Jyoti Sharing Desires With Brother Ashish – Part I

Hi to all SS readers I am Jyoti and I will share here my true experience and this is my first story. I am very fan of ISS and regularly read all update so I think I should also share some my experience. May you like please send you comment to my id [email protected]

This incident happen when I was 18 years old and we are family of 5 members and I am younger them all. I have eldest sister Veena who was 24 years old and brother Ashish who was 21 years that time and we have 2 bhk flat at Ahmedabad. My sister and I share a bedroom and brother sleep in living room.

This is happen after my sister’s marriage an dshe was married to Vinod Jijaji who belongs to Jaipur at my Veena’s marriage time my HSC exams were nearby so I did not enjoyed much and so after completion of exams my sis call to mom and dad to send me Jaipur for few days.

And they agreed Ashish bhaiya will drop me over there and again bring back as they have no much pressure of studies. Ashish Bhaiya was 21 with handsome looks his height 6 feet with broad ches with light completion. I am very close to him and I knew that he had few girlfriends.

One of his girlfriends is my friend also and she shared that my bhiya is quite demanding and want to do more actions whenever they mat All about me is I am 5.6 ft tall with good curved figure ie 32C 26 34. I love to where western cloths and when every.

I wear tight top and jeans my curve become more attractive and I got hot comments also. My color is fair and has long silky hair and my breast and bust are in good round shape. Back to the story as we finalized to go Jaipur by bus as we not get train reservation.

We plan to leave ahm on Saturday evening so that we reach Jaipur by morning then Ashish bhaiya will be return by Monday morning when dad ask bhaiya about reservation he told that hi did and don’t worry on Saturday evening.

I wore ¾ cargo, sleeve less t-shirt and cotton jacket to cover my blossoms. Ashish bhaiya looked at me and I saw sheen in his eyes he complimented me that I look to good and he wore ¾ pants and loose sweat shirt. We took the auto and reached bus stand.

The Volvo was ready to depart it was 6 pm we stalled our luggage and entered in bus then I come to knew that bhaiya booked a double slipper instead of seats and he told me that Jaipur is too far to travel in seating position. I said ok and I took the window side and he adjusts himself nearby me.

We have hard aluminium sliding door to close so he closed the door. We started chatting about here and there in mean while I talked about his girlfriend and told him that she told me that you are very demanding and never lose any chance to take benefit of situations.

He looked me in surprise and just laughed and we are both in seating position as I wearing jacket so I feeling awkward so I removed and put on my lap but due to this age and body directly getting cold waves from ac duck. This made me little excited and my breast got aroused and my nipple pop up.

It can easily noticeable over my white t-shirt and due to arose position my cleavage is more visible form side where my brother is seating but I didn’t have idea that he is noticing all he also asked me about my BF but I denied that I have during talk I put his hand around my bare solder and rub it lightly.

I feel a little good so I also put my head on his chest. I felt very good and we talking like same for some time then he told me to take a nap before we reach mid way which was to come around 11 pm. I told that I am not feeling sleepy if he wants he can then he put his hand round on my thighs and try to sleep.

A cold wave passes on my body as he put his hand. He frequently he rub his head on my thighs when he did I feel more excited after few minutes he put his head on my leap below his head my jacket and then I wore jeans same time suddenly I feeling something itchy near my thighs below his head so slowly.

I tried to insert my palm between his head and my thigh he noticed and asked wt happen I told that I am feeling itchy so they asked me where I told him below your head. Instead of rising his head he rub his head over there and turn himself and took jacket and put it on side.

Now his nose is near to my zip means his warm breath directly hitting my pussy area over my jeans. This thing arousing me and I put my hand over this head and rub my finger in his hair. I felt good and I am enjoying I don’t have sense to determine where are we going.

After few minutes he shifted himself and her rest his head on my tummy and he put his hand over my pussy area. I felt tickle in my tummy and pussy area. I closed the my eyes and slightly raise my pussy areas and apart my thighs to offer him good excess of inner thighs and now I am responding he knew that.

And he rise himself and now put his head on my solder and kiss me on my neck place his right palm on my right breast and now he is feeling my full aroused breasts over my t-shirt. I said no and try to remove his hand from my breast he lock my lips with his and I was in haven and I was pushing his head toward me.

He was now pushing his tongue inside my mouth. We both forget about our relation slowly he moved his hand to near my tummy and entered inside my t-shirt from below and raise his hand to cup my breasts over my bra. I didn’t want to stop all the things here.

I also want more so I adjust myself to give him excess but he took the advantage and rather insert his hand he swiftly raise my t-shirt to above my bra now my white silk bra visible and the hold me in arm and make me to lied down to back

I am topless wearing only bra and hold by my handsome brother. He gets up and removed his t-shirt and make his top bare. I touched his chest with my palm he lowered his mouth and kiss on me forehead I kissed his chest and also bite on his nipple he moaned and also took this as to go wild.

He forcefully removed my bra and start sucking my nipples and also bites slowly I was moving my hips up and down he come on me and gave me a again good smooch his hand was playing with my bare milky breast which was rounded and with brown tiny nipples he sucking it like mad.

He also whispers in my ears that I am hottest than his all girlfriends slowly he moved his hand to my jeans and undid button of mine after few try he ask me for help and I smiled I get up and removed my jeans now I wore only white panty he also undid this cloth and he was sitting bare

His dick was visible in low light it looked like black steel hot rod that was terrified scene I moved my head other side he bite on my one nipple and rubbing other one and he put his hand in my panty and rub my pussy area he softly rubbing my pussy lips.

And also pushing his fingers to enter in that but due to tightness of pussy fingers was not entered. He whispers in my ears do you virgin yet.? I said yes bro I don’t want to lose my virginity in van then it will be risky to do more over here! He said. I said why?

Due to Pain and blooding issue he replied and we must to stay with oral as you like bro. I replied he removed my last piece of cloth i.e. panty and come over me and his dick touching my pussy area and that make me excited. He whisper again my ears are you ready to do oral?

I didn’t get but I said as you say he get up and sit on me backward his face was facing my pussy area and his dick was near my mouth. He slowly rub my pussy area with hand and then started licking. I feel terrible then the hold his dick in his hand and tried to insert in my mouth.

I got this and I opened my mouth and start sucking his cock that was awesome buddy below my pussy getting licked and upper I am sucking. I am moving my head and hips both up and down to get and to provide pleasure within few minutes we both release our load and got good climax.

After this we hugged and sleep together hugging and nude. He whispered again Jyoti I will give you more action in morning at sister’s home and that will be safer then here and I also told I will wait for that chance bro. Next day I got good action at my sis’s home and that will be next part.

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