Lady From Pune City To Kolkata And We Had Wild Sexual Encounter

This is an incident, a real incident that I am going to narrate about that happened in my life before couple of days ago. I never knew that this could happen but that happened.

There are 4 persons in this story whose names are husband – nishant, wife- nilam, daughter-Rashmi and myself Vicky

I went to pune for some work and I was staying in an apartment that was given by my company. As I was new to the city so I had no idea about the city and so I always used to call to my friend or refer internet for any movement in the city. The apartment in which I was residing, next to that a family used to stay in which 3 persons were there. On one Sunday early in the morning when I was sleeping my door knocked and my eyes got opened and in my mind I was wondering who came this Sunday?

But later I went and opened the door and found that it was my neighbor who was knocking. I welcomed him with a smile and he was a man of 45 year old working in a MNC firm in pune. He came inside and introduced himself to me and we shared our talks. He was a gentle man and a down to earth nature. He saw around my room and found to know that I used to drink and smoke. He smiled at me and told me that why I don’t come for a part or a get to gather and smiled back to him. He added that in this way we can be friends too. So finally he called me for a cup of coffee to his house. I told him that I get fresh up and am coming. He smiled and went back.

After a shower I just dressed up and went to his house and knocked his door, and his daughter opened the door. She welcomed me and I told her hi! And I went inside the house and sat on the sofa. He too came and sat next to me and introduced me to his daughter, we exchanged smile and he added that she was in her 3rd year of bachelor degree. She was a young energetic and pretty girl with nice assets.

After some time his wife came with 3 cups of coffee and sat next to him and he too introduced me to her. We had talk all together and had coffee and then breakfast as her wife forced me to have it. She added that I can come daily for the coffee and lunch daily to their house. I told thank you and then went to my house. Her wife was also sexy and hot. I was thinking that what a happy life he is having as 2 sexy hot females in his house.

In the evening my neighbor came and knocked my door again and invited me for a party as he told me about that in the morning itself. I got dressed up and his family and I went in his car to lonavala for party at a resort.

We had dinner and had drinks and talks. During the talk I came to know that he was going to London for a month and his daughter is going to her college as her leaves got over and her wife was going to Kolkata to her sister house for a month. I listened their talk and just shaking my head. Both the females of his house were hot and sexy and both looking at me as I was staring at them frequently and talking to them. They asked me that when I was leaving from here and I told them that by the end of the month or before that. Later we came back and this time I drove the car to the home.

Time was passing by and my daily work and sleep was repeating and they used to acre for me as I was bachelor. After few days his daughter went back to her college and now just two of them were left at home. My day of returning back was coming and my neighbor day of going to London was also coming.

After my work got completed I went to my neighbor house one evening and talked with them in common chat and then I told them thanks for everything as I was going back.

My neighbor told me that he is too going London and asked me that when my train is and I told him that I did not booked any ticket as I have to book ticket in tatakal.

He listened me and told me in sudden that can you do me a favor and I asked him back that what kind of favor do he wish from me. He requested me to give company to his wife as she was going too to Kolkata. I told him sure and then he told me that he will book both of our ticket in duronto express that was from pune to Howrah.

I offered him money for the ticket and he refused and in between his wife also told me that let us give you a gift as neighbor. I have no words to say as she told that it was a gift. I simply smiled and told them thank you. I told them that I will get down at Jamshedpur as its my home town and from there Kolkata is just 4 hour journey. They agreed and then after 2 days he booked our tickets and told me that he had given the ticket to his wife and he was leaving for London after having a meeting at Chennai so he was leaving Chennai today. It was all in hurry and he told us bye and left for Chennai.

After he went for Chennai she told me to have dinner with her and I do agreed. Our train was next day and we did our packing and then via cab we went to station and do boarding in train. It was first time I was going in 1 tire ac and that also with a lady of age which would me around 40-45. There was no one else in the compartment and it had door so we sat on our births opposite to one another and after few minutes the train started and we were on the way to our destinations.

Then she called her daughter and her husband and then arranged her bags and sat comfortably on her birth. After some time the tt came and checked our tickets and he too went off. The ac was on and we had some chats and looking out from the window. I frequently used to look at her as he was wearing a classy black saree and a matching black blouse and her big boobs were tight in her bra inside her blouse. She noticed me frequently and asked about my personal life and I answered what she was asking me. She was trying to read me and my mentality and I was observing her body carefully. During the talk I came to know that she was happy with her husband and they had sex often.

It was going to night and she told me to go out as she want to change her dress and I told her sure and went out of the birth and she locked door for some time and she changed her dress. I knocked the door after some time and she opened and she was in her night gown. Then we had dinner and closed the door of the birth and sat on our birth. She asked me to get relaxed by changing my dress. I also thought yes I should now as it was night. So I opened my bag and took out my shorts and was going to go out tp bathroom to get dress change and she stopped me and told me that was I shy to change in front of her and she gave a wicked smile. I smiled back and one after another I removed my dress and wrapped a towel around my waist and opened my jeans.

