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Hi dear iss readers, am a regular reader of iss. After reading all your stories i thought of posting ma story also. Am new in writing so please ignore if any mistake.

I am jimmy 23 years old from kerala but living in oman. Am going to share ma experience with ma girl friends cousin.This is a true story happened with me before few months.I went to meet ma girl at her cousins place as she was staying with her cousin.I went to her home in the morning,when i rang the bell a cute sexy girl opened the door for me.I was surprised to see her because she was so sexy.Her name is rose.She is a chubby 20 years old indian babe.Not tall ..Around 5′..She has a cute round ass.Big boobs.Later i came to know it was ma gfz cousin.

I was talking with rani and rose gave me water n snacks.Then i came to know that they were alone at the home as roses parents went to india. We where playing dare n confess,while playing i choose dare,so rani asked me to smooch rose in front f her.I was taken back by her question n by d same time i was exited to kiss a sexy girl like rose.So after a small time i smooched rose.N believe me guys its was d best lips i have ever kissed.I was smooching her for 5 min.Den after some time i left them saying bye.By the time v have exchanged our number to each other..

Later in the evening rani went to college n i was in the office.I was bored in the office so i called up rose.We were talking casually n i started the topic of kiss.I asked her how was ma kiss n all.So she told me she like it.I asked her about her life.Then later i asked her about her boy friend.She told me she have a guy but he is not caring n all.Later she invited me to her home as she is alone and getting bored,so again at 4 pm i went to her home n meet ma angel.

At her home i was siting in sofa n she was sitting opposite to me on the sofa.We were talking casually,she started with ma love relation with her cousin n she was asking me how i felt her.

I was like your the best girl i have seen.N i asked her can i kiss you again,after thinking for some time she agreed.So she came to sit near me.I took her face in ma hand n kissed on her forehead,cheeks,eyes den i kissed on her lips.We lip locked each other.My tongue was inside her mouth.I was smooching her for 20 min without parting.I was feeling her back.She was hugging me tight n eyes closed.She was enjoying ma kiss.I slowly placed ma hand on her boobs.I was slowly massaging her boobs.All this time she was closing her eyes.When i touched her boobs she let out a small moan…she was breathing heavily..

I slowly opened her top,she was in her white lazy bra.I kissed her neck,licked her cleavage den slowly placed her 1 boobs in ma mouth over her bra.Now she became more hot n started making sounds like mmmmhhhhhh haaa…i removed her bra n her nipples were hard n pointing out.It was a sexy view.I squeezed her boobs den i took 1 of her boobs in ma mouth.I bite on her nipples. Now she was hissing and going mad..

She pushed my head to her boob.Mean while i was playing with her other boobs. By this time she removed ma shirt n feeling ma chest.Den i made her sleep on the sofa n we were kissing .I slowly removed her pant n saw her white sexy legs without any hair..She was on her pink panty.She removed ma pant n saw ma bulging in ma boxer.She took out ma dick out of the boxer..She was surprised to see ma 8 inch dick.She moved its fore skin back n gave a kiss on the tip.Ma pre cum ma oozing out.She licked ma pre cum.I was in heaven.She put ma dick in her mouth n she was giving me sexy blowjob.I was in heaven.She was playing with ma balls n licking ma shaft.I was playing with her boobs.

I was about to cum n i told her about it,but she didn’t stop sucking..I shot ma 1st load to her mouth.I was cumming shots by shots n she drank full load.I took her up n started kissing her.We were exploring each other mouth by our tongue. Then i started kissing her full body .I was sucking her boobs and biting her nipples.Den i slowly licked her belly n navel.She was rolling on the sofa due to pleasure…den i slowly removed her panty..Wow she has a lovely clean shaved pussy.She was so wet..I gave a kiss on her pussy .She let out a moan.. I licked her pussy like a cat n i was playing with her clitz..She started moaning..She was out of control..She started rolling on the sofa..

I slowly put ma 1 finger in her wet hot pussy den 2 finger so i started finger fucking her n lickin her clit.She was enjoying.She moaning like oohhh jaaannnn i love u…please stop teasing me..Please fuck me.Ooooooo gooddd….Her legs winded over ma neck i she was going to reach her 1st orgasm..She came with a loud moan..I was drinking her full juice.She became exhausted n slept on the sofa..We were hugging each other and sleeping..She was playing with ma dick..It became hard like rock.She came on top of me in 69 we were licking each other.By the time v both were ready for the real game..I positioned ma dick on the entrance of her.I slowly entered her..She was so tight.She let out a loud moan.I was pumping her slowly in missionary position.I was sucking her boobs too.Den she told she like doggy style.

So i started fucking her in doggy style..I was fucking her in full tone.The room was filled with sex sounds..Her boobs was bouncing by each bang.I was squeezing her tits n with 1 hand i was finger her ass.By the time she got her 2nd orgasm..I was not done yet..I made her lie n i came top of her n started fucking her..She was moaning heavily ..She started shouting like fuck me yaar fuck me..Aahhhh come on..Yaaaaa your ma jaann..I never experienced sex like dis..Your making me crazy…i fucked her for 1 hour.I was about to come so i told her dis n she told me not to come inside her as v were not using condom.I took out ma hard dick n started tit fuck her..

I sprayed ma full load on her boobs..We both were so exhausted n laid for 30 min..Later v both took a cold bath in the shower n i fucked her in the shower also.We cleaned each other,she thanked me for the great fuck.After this we used to have sex regularly.

Any girls, auntyz,in oman want any relation can mail me on [email protected]

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