Khaandani Randiyaan – Part IV

When I turned to the side, I was shocked to see Sunaina aunty sitting on the sofa with my mom also there. My mom was smiling and wiping her mouth, I understood very well that my own mother was the one who had kissed me. I undid my legs and wanted to hide the nudity from aunt if not mom, but before I could do anything, Salim, slapped me really hard and said, “Thank You bol apni maa ko saali randi ki aulaad.”

Ragini.. u mean to say I am a randi…

Sunaina.. sahi toh keh raha hai, tu continue rakh salim.

I said “Thank You…” as I was being forced to say so.

My mom gave me a smile as she looked right at me lying all naked on the floor with her favorite boyfriend impaling me with his hard cock. She knew that I was loving this more than anything in the world. She knew that this would very well be the best gift that I will ever get on my birthday. A full throttle sexual encounter with my mom’s boyfriend, or sex-master, while my own mother is sitting and supervising the action all by herself. My eyes were giving off the fact that this was rather new to me, getting the sexual attention of a male in the presence of someone else as the last time, this happened, I was on the other side, as I watched my own mother being pounded while I recorded the video.

Sunaina aunt whispered something in my mother’s ear and in no time the two women were laughing and giggling as they left the room. I somewhat felt relieved as now it was more comfortable for me to enjoy to the utmost. Salim put down his drink with some beer in his mouth, he didn’t swallow it and leaned over me, caught hold of my mouth, opened it, threw some 2-3 tablets and then gushed the beer like anything, and made me swallow the tablets before I could ask anything.

I coughed, and gasped for breath, seeing this he slapped me really hard and took hold of my hair in a strong and violent way and continued fucking my pussy. Meanwhile the two women returned the after sometime as they had some pop-corns in their hands and a beer and vodka to go along with that. I was amazed to see mom with a good amount of vodka, that too concentrated form with her, sipping some healthy sips while having pop-corns, chips, namkeen and others.I was being continuously pounded by Salim while the two women leaned back on the sofa with the drinks and eatables and were enjoying the show. They even had their salwars down along with the panties while both of them were continuously playing with their pussys’.

It had been around 30 to 35 minutes since Salim had started pounding me and I had already orgasmed 3 times in the meanwhile, and it seemed that he was about to hit the jackpot. I was happy waiting for the time when he would spurt all his load on me or maybe inside me if I get lucky. But that was not going to be, as he signaled something to the ladies, as mom came forward and took the cock in her mouth. He started fucking my mom’s mouth in front of Sunaina as he became intense and shot his complete load inside her mouth. My mom swallowed all of it and seemed happy, she even sucked and licked the cock clean of all the juices that my pussy had put on his cock.

She looked like the perfect dump-slut who is always ready to eat some cum. But what was not fine with me was the fact that I had not got what I had worked this hard for.

I was disappointed and my face expressions seemed so.

Sunaina said “Zara apni kutiya ko toh dekh Salim, saali kitni udaas hai, tune uska kamaya hua doodh uski maa ke kuh mein dal diya. Bechaari. Ha ha ha.”

Salim “Arey aisa kya, zara dekhoon toh.”

He looked at my face, while saying so. He took hold of my hair roughly and pulled me towards himself by the help of the hair and hair alone.

He said “Arey jaan-e-mann abhi toh teri birthday ki sirf shuruaat hai, abhi party toh baaki hai teri asli waali.”

He lifted me from the floor on his shoulders as he carried me to his master bedroom, with all the cameras, lighting and all the other stuff already set up. The lubes, toys and others were already lying on the bed and the big 52 inch Television was On there with some pretty nasty porn going on. I guess this man loved negro stuff, or maybe my mother and that Sunaina loved this kind of shit. They were here in the same room sometime back.

He threw me on the bed and chained me on the bed. He went out of the room as my mom came inside with some food to feed me along with some vodka in a bottle. I was being fed and also being given heavy drinks of concentrated vodka. My mom couldn’t answer anything that I would ask at that very instant but when I asked if this surprise was her plan, she smiled and nodded in the positive way.

Soon mom left the room as well and bolted the door close from the outside with me all tied up. I was able to hear some giggles, laughs, some moans and other raunchy kind of stuff. Soon I was starting to feeling some odd behavior of my body as it started to sweat heavily and my body was on fire as I wanted someone to rub it and to touch my genitals, soon the feelings of touch were overtaken by urge for some really hard sex and a lot of fucking.

I could hear someone on the door as the doorbell rang, after sometime the moans and other sounds again started and this time they were in an unending way. Soon the door opened and it was my mom who popped her head inside the room to see me, she just peeped with her head and didn’t come inside but with the way she peeped I saw some other parts of her flesh and I could straight-away tell that my mom was nude outside the room.

She turned back and said, “She is all ready, let’s shift inside now, it’ll be a lot more fun.”

The door soon opened as mom came inside the room with one hand fingering her pussy while the other was holding a rock hard pole of a negro who was there in that very same house. She was followed by Salim with his cock gaining its strength somewhat and along with him was my mom’s boss, Mr.Krishnan. I was waiting to see what Sunaina aunty had been upto as she seemed to be quite an interesting personality. But the time passed by and she didn’t come in, my mother saw this and said, “Sunaina yaar tum bhi yahin aa jao, meri gudiya tere saamne hi apni choot aur gaand marwana chahti hai.”

Everyone in the room laughed as I was all dozed and didn’t really get the fact that I was going to get in the ass at that moment and also in the pussy. Sunaina aunty came in like a cutlet, and I mean like a literal cutlet, sandwiched between two well built african men as she was being ponded in both her holes even as she was carried to the room on their cocks that were travelling her deep places.

Sunaina in her moans said “ Lo aa gayi main bhi, ab toh apni party shuru karo.”

I was waiting hoping to be fucked by the men who were in the room as my body was heating up and wanted all those men to ravage my body the hardest they could possibly can during the sex sessions with me, but to my surprise, Salim, Krishnan and also the negro who had come in went to my mom and started their show, leaving me as the spectator of the show and nobody even thinking to come close to me or to give me any kind of pleasure that would send me over the moon.

I watched them get spent out getting all their desires and lustful thoughts fulfilled. This was nothing new for me since I had been seeing my mom getting pumped by Salim, but seeing the wild action in the room and not being able to be a part of it was driving me nuts. I was watching the ladies getting these men all warmed up and ready for some hard pounding that was to come. I was getting restless I wanted all the cocks today, afterall it was my birthday. Seeing this the ladies started smiling, my mom said, “ Isse dekho, itni pareshaan ho gayi hai meri beti sirf yeh dekh kar ki isse koi lund khelne ko nahin mil raha hai. Salim, tu apni iss nayi waali randi ko kuch dena chahega ?”

Salim was quite happy listening to this, he left Sunaina Aunt’s boobs that he was sucking on and came towards me. Sat just above my head, and dipping his cock in my mouth, he slapped me hard and said “Yeh le saali, tujhe lund naa miley, toh kitna pareshaan ho uthti hai. Mujhse door apne ghar mein kaise rahegi, jab main nahin hounga ?”

Mom said “Arey uska bhi intezaam hai, chinta mat kar Salim. Tu bada shukriya kahega mujhe sunne ke baad”

Salim : “Kya hai batao!”

Ragini : “Sabra karo, sab pata chalega”

The party continued and for the first time ever all my holes were tried and tested by the PROs of the game, the game of lust and sex.

In the evening me and my mom returned home before my dad could make his way back. It was a great day, evening, and bonding with my mom, which I had not done for a long long time. She helped me to bed and made sure that I fell asleep soon.


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