Kajal On Office Tour – Part 2

Hi Friends,

I am back with my further part of execution. This is Kajal from India. Little bit about myself. I am sexy and hot married woman of 26 years age who loves to enjoy a lot. I love to wear sexy and hot clothes. I love to tease men. I am working as a personal secretary in export-import Company. I am 5.8ft tall, sexy long legs, very fair look, long hair, dark eyes and sexy figure of 34-26-36 with Cup size “C”.

So, once the lunch was finished, we moved back to conference room where we quickly finished the project signing and other formalities within couple of hours. So we were free by 5 and I was their property till noon next day in lieu of the deal.

David: guys now we are done with the projects and we had awarded the same to Kajal at her cost. So now she will treat us as we want. What you say kajal?

Me: sure sir. I don’t have any other option as well. And already u had done what you want with me.

VJ: Kajal, then lets first move to your room and get freshen up. What you say guys.

John: sure, VJ. And also we can have quick fun with kajal before moving out.

And they all laughed.

As we moved, to my room which was in the same hotel, on the way also they were pinching my ass and my curves. Once, we reached, David asked me to have striptease for them. They out some music and asked me to remove my clothes one by one. They all sat on the sofa. I started to dance in middle and dropped my saree first, then blouse and underskirt. I was now dancing only in bra-panty. They were eyeing and commenting on me.

David: guys, see this slut,, ready to do anything for the business.

VJ: yes david, we are lucky enough to have this slut. If see had not agreed, then also we were likely to give them order.

John: so guys, we got her on free of cost actually. See her boobs bouncing like I had never seen before.

David: john, see he swinging ass. Its treat to watch.

VJ: hey kajal, remove bra and panty both.

I unhooked my bra and throw sideway and similarly also removed panty. So now was dancing naked in front of them.. my sexy bouncing boobs were treat to watch for them.

David: kajal, now we need you to remove our clothes.

So, I moved near them. I can notice huge bulge of all of them. I started to remove their clothes one by one. While I was removing, they were pressing my boobs, pitching ass and playing with my pussy. I made them all in their undies. Now they all removed and became nude. I can see all bare cocks of 10 inch plus and thick one in front of me. All were huge and thick. They asked me to go on my knees and suck all of them one by one at a time.

So I knelt and started to suck them. I was not able to take any of them fully in my mouth. Seeing me sucking, david pulled my hair and forced his cock deep down my throat. He started to fuck my mouth very badly. Even I was not able to have proper breathing.

Then only john applied some gel on my ass hole and inserted his cock to fuck my ass. VJ came under me and started to insert his cock in my pussy. So now I was being fucked by all of them at a time in my all three holes. They were fucking me like no tomorrow. They were fucking me hard and fast. I was getting very hard thirst by all of them. They must have been fucked me continuously for an hour or so. They filled me with their cum. I was left drenched in the their cum. They moved back to sofa and look at me.

David: guys, really she best cock sucker I had in my life. She is expert in sucking a cock.

John: her ass hole is very tight and awesome to fuck. Enjoyed like anything.

VJ: also her pussy is tight. And gave utmost pleasure.

David: Kajal, can u leave your company and be with us? We can give you a salary which even u cant imagine.

Me: No, sir. Not possible for me.

It was 7 in the evening. So they asked me to clean my self and join them thenafter. I moved to have bath, cleaned myself, cleaned all holed properly and wiped them. Came out after half an hour to find all of them been ready in their attire to move out. They asked me to wear clothes as they want. They had already selected clothes for me. It was absolutely transparent yellow saree with tight matching underskirt and yellow thong which can just cover my holes and with sexy one size smaller transparent tight bra which clearly highlight my nipples and aroma surrounding it and no blouse. Also I wore high heels. I was just looking like very cheap, sexy and hot slut. They whistled a loud seeing me in such a dress.

David: guys, today we will see many burning seeing kajal in this dress.

John: I had set dinner with our big politician Mr. Richard at his pool house and we have to go there. So that we can get the approvals needed for our benefits.

VJ: ya, I know he is fond of indian woman. So our work will be very easy by promoting kajal in front him.

David: kajal, you are our property till the noon tomorrow. So we want you to close this anyhow, anyway in favour of us.

Me: I had agreed to be with you three, not with him. So I will not come.

VJ: don’t do such things, kajal. We promise to give you good money if you do so for us. Already you had slept with all of us. So why the problem of entertaining him. We can give whatever you want. We know only you can make this favour for us. So ask for anything and do as we want.

