Licked And Fucked My Friend’s Mom

Hi, everybody. This is Ayush. I am 26 yrs old with the fair and muscular body. I have a 6-inch long dick and my height is 5’9″. I have had sex with many women in my life. Here, I am going to share some of those experiences with you.

In may, 2016, one of my friend Pratik invited me to his house. I left for his house by train. Inside the train, I tried to call Pratik many times but it said his number is not reachable. He wasn’t online either.

I doubted if he was at his house or not. When I reached his house, my fear proved true. His mom said to me, “Pratik changed his plan and will arrive here after two days. Didn’t he inform you?”. I got disappointed and said, “I couldn’t call him due to the signal problem”.

I was really tired and needed some rest. Pratik’s mom was nice to me. She said, “You may stay here and wait for him”. I was given a bedroom. It was just me and Pratik’s mom in the house.

As told by Pratik, his mom’s name is Anita. She is wheatish in complexion, chubby and was 45 yrs old. Some parts of her hair were white and her bare arms looked aged.

It was a hot afternoon. AC in the room wasn’t working either. To get rid of summer, I thought of taking a bath. On reaching the door of the bathroom, Anita saw me. All I wore was my undies. She first looked at me for a minute and then said, “I was going to call you for a snack”. I replied, “You can keep the snack in my room. I will eat after bath”.

My day spent in the room, doing nothing. The thought of sex was coming in my mind. At around 11 pm, Anita aunty came to my room. She was wearing maxi, red lipstick and had her hair tied. I was little surprised finding her late at night. She said to me, “Your AC may not be working. You can sleep in my room if you want”.

I said, “Thank you, aunty. I am little uncomfortable here”. She took me to her room and let me sleep with her. Since she turned her back to me, I could see the rounded shape of her ass. I shifted towards her, pushed my cock into her ass through her clothes. She said, “Oh what is that?”.

She caught a glimpse of the bulge in my pant and said, “Oh God. Are you having an erection?”. I said, “Yes”. She continued, “That’s ok. Can you just keep it away from my ass?”.

I said, “I am almost at the edge of bed. Can’t shift away”. She seemed to be answerless. She shifted away from a little. I was in no mood to let this good chance go away. I made my cock hit between her ass. Had there been no clothes, my cock would have plunged into her ass hole. She seems to be in discomfort and said, “We need to make adjustments (gasps). We should take off our clothes and let’s see if space gets increased or not”.

I was speechless. She pulled off her maxi and bra, exposing her mature body. At last, she removed her panty, giving me a glimpse of her fuck hole. I got naked too and laid beside her. She mumbled, “Sleep now”. Her smooth back and big rounded ass were exposed to me. I made my cock touch her pussy lips. She opened her thighs, facilitating my cock’s entry into her pussy.

I hugged her from behind. She grinded her pussy against my cock, taking it deeper. She said, “Mmm… that’s how we should sleep”. I started to move my cock in and out. She said, “Aaaahhh.. oohhhhh… “. I enjoyed fucking that old lady for like 2 hours and released my sperm in her. She was panting badly. I didn’t pull out my cock and slept.

In morning, when I woke up, she was in the bathroom. I was lying naked on the bed. After some time, she came to the room. She smiled at me and said, “I hope you had a nice sleep last night”. I said, “Never slept better than this”. She said, “My son will be arriving tomorrow evening. We can have more fun”.

After having breakfast, she closed the door and came to bed. I kissed her lips laying on top of her. I made her naked, licked all over her shoulders, tasted her armpits. From there, I went down to her boobs. I licked her nipple, crushed it with my teeth and sucked it. She let me feed all her milk.

I went further down, licked all over her tummy. I dug my tongue in her belly button and licked it nicely. I opened her thighs, licked from her knee to her upper thighs. Reaching her pussy, I planted a kiss there and tasted her urine. I put my tongue deep in and started licking it. She said, “iiissshhh… mmmm… iiissshhh… hhhmmm… yessssss….mmmm… iiisshhhh… lick me … mmmm… “.

Then I licked her ass crack. There was hardly any hair on it. I parted her asshole, dug my tongue deep in and cleaned it. She said, ” Uffff… mmmm…”.

I laid on top of her, making my cock rub her pussy. I pushed my cock in till its whole length was inside her. She seemed to be in mild pain. She said, “Ufff. Your cock is so big and thick”. She hugged me. I fucked her mercilessly till evening and cummed inside her. We had two more sessions at night.

Next day, in the evening, Pratik reached. I spent one more day in his house and finally left for home. Pratik will never come to know that I fucked his mom. If you liked my story then send me your comments. If any girl, married or divorced woman from any cities of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, want pleasure then contact me. Age is not a concern. My email id is [email protected]

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