Licked Akka’s Cum From Her Fingers

Hi friends, here is the continuation of the previous part. Thanks for your support. Thanks for your awesome reply friends. That too from many girls. Kindly check my previous post for intro. Going to story.

I didn’t make a reply to her message. I want to increase her curiosity. I saw many msg from her. And I messaged her next morning

Me: Good morning. Sadhana!

She: You pervert reply to me. (reply came suddenly)

Me: I will say in the office.

She: Then come soon today. Pick me up.

Me: Ok.

I got ready and went to her flat parking. Called her. She asked me to come to the flat and I went.

She: How do you know I am not shaved?

Me: I saw it.

She: That’s how I am asking.

Me: I then showed her a mirror placed near the TV unit.

She started recalling what’s the connection between those. What happened was when I told her to be in saree and show her ass. She is already near the bedroom door. In that position itself, she turned and started lifting. When I went close to her to remove her panties. I saw her shy face from the mirror.

And when I looked down I was mesmerized to see her panties which was already wet. Then only I kneeled down and removed her panties. I saw her pussy first. Then only her ass. I kissed her ass. Her pussy was fully covered with hair but she shaped it to a perfect triangle.

I explained this to her she stood speechless.

She: I was such a careless bitch. (she was so shy now.)

Me: Yes.

She: Hey, stop I’m your Akka not bitch

Me: Ok Sadhana. Let’s go to the office.

We left home and reached the office. After that, we started texting more. She became more open with me and most of the topic is our private. One day in office during a break, I asked her why so much hair in her pussy. She said she liked it.

And I asked her, “Why did you make it to perfect shape. Who is gonna see there?” She replied, “Didn’t you see?” We both laughed. I asked, “Who else is going to see.” I know that we both are not at all a virgin. Even I want her to confront. She was silent for some time.

She asked me, “Unaku ena pathi ena ena therinumo direct ah kelu elam questions um. Nan answers pandren elatukum.”(Ask me directly all. What you want to know about me. I’ll tell you)

“Shall we go to your flat tonight and discuss this?” I asked. She smiled and said ok. After the office we reached her home. Relaxed and she refreshed changed her dress and made coffee for us. We sat in the balcony and started our conversation

She: Keluda ennamo kekanum soniye? (ask me da what all you have to ask) (with more confidence)

Me: Nee virgin ah? (Are you virgin?)

She: (laughing) Did you become too bold to ask this question to your Akka ah?

Me: Akka ila. Ipo nee Sadhana.(I winked) (You are not Akka no, Sadhana.)

She: Fine apo solren ilada nan virgin ila. (Then I will say I am not a virgin.)

I smiled

She: Nee kekra kelvi ku neeum answer panuda. (Answer me for the same question you asked me.)

I smiled and said, “No, I’m not a virgin.”

She: Next.

Me: Nan paatha edatha ethana per pathurukanga? (How many have seen your part which I had seen?)

She: Including you three.

Me: Who are those two?

She: My boyfriend and another one are secret.

I asked her about another one she didn’t disclose that time.

Me: My answer is two for the same question.

She: Who are they?

Me: My college mates Swathi and Rajie.

She: Rendu per ah.(Two girls. Surprised)

Me: Don’t get surprised you too had two, right.

She: Fine next

Me: Ethana time panirka.

She: Count la ilada commit aguna day anaike potutan. Two years relationship la. Approx ah 400-500 times (I didn’t have a count on the day. In two years of relationship we have made 400-500 times approx..)

I was shocked and said, “You enjoyed your life, Sadhana!”

She: Nee solu ethana time? (You say how many times.)

Me: 21 times only.

She: Yenda rendu per ah avlo thada than potiya. (Why da. You fucked two girls only these many times?)

Me: Yes all were threesome

She: Kedi enjoy panirka. (You too have enjoyed, you clever.)

Me: Una vida ila. (Not more than you)

She: Sari next

Me: Apo antha innoruthar una potathu ilaya. (That another person hasn’t fucked you?)

She: Ila and she laughed (no)

Me: Ipo la ena pandra epdi avlo jolie ah iruntu ipo control ah iruka. (Nowadays how you are controlling yourself as you have enjoyed that much?)

She: Who said I’m controlling?

She suddenly showed her middle finger. I without thinking started sucking her middle finger holding her hand. She didn’t resist. I was sucking for more than 10 minutes and she is also enjoying. I took it out and her finger is completely filled with my saliva. Asked her to finger now itself.

She was too excited and turned back and started fingering placing her hand inside pants. I could hear her little moans. I didn’t disturb her for 10 minutes. I then placed my hand on her shoulder and turned taking her hand from her pants. Now I took her hand in mine and could see her happiness and shy in her eyes.

She herself showed her middle finger to suck. I started sucking. Wow, what a taste. In five minute I stopped and showed my middle finger and asked her shall I help you. She regained what’s happening. She stood and forced me to leave and pushed me from flat saying, “Pick me up tomorrow. Bye.”

I came home and was in full mood jerked in her green panty itself and again send her pic. She replied with laughing smiley and in some time send me pic showing her hand. I saw her hand full of her juices. I got an instant hard-on and jerked again.

I told her, “I want those to drink.” She replied, “Not lucky enough today.” I said, “Soon I will be more lucky to have.” And we bid said bye and went to sleep.

I’ll say what happened next in the upcoming post. Waiting for your replies @[email protected].

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