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Hi, I am Sundhar age 20 from Chennai. myself am a great fan of this site and thanks for sending your comments. now let me describe the story. this happened about 5 yrs back. when i had a my schooling, as i want to study well my parents let me to tuition to kala aunty, she is my teacher in my school and close friend of my mom!!! at that age i could not control my thoughts so i used to masturbate everyday thinking of some heroins. i have about 6″ cock and i used to keep my penis well shaved!! now let me describe about kala!!!

She was staying about 10km apart from my house and i used to visit her every evening!!! she used to drop me in my house after school. she used to wear saree all the time and she about 5.6″ tall and her size is 38K-34-36, her boobs were very big and she used to attract all the guys in school!! many used to flirt with her but she will not allow any!!! her husband is a business man and he used to roam a lot as business trip!!

She has a son who is 9 yrs old!!! then during my exams unfortunately my parents got leave and they had planned an outing to some others for 10days and due to my exams in school i could not go!!! so they took kala’s son and went!! then i was staying in my house.. next day my parents went and kala came to drop her son!! then my mom told me to study well, then kala said i will take care of his studies!! then that night i went to kala’s home and was having dinner and at that time uncle asked kala that can u come to mumbai am going for a work over there tomorrow but aunt told” i have school for 3 days and sundhar is alone!!”

Me: you go aunty i will be okay!!Uncle: No, your aunt is right! she should take care of you and your studies also!!!Me: but:Kala: no but!!! eat fast and go to study, day after u have your exam!!!

Then i went to study in my home!! then after i reached home i removed all the cloths and was sleeping!! suddenly i got a call from kala and shouting at me saying that” study well don’t sleep” but i just opened my book and kept and after some time i heard a knock at the door!!! i just wore my trousers and opened the door and it was my uncle and kala!!! then suddenly she came into my room and saw all the books then she thought that i was studying only then my uncle told ” sundhar your aunt will be here only if u want any help just ask her!!!

Then he left to his home!!! then she was teaching me and i studied everything and was very tired!! then she asked for a dress for her so i gave my mom’s nighty!!! then she wore that but it was very tight she removed all under garments but then also her hard nipples were clearly seen!! she told me to sleep and i slept nicely!!!

Next day was leave for me and last exam was there and was studying well!! that day nothing happened!!! and at that day my uncle went out!! and we both were alone but i dint did anything!!! next day i finished my exams and i was playing with my friends, then at evening i came to my home at my aunt was sitting inside and i just came and wished her!! she told me to take a bath and i was taking bath and after that i was wearing shorts and was watching tv and she came and suddenly she slipped.

She was carrying hot tea and in fell on my shorts, it was very hot but with in a min she removed my shorts and removed my inner wear also i was naked but it was paining i could not not bear the pain it fell on my penis but nothing serious injuries happened. i screamed in pain she almost cried and took a cloth and cleaned it well and i could not walk at all she took me to bed and covered me with blanket. then after some time doctor came and checked and told “its minor problem only let him take rest and put some ointment!” and he went. then kala just came in and was crying and told “its all my fault”

Me: no athai!! no problem its paining lightly only!!!Kala: ok beta let me put some ointment!!!Me: ayyo athai dont want!!Kala: nothing is there beta doctor told to put!!!

Then she removed the blanket and was putting some ointment in that and for about 10min she was doing and my penis was grown to extreme of 7inch and she liked that and she was giving hand job like a milf!!! then suddenly i splashed the cum in her face!!!

Me: athai am sorry!! i could not handle!!Kala: what beta you had done!! its okay but dont tell anyone!!!Me: ok athai!! and i want to urinate now!!!Kala: ok beta i will take u!!

Then she lifted me and took me to bathroom and i was urinating. then she washed me and made me to sleep and told

Kala: i will take bath and come u take rest! if anything means call me!!! she was taking bath in my bathroom itself and simply i called her” athai its paining” she ran and came suddenly!! she was naked but covered with a towel in front and asked what happened beta!!Me: athai its paining!!

Kala: oh my beta what is going on am very sorry!!! i will massage you!! this time she just applied the ointment and was leaving for bath but she was taking me to bathroom and made me to sit inside itself and she was taking bath and i told shall i wash your back athai!!

Kala: its ok beta i will do with myself!!!Me: athai you are taking care of me and i should help you!!!then she gave the soap and i washing her back!! she made herself naked and was standing in front of me!! while washing her i was trying to catch her boobs but she closed her arms and allowing me but i was trying to grab her huge ass. she got scared and went away!! and shouted!!Kala: Now u sit down simply!!! what are u playing!!

Me: i was trying to help u only athai!!Kala: ok i will wash and come u sit!!!Me: hmm ok!!then she washed her fast and wore her panty and bra and my mom’s nighty and lifted me and took me to bedroom!!!Kala: now wear this!!Me: but athai its paining if i wore that!!!

Kala: okay just simply sit!!Me: athai are u angry on me!!!Kala: no beta!! but dont play like this its wrong!!!Me: am sorry athai!! now can u take me to hall at-least i could watch Tv!!then she took me to tv and she went to kitchen and was cooking!!! after some time i screamed athai she came and asked wat beta!!Me: its paining a lot!!

I was screaming hardly and she came to me and took my penis and kept inside her mouth!! then she was rolling her tongue over my penis and was giving blow job!! then after some time i splashed all my cum on her!!!

Kala: u stupid boy!! what r u doing!!Me: am sorry athai!! its paining a lot!! she slapped me and told Kala: u sit simply i will massage u in differentway at night but promise me that u will not tell to any one!!!Me: ok athai i promise!!!

Then she went and at night we were eating and after that we was about to sleep!!! and while sleeping she removed all her inner wear and was wearing only nighty and was sleeping beside me!!! then at night i simply woke her and told its paining. then she came like 69 position and was giving blowjob!!and i was sucking her pussy very hard she came at no time!!

Kala:beta this is wrong but i love u!!!Me: me too athai!!then i i kissed her lips for 5 min!! and starting sucking her pussy and was playing with her boobs!!! i was pressing hard and pinching her nipples and she was murmuring lot and she begged me to put my cock inside!!! then i inserted my penis into her!! her pussy was so small like a virgin and she told!!!

Kala: beta your penis is so big please be soft!!Me: ok athai!!Kala: just call me kala!!Me: ok darling!!

Then i started fucking her slowly and with no-time i increased my fucking and was fucking like mad horse and finally i cum inside her and she came thrice and i fell on her boobs and was sucking her!!

Kala: Beta this is the best sex i have ever had!!!suddenly i just bit her nipples and started another round of fucking, this time i fucked her for about 30min and left her and slept!! then at morning i woke up and told her that its paining again!!Kala: u naughty!!

Then she hoped on me and started jumping on me!! then my whole penis went inside and she was ramping me like a horse rider and i was holding her boobs tightly!!! then finally she finished and fell on me!! but i was fucking well and i came inside her at-last. then she took me to bathroom and made me to sit and she was washing me!!!

Me: now shall i wash u!!Kala: of-course.then she was lying down and i fucked her hardly and was washing her!!!! then after 10 min we took bath and she took me outside!! then she was feeding me and after that i askedMe: how is your sex life with uncle?

Kala: beta your uncle is going out always he fucked me last 2 yrs back!!!Me: he is such an idiot to have a wife like u!! he don’t know what to do with u!! I LOVE U KALA!!Kala: I TOO LOVE YOU!!!then she hug me tightly and she kissed me well!!! again i ramped into her and i fucked her pussy for almost 3 times and fell on her boobs and slept!!

So any girls or aunt interested can talk to me [email protected]

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