Kiss Per Kilometer From Railway Station To Orgasm

HI My name is Megha. I am from Kolkata but I had to come to Delhi for Job. I am 28 years old and work as a manager in a call center in Delhi.

Two years back when I got the job in delhi I was super excited. I will finally get to live on my own. My friend had already arranged a PG accommodation for me.

I am an extremely horny and beautiful girl. My boobs are the best part of my body and I am very proud of them. But some people say that the best asset of my body is my ass.

The day I landed in Delhi, I was excited to meet new people and make a few boyfriends. My first day was spent settling in my room. By evening I was extremely tiered and fell asleep by 5.

I Must have had some hot dream and I woke up around 12 feeling extremely horny. I got up from my bed and went to the washroom. I was also feeling a little hungry. So I made myself some Maggie and started watching Porn on my laptop. The Plan was to masturbate and go to sleep again.

I suddenly realized that now I am absolutely free and living alone. I don’t need to masturbate anymore. I can just get a guy and have sex with him. For girls it is not that difficult to have sex. But the problem was that I don’t know anyone yet. And it was already night.

Suddenly an Idea struck me. Why don’t I go out and find someone.

I quickly went and dressed up. I applied some makeup, Combed my long hairs. Choose a nice Salwar Suit.

As I took off my t shirt to put on the salwar suit, I realized, I don’t need the bra. It will help me seduce the guys. SO I wore the salwar suit without any bra or panty. I was feeling extremely sexy. The thin fabric of my satin suit was rubbing my nipples and making them hard.

So at around 1 in the night I ventured out. The road was all deserted. I was planning to get an auto and maybe the auto driver gets Horney and tries to rape me. After walking a few minutes on the deserted road I saw an auto coming my way. I hailed it. It came to a stop.

I asked the driver if he will take me to the railway station. He said ok. I got into the auto and he started driving.

I started chatting with the auto driver. I told him how I am alone in the city. But he did not take much interest in me and very soon he dropped me at the railway station.

From there I thought to try my luck again. I took another auto. I asked him to drop me to New Delhi Railway station. Even that ride was uneventful. He quickyly dropped me to new delhi Station. I was now getting frustrated. Why was no one even looking at me. How is it possible that a beautiful girl all alone in the night is not even able to get any attention.

I was frustrated and tiered. I decided to go back home and maybe tomorrow morning try to make new friends.

I decided to have some Coffee at the stall before I leave. I ordered coffee and started looking around. It was a extremely busy place. People were running here and there.

Suddenly a dark man of around 35 came to the stall and asked for tea.

The stall owner knew him and they started talking.

Stall Owner: Kya hua Munna itna gusa kyun main kyun dikh raha hai

Munna: Kya bolon yaar. Bahenchod koi sawari nahi mil rahi Gurgaon ke liye. 2 ghante se khada hoon.

SO: mil jaayegi. Le yeh chai le aur kuch chahiye to bata.

He tool the tea and a news paper from the stall and then went and sat at a nearby plastic chair. I was also sitting there and suddenly I thought maybe this can work.

He looked like a rough man. And I could also smell a little alcohol from him. Maybe he was drinking that is why no one wants to go with him.

Just looking at him and imagining him roughing me up made me wet. I got horny all of a sudden.

I asked him. Bhaiyya. Aap Gurgaon jaooge.

He looked up at me and said haan. Aapko jaana hai.

I said haan..Kitne paise lagenge. He said 600. I said yeh to zayada hai. Then he said accha aap 500 de dena. I said Ok.

The Stall owner said Dekh ho gayi problem solve. Mere dukaan hai hi lucky.

He quicky drank his tea and said chaliye madam. Aapka luggage kahan hai. I said Luggage nahi hai.

He quickly scanned me from top to bottom and then said come after me. A few meters away his Black Omni taxi was parked. I sat in the back seat. Then he started driving.

He was continuously looking at me in his rear view mirror. But did not say anytinng and kept on driving. I though to myself that I need to do something to seduce him else like everyone else he will just drop me in Gurgaon. SO I said, Bhaiyya, kya main aage aa kar baith jaoon. Mujeh peeche problem ho rahi hai.

He was happy. As if his desire came true. He immediately pulled his Taxi on the side and stopped the car. I got out from the back and came and sat in the front seat. He started driving again and started asking me questions about me. Where I am from and where am I going.

He then lit up a ciggarrete. And started smoking.

I was thinking I need to provoke him in some way. Then I said bhaiyya. Ek problem hai. He said kya.I said mere paas paise nahi hai. He immediately stopped the car. And started abusing me.

Abey saali paise nahi hai to taxi main kyun chadhi.