David: kajal, if you will not agree, we will make it rough and hard whole night for you. So choice is yours. Either to choose money and the things you want or be prepare for harsh night.

Me: ok. I will try to seduce him and will try to make your things done. But tell me what I will get.

John: you will get what you had never thought. Money and gifts both. So don’t worry and lets move.

As we moved towards lift and then reception, I can all men eyeing on me and checking all my curves. In car I was sitting beside with VJ while john and David were in front side.

David: kajal, do your best to get the things done. We know he is very fond of Indian beauty. He like indian woman and their curves most. So it will be not a big deal for you to trap him.

VJ: David, why you are doubting ability of kajal. You had already seen how powerful sex devise she is. Already we had enjoyed all holes of her and found unbeatable. So don’t worry. What you say kajal

Me: will try for best.

John: kajal, I am becoming impatient. Kindly show or talk something sexy.

VJ: drop you pallu, kajal. No need to hide your boobs from us. Let me pulled it down.

So now was sitting with pallu down. My nipples were pocking from yellow transparent bra.

John: guys, she her nipples. Never seen such a sexy one. Loved to chew them hard. Also her figure is excellent.

VJ: David, have you informed Richard that we are coming with indian beauty.

David: I had told him that we are coming up with the surprise for him. Which he will like to enjoy. And I am sure kajal will give one of best blowjob to him today..

VJ: yes, I think no one can bit kajal in sucking a cock. She is real cock teaser. Once enjoyed her mouth, never can be forgot.

John: yes, she is real slut to enjoy at the fullest at a time in her all holes.

As we approached towards his pool house, they asked me to put my pallu back which I did. We moved out of car and were welcomed by attendant. He asked us to move towards backside open garden where Richard is waiting. We moved there. I found two old persons over there in their early 60s. Both were well-built and good looking. They were Richard and along with him was his friend and another famous politician Mr. Ken. David shake hand with them and made introduction. He introduce me as their office person from india. Richard was surprised to see me in such a hot dress. He hugged me tightly feeling my all curves in a minute and kissed me on my chicks.

Ken also repeated the all things. David was happy to see their reaction. David started to point about their project and needed government approval. Once he finished briefing him, he asked me to prepare drink for all. I asked mr. Richard for the bar. So he asked me to come along with him. He took my hand in his hand and asked me to come with him towards bar.

Richard: kajal, you look very beautiful.

Me: Thanks, sir

Richard: if you don’t mind, can I share my views for you.

Me: sure, sir. I don’t mind

Richard: you are very hot and sexy. You look smoking hot. Your curves look amazing. I know I am very old person for you.

Me: its fine sir. You are big personality.

Hearing positive from me, he placed his hand on my bare back while walking towards bar and pulled me somewhat closer.

He discussed about my job and how we came together and what kind of work they look for. While preparing drinks for all, he was constantly eyeing on me. Once we moved back, I can see his eyes rolling over my breast and my ass. As we were back, I served drinks to all and then topic changed on me.

Richard: David, your indian counterpart is very good and co-operative. I think if see presents more, we can approve your deal to go ahead.

David: Sir, sure she is very co-operative and can do anything for you.

Ken: that’s good. They why don’t we try now only. Lets see some dance movement of her. Kajal, we want to have some sexy dance from yourside.

Richard: why not some little striptise dance ? what you say david?

David: sure, sir. As u wish. Kajal, show some sexy striptise fast.

I moved and switched on the music but Ken asked to stop and move in small created theatre room. So we all moved there along with drinks. Ken started to play some striptise dance on big projector screen and asked me to dance accordingly. I was aware that now these men are hungry and wanted to see me naked. So this was the right time to make deal signed. So I approached Richard and asked him to sign the deal. David and others were happy with this.

Richard signed and asked John to get it stamped from his office. So john moved away for the same. Now Ken asked me to start dancing which I did. In less them five minutes, I was made stand in my sexy bra and thing in the centre of hall. They were exited by seeing me like this.

Richard: Kajal, you really know very well how to arouse any men. Your curves are awesome. David, thanks for such a pleasant surprise.

Ken: yes, you are right. See her bouncing boobs and juggling ass. They are real treat to enjoy.

David: yes sir, she is real hot slut and ready to be used by both of you. You both can enjoy her at fullest.

Richard: so nice of you dear. Hey kajal, throw your bra and thong towards us. I would like to sniff it.

