Lesbian Adopted Mom Used Me

This is a true sex story which happened to me. This happened between me and my mother. First of all telling about me, I was adopted when I aged 13. My parents adopted me when I was 10. Now I’m 18 years old. My name is Naveena. My adopted father is a business man and mother is a housewife.

This is a true incident happened to me between me and my mom, it happened on a Saturday, as usual, we finished our dinner and slept. Every day I used to drink milk before sleep. At night I felt the urge to drink milk. I woke my mother she was a bit, short tempered person. And I told her that I want milk. For that, she told me milk is not there in the refrigerator too. I was very disappointed. I again woke my mother this time she got really angry. And shouted at me, by the time my dad was snoring and sleeping. She came out of her bed and came near me, I thought I would get a nice slap from her instead she caught my hand and took me to a nearby room.

She was wearing a black nighty that day she was aged about 38. She had a good figure and nice brown body. She told me that since she didn’t have a child of her own she doesn’t have milk. But she then told I will quench your thirst don’t worry. She removed her nighty zip and told me to suck on her. I was scared by now. And I did as she commanded. I continued to suckle her for 10minutes, no milk came, I lifted my head once. I saw her eyes were shut. And she was giving some reactions in her face. We both were in standing position.

After a while, once again pulled my head out, this time she caught me and told me I will feed you don’t worry. I asked her how?. She told me to kneel down. I did as she said. Then she told me to be a good girl and do it for mommy. I didn’t know what to do. She removed her panty and pushed me inside her nighty. I was sitting between her legs stunned. She didn’t do anything for a while. Even I didn’t do anything there was a pitch silence. After 10minutes. She very gently lowered her body and started to sit down. Finally, her pussy was in my mouth. She told only one word after that “lick”. I started licking her.

Slowly it was tasty. I was doing this for 30minutes. She was moaning and squeezing her breast. She slowly stood up then I don’t why I automatically sat in a position to lick her pussy and was licking her. She then took me out and said after some time you will get some fluid drink those and she told me to go continue your job. I again went inside and sucked on her pussy like a calf suckling from a cow. After sometimes she screamed and held my head tight on her pussy and some liquid Came inside my mouth. I drank all those.

Even after finished drinking that I was suckling her. But she took me out and asked whether I feel hungry or not. I told still I feel hungry. She then told me to lift her nighty till her waist and told me to fix my mouth tight on her pussy, I did as she said. Slowly she released some hot water inside my mouth. It was her urine. I drank all those. And we both slept in the bed in the same room. Next day morning my dad went out somewhere, that time she called me for breakfast. She was preparing does in the kitchen. Wearing the same nighty, I once again went underneath her and suckled her. That time my dad came and saw her preparing dosa. But he didn’t See Me since I was covered up.

When we sat for breakfast in dining table I went under the table once again to suck my sweet mom. After my dad went we sat in the kitchen to do our work cooking etc. Whenever my mom wants pleasure I will do this for her without any hesitation. I love to do that. I don’t know why I love doing this. But doing this gives me good mental satisfaction and relief. Often my mom would just watch TV while I will be servicing her underneath. At night times she will just give 2-3 times in my mouth. It is a lot of fun. Even whenever I feel the need she told me I’m free to do that. She just enjoys. Even while washing clothes cooking time I casually go and do whenever I feel to do that. She will give me her hot pussy in my mouth.

One night, even she sat on my face till 2-3 hours moaning and jiggling. I’m more happy to receive her care. I love her so much. Since a month I was the person who washes her underwear and all her things I would go inside the bathroom and will help her in bathing. She is a generous person Ian happy that she adopted me. Her brown body is so great. She likes me too. She is a great person. This experience was very nice. I’m grateful that I got caring parents. She told me that she would introduce me to her friend Next Week. If anything like this happens I will surely inform all ISS leaders through another sex story. Till then stay tuned guys. Mmuaaah

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