I said bhaiyya mere paise railway station main choori ho gaye. Aap please mujhe drop kardo aur kal aa kar paise le lena. Main double doongi.

He got angry. Main pagal lagta hoon kya. Utar gaadi se neeche.

I started begging him. Nahi bhaiyya. Please mujhe beech sadak par pad chodo itni raat ko.

He said Mujhe kuch nahi pata mujhe paise chahiye.

I said, Main kya karoon. Koi aur tareeka hota to main aapko de deti.

He fell quiet all of a sudden. He started planning something.

He then said. Ek tareeka hai. I said kya. He kept his hands on my thighs. I pretended to be shocked and pushed him hands away. Bhaiyya main aisi ladki nahi hoon.

He said to theek hai utar jao.

I said ok. And I got out of the taxi. The game had begun.

I walked a few minutes and then I turned around. He had not moved his taxy an inch. I knew he will come to me.

Suddenly He drove the car near me and honked. He said madam andar aa jao main chod doonga .

I said leking main who sab nahi karoongi. He said madam aap andar baith kar baat karo is tarah road par nahi. So I got into his taxi.

He drove a few meters and then stopped the car on the side. Despite being so late in the night the road was very lit and running.

He said Ok madam I will not do anything wrong, but I need something. I said what do you want. He said. Ok let me kiss you for every 1 KM I drive. 1 kiss for every 1 KM. I said no. he said madam what will you do. If you get out of my taxi someone will pick you up and rape you. This is a dangerous city.

I pretended to be scared and think for a while.

I said how many Km is Gurgaon from here. He said Around 35 Km. He started smiling. He knew that now the deal is done. But I wanted to play a little more before I gave in. I was getting all wet between my legs.

I said no. Its too much. I can only do 1 Kiss every 3 km. So maximum 10 kiss.

He said ok. But its alreay 5 KM so 1 kiss is due now.

I said ok not here, park in some lonely place and not in such lit up road.

He said then it will be 2 kisses because soon It will be 6 KM. I said ok, you can take two kisses but move from here.

He drove for a while looking for a lonely road. Very soon he took me to a deserted ally. It was dark and no one was there. He said now can I kiss you. I pretended to hesitate and be scared. He put his hands on my hand and said it will be fun don’t worry. Its just a harmless kiss. Its still better than getting raped on the road.

He then put a hand on my sholder and pulled me towards him. With one hand he lifted my face and Gave me a tight kiss on my lips. I pretended to resist but between my legs I was going crazy. My pussy was leaking like anything. He took my lips and started sucking them I was enjoying it very much. He kept on sucking my lips for 5 minutes and then left me. As soon as he left me I pushed him away.

He said Madam its just one kiss. Another is due. I said ok. Do it fast. He then grabbed my boobs.

I pretended to be shocked. And pushed his hands away. I said This was not the deal. He said No madam. You promised for a kiss but it was not decided where. I smiled at his cunningness. I said so what do you want. He said I want to kiss your boobs.

I said no.

He said fine please get out. I again pretended to be scared. Then after some deliberation I said. Ok Fine. But make it quick. He was happy.

He grabbed my boobs again and started fondling them. He said Madam you don’t wear bra. I said no I didn’t wear it in a hurry. He was having a nice time pressing my boobs. I said this was not the deal. Just kiss and leave.

He said Ok. He lifted my Kameez and I helped him a bit. He lifted it above my chest and freed my beautiful Fair and round boobs. Instead of kissing he took the nipple of my left boob in his mouth and started sucking on it and with the other hand he started pressing my other boob.

I couldn’t control anymore and let out a soft moan.

He sucked it like a hungry baby for 5 Minutes. And then pulled away. I corrected my kameez and covered my boobs. My heart throbbing and my pussy oozing juices.

He said it was nice. I said the deal was to kiss and not to suck. He said but this is how he kisses. I said fine. Lets move now. He said ok. He set the meter again and started driving.

My eyes were on the meter and was wondering where the next kiss will be.

He had deliberately driven on a deserted road and and as soon as 3 KM was up he pulled over. The road was all deserted and he had parked near a tree. He said Its time to pay the fare madam.

I said Ok. Where do you want the kiss now. He said On your hips. I was shocked. I said no. He said You cant break the deal. I kept quiet.

He said please move to the back seat and take off your payjama. I moved to the back seat and laid down . He came and opened the back door of the van. He was standing on the road and I laid on the seat. He first pressed my hips. Then he pulled down my salwar. I raised my butts a little to help him pull the salwar. My Butts were naked now. He started kissing And licking my butts. He noticed that I was all wet. He licked my asshole. And tried to insert his tongue in my ass hole. I moaned. He then bit my ass and I screamed in a pleasant pain.