I showed them my back and removed my bra and throw behind towards them. Also removed thong and throw. So was now naked in front of all of them.

Ken: hey guys, see the curves of her ass. Its amzing and treat to use. Hey slut, turn towards us.

I moved towards them and they can see my naked breast and pussy openly. They were super exited with such a show.

Richard: mind blowing, kajal. You look smoking hot. Come near us and feast us.

I moved towards them and sit between Richard and Ken. They started to touch me all over the body. They were pressing my boobs very hard. Ken put his mouth on my breast and started to suck on. Richard lift my legs and moved his face btween my naked thighs. He started to eat my pussy. I was getting more and more horny. He inserted his tounge deep down my pussy and started to drill my pussy hole with toungue. While Ken was biting my boobs. They continued to eat me for almost half an hour which had made me cum twice at fullest. Now Ken removed his clothes and stand naked in front of me. His cock must of of 10 inches long and thick one.

While Richard also removed his clothes and he had also similar cock. Both were standing opposite me and their cocks were pointed towards my mouth. They asked me to suck them. I took one by one both of them and started to suck alrenatevely. They were drilling down deep inside my throat. They continued to fuck my mouth for almost half an hour and cummed deep done my throat. They ensured I drank each drop of their cum. They empty their shaft in my mouth. They were tired after enjoying me for an hour non-stop.

Ken: Richard, what a slut kajal is!! I had never such a experience in my whole life. She is expert in cock sucking.

Richard: that’s true. Lets now move for dinner. So that David and VJ can go back and we can enjoy whole night with this Slut. David you will not mind leaving this slut with us for night. Right?

David: sure sir. You can use her as you want. We don’t have any problem. We will pick up her in the morning.

Richard: so nice of you. Kajal, don’t waste time in wearing clothe now till morning. No need to wear. Come with us naked only for dinner. Dinner is in garden.

As we moved towards garden, I can see his servants seeing me naked along with them. They settled down on four sitter dining table and asked me to sit on their laps only. I was made sit on all of them laps naked. So they continuously played with my body during dinner. They pinched my boobs, pussy and ass. Once dinner was finished david and vj moved back to their place leaving me naked with Richard and ken.

They took me to the bedroom and immediately on entering asked me to bend on my four so that they can fuck me at atime. Ken applied some gel and inserted his cock in my ass hole while Richard started to fuck my pussy hole. They were drilling me deep and fast. They were shouting on me like bitch, slut etc.. and fucking me like no tomorrow. I was surprised with their stamina and intensity of fucking. They fucked me for almost an hour and filled my holes.

In whole night they must have fucked me together 7-8 times and I was not even able to sleep whole night. I just have nap in the early morning. When I woke up, I found it was 10 in the morning and I was in the bed naked. I was hearing noise from outside. So pipped out sided and found all of them five talking about me.

Richard: david, how did you find such a smoking whore. She had made us mad. Her capacity of fucking is excellent. Her holes are treat to enjoy.

David: I know sir. She is real treat to enjoy. But now we have to move as she has to go by noon.

Ken: hey guys, still there is one hour to go for noon. So lets enjoy her in group. What you say.

VJ: its great idea. Lets fuck her at a time by all of five. Lets show her real group fucking.

John: then for what we are waiting. Lets move in bedroom and fuck her.

All of them started towards bed room. So I moved back and pretent like I am still sleeping. I was seeing them from the corner of my eye. They immediately undress themselves on entering and removed my rug.

Richard: guys lets first decide how we will fuck her for one hour. This will give more excitement.

Ken: yes that’s true. I am going to fuck her ass. Rest you guys decide.

Richard. I will fuck her pussy. Who will join me in fucking her pussy same time?

David: I will join you sir. Would like to double penetrate in her pussy.

VJ: ok guys, then we both will fuck her mouth at a time.

Ken: ok guys then lets move.

Without any hesitation or warning, ken moved under me and inserted in ass hole. I tried to resist, but VJ and john at a time put their cocks in mouth making me almost chocked.

Before I respond further, I feel Richard and david entering in my pussy. I was burning everywhere like anything in starting. But as they started to fuck me in rethem, I started to enjoy. They fucked me for nearly an hour and cummed one by one in my all holes. As they finished, I fill myself very difficult in walking also. I cleaned myself and moved back to my hotel and in the afternoon only to india back with deal been done and great memory.

Hope you guys must have enjoyed!!!

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