She was now watching me and I was noticing her well with narrow vision. Her phone fell down and and sat up and bend to pick it up and suddenly while picking the phone up she touched my cock over my towel and under that I was just in my underwear. I looked at her and she told me sorry again with a wicked smile. I told her it’s ok and changed to my boxer. And sat on my birth.

Then we chat and then some topic came and she came next to me and told me to make her understand some features in her iPhone that her husband gave it to her. To my surprise I too never got chance to use iPhone and then also I told her that I try. I was looking at the phone and she was looking at me and the phone and saying slowly yes near my ears. Then at a sudden she asked me that do I oil my hairs and I told her not to her and she told me that she wane oil my hairs and again I told her no but she again asked me it’s good for sleep. I finally agreed and she took out her oil from her bag and came near me.

She requested me to open my t-shirt as oil may spoil my t-shirt and I opened it too and then she asked me to open my vest also and I opened too. I was just in my shorts and underwear. She massaged my hairs and she told me to keep the phone aside. I did and I was enjoying her fingers tickling my hairs. From head she came to my neck and then she make fall some drops of oil on my back and front chest and again told me sorry. I told her ok and she asked me that can she massage my back and I had nothing to say and she made me lay and to my surprised she sat over my back for massage my back.

She was bit heavy and asked me that was she heavy and I told its ok. I was enjoying her soft ass over my back. Then after that she told me to move front as she wane massage my chest too as few drops of oil fall over my chest. I told her ok and I laid on my back.

She sat over my cock and it was getting semi erect by her touch and I was looking at her she was looking at me. She was getting sweat in the ac and I could see her milky cleavage and she asked me that do I like her and my eyes were wide and shocked. I told her that yes and then she asked me that gain and I told her again and she asked me that why I was staring her and I had no answers and then she stop massaging and loose her ribbon type rope from her waist and loosed her gown and now I was able to see more her cleavage and her blue bra.

She told me that she was feeling hot as she was massaging me and she opened her gown and checked that the door of our birth as locked. It was around 11pm and all were slept. She was in her matching color panty down and her body was bit chubby and soft and milky. Her boobs were around 34-d and her thighs were fleshy and ass was bit big around 36.

My eyes were looking at her busy as he standing in front of me and she came near me and came over me and bent over me and kissed my lips and moved her head up looked at me and then smooched my lips back. Our tongue were touching each other and she was on fire flames. She whispered in my ears that she want me or she will rape me hard. I was shocked by what she was saying and then after a long smooch she sat up and opened her bra too and her big boobs sprang out with brown nipples which were hard and she bend down and asked me to suck them.

I sucked them like hungry baby slowly one after another and bite them slowly, she was moaning slowly and then she came down and opened my shorts and underwear at a time and saw my semi erect cock. She asked me to stand nude and she sat on the birth.

She hold my cock and moved my shaft slowly for some time and then kissed it on the tip and engulf the top part of my cock and then the full cock in her mouth. She hold my thighs and kept sucking my cock and soon it was hard. She sucked my balls and licked them and then stood up and hugged me nude. She kissed me madly and in the mean time she kept moving my cock in her hand up and down.

Then she opened her panty and laid on the birth and pulled my hand and made me suck her cunt. I was acting like I never did sex before. She asked me to lick her cunt and then suck it deep. I was doing as she was saying and finally she got her first orgasm.

Then she told me to insert my monster inside her cunt and I made one leg up on my shoulder and inserted my cock in her cunt. It was easy to insert as it was sleeper with her juices. I fucked her for some time in that position and then she told me to seat on the birth and she sat on my cock inserting my cock in her wet cunt and she started jumping holding my shoulder.

After some time she bent over the birth and hold it and asked me to fuck her ass from back and I fucked her ass for some more time and her boobs were swinging. I pressed her boobs and pinched her nipples frequently.

After some time I told her that I was Cumming and she told me to cum inside her ass and I did that. My semen juices were dripping from her ass and I sat over the birth. She was exhausted too and looked at me and told me that am I happy. I smiled at her and then again she came near me and hold my cock and start to shake it.

She made it hard and asked me to fuck her one more round and in that night we had sex 3 to 4 rounds and finally exhausted and we slept nude hugging one another in one birth. We woke up late in morning and then she wore her dress and before I could woke up she again gave me a morning blowjob and made my juices out and I was wake up.

Then we changed our dress and got fresh up and had tea and breakfast and before I got down we had a softcore again. She told me finally before I got down that she will miss me and added that if I come pune again then I must call her and stay at her house. We exchanged our wazz numbers and then hugged her and kissed her lips and got down at my station and she went to Kolkata. Later after one day she texted me that she was at her sister house and missing me and after that we often had skype and other sex chat and daily common chat.

This was my first time sex with a mature lady and I liked it a lot and wish to get more in future.

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