lip locked with her so hard. After a short time , I again gave a hard push . Her pussy took it all in. Her pussy walls was cracking my dick so hard, I was also moaning my shit out. She was tightly holding me scratching my back and biting my shoulder.

Amrita was being pumped up hard with her boobs being milked from back by alan,pulling those perky nipples really hard making her really loud moanaaaaaaghhhhhh. It echoed throughout her moan as he put his hand whole hand in amritas sweet pussy.It stretched a lot. As she screamed she put his hand on her mouth. Then made her cum in few minutes. I was on cloud nine and ammu and I came in no time. We both concluded after that. They dressed up as amrita saw ammu , she was amazed asked y are you here. She didn’t answer., I pressed her sweet ass . She pushed my hand away. Gave me a kiss on my cheek and gave a naughty smile. Then moved away from there. Amrita dressed up as we feared someone would come from her loud moan but she didn’t know it was soundproof room.

I didn’t give her panty back. She left for class in which program was being conducted in. As she was seated on the back. Whenever she turned around alan would lick his fingers dry. She was getting hornier by the minute. I knew it. Whenever he looked at her she would bite her lower lips to show passion.

Then we have a foursome with an unexpected person I will narrate it according to your responses.

My name is Andrew. Send your responses on and contact me on [email protected]


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