I said if you are done lets move.

He said Madam this is the best road. No one comes here ever . I said Why. He said because it is under construction and closed . I said Ok.He said Madam let me kiss you all 10 times here so that we complete the remaining journey in one go.

I said ok. But you have had 3 kisses already. He said fine 7 are stil due. I said Ok. Where do you want the next one. He touched my pussy and I shivered.

He said madam come out and stand here against the van. I said no not on the road. He said madam don’t worry No one will every come here.

I got out of the van and stood against the van. My salvar was already down so he took it out from my legs and threw it inside the car.

Then he asked me to take off my kameez as well. He said madam baar baar utaarni padegi .

So I took out my kameez as well. And Now I was all naked on the road.

I said I am feeling shy as I am the only one naked here. He said don’t worry I will also take off my clothes. He then took off his clothes and was stark naked. His Dick was rock hard and throbbing. I immediately wanted to grab it but I kept the play on.

He came near me and kneeled in front of me. He asked me to open my legs a little wide. As soon as I widened my legs he started kicking my pussy like a dog. He was litteraly slurping my pussy which was already oozing juices.

I grabbed his hairs and pushed him deep into my pussy. His licking became fast and My body started tightening. And then without any warning I came really hard. He kept on licking my cum.

After some time he stood up and smiled. He look at me and said madam kaisa laga. I said 4 kisses done Now leave the remaining 6 kisses for tomorrow.

He said why. I said because I cant control now. I immediately grabbed his erect dick and knelt down. I took the whole thing in my mouth, I sucked him for a few minutes and he came in my mouth. I drank his whole load.

He was happy, but said madam yeh kya kiya. Mujhe to aapko chodna tha. Aapi chut main ghusana tha. I said who bhi kar lena. He was happy. He pulled me towards him and kissed me. Then he left me and said ok. Aap idhar raho main abhi moot ke aata hoon.

I said kahan jaa rahe ho. Mujhe dar lagega.

He said Bas abhi 2 minute main aata hoon.

I grabbed his dick and said idhar hi karlo please.

He said ok. He turned around towards a bush. I hugged him from the back and with one hand grabbed his penis. After some time I felt his penis swell and piss rush out of his dick. I touched the piss and it was hot and fast. I started to get wet again.

After pissing. He turned around. And kissed me . He semi erect dick was poking me in the thigh. I said What do you want now.

He said now again I want to kiss you on your ass. I said No kiss. Keep the remaining for tomorrow. Todays kiss count is complete. Now all is complementary from myside. I started playing with his balls. And dick.

He said Madam you are very hot. And then kissed me again. By now his dick was ready for action again. He pushed me against the Van and Pressed his dick against my pussy. He kept his hands on my hips and pulled me up. I immediately camein position. I crossed my legs around his dick. He entered his dick in my pussy. And started pushing.

One of his hand was just on my ass hole. I said, to him, Bhaiyya, Mere gaand main ungli ghusaoo. He immediately lip locked me and out toungue started playing with each other. Then suddenly He pushed one of his finger in my ass hole. And started finger fucking my asshole. So now His lips were locked with mine. His dick was in my pussy and his finger was in my ass hole. My boobs were jumping up and down He left my lips and then latched himself to my boobs. And started to suck them.

I came twice in that position. After banging me for 20 minutes he shot his load in my pussy. The smumped on my sholder. We both let each other go and laid on the road. All exhausted.

It was already 4 in the morning now. I said Bhaiyya just drop me at my home now.

We got up and changed out clothes. He lit up a ciggarrette. I asked him if I can also have a ciggarrette. He game me one and we both smoked for a while. Then He said are you sure you will meet me tomorrow. I went near him. I said No I don’t want to meet you. Then I grabbed his dick and said But I want to meet him desperately.

He again hugged me.

We sat in the taxi and he started driving. Very soon it will be day light but it was still dark. I gave him my address and he smiled. He said. Ok now I understand you cam eout for a fuck tonight. I said yes.

As he was driving I grabbed his penis and he grabbed my boobs with one hands. He was driving very slowly. I unxipped his pants and freed his dick. Then I took it in my mouth. And started blowing him. He took he hands and started rubbing my hips. He entered his hands in my salwar and entered his finger in my asshole again.

After some time he shot his load again in my mouth. And I drank it all. Then he said madam tonight I will fuck your gaand.

He then dropped me tp my place and we decided he will come pick me up at midnight and will will again go on the drive fucking all over the town.

Hope you enjoyed the story.

Write me at [email protected] with your comments.

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