Like Mom Like Daughter – Part 4

This is the fourth part of the story.

Ranuk went crazy after he saw the video of my mom narrating about her first double penetration with two Australian men. I could tell he was horny as hell as he rammed his cock into my pussy with all his strength. He was fucking me hard and deep. He spanked my ass and moaned “oho Radhika”. Wait a minute that was my mom’s name. Is Ranuk imagining of fucking my mom. This thought got me crazy and I had my second orgasm of the day.

After unloading his cum into my mouth, Ranuk collapsed besides me on the bed.

Me: baby, were you thinking about my mom, when you fucked me.

Ranuk: sorry baby! I couldn’t get the image of your mom being fucked in the ass by a stranger. I’m sorry if I had offended you.

Me: No dear, you no need to be sorry about. Even I became horny as you called out my mom’s name.

Ranuk: you are the best girlfriend a boy could have, saying it he kissed my cheeks.

I kissed him in his ears.

Me: so what did you fantasies about my mom?

Ranuk: I think it may offend you dear!

Me: come on Ranuk, you know we share everything and I don’t mind hearing sexy things about my mom.

Ranuk: okay then, I was fantasising about fucking your mom’s big round ass.

Me: so the spank on my ass was meant for my mom huh?

Ranuk: ya it was.

We were silent for few minutes, where I thought of Ranuk fucking my mom in her ass and spanking her. When I looked at Ranuk he was also in deep thoughts. I bet we thought about the same thing.

Me: are you thinking of my mom?

Ranuk: you can say so; I wonder how she would look naked?

Me: I think, I can make your wish come true.

All of a sudden Ranuk got excited and asked me “Really? Do you think I can see your mom naked?”

Me: if things go by my plan, you will be getting more than what you wished for.****

It was time to put my plan into action and I became bolder around my mom, as she used to kiss me to bed, I started to kiss on her lips, she was fine with it and this became or daily routine. Sometimes I would roam in my underwear as I passed from my room to the kitchen and mom used to check me out, but she doesn’t pass a command. Her stares told me that the lesbian in her was trying to unleash it.

As the first phase of my plan went as I expected, it was time to take it to the next step. I know my mom was interested in me and I wanted to spice things up before I can get her in between my legs.

Saturday arrived and everything went as usual till evening. At around 6pm I called mom into my room.

Me: mom, could you help me with something?

Mom: sure, why not! What is it?

Me: I told Ranuk about your DP experience and he wanted to..

Before I could complete mom reacted. “You said what? How could you tell your boyfriend about your mom’s DP?” Mom didn’t seem angry, but she felt offended and embarrassed.

Me: Don’t feel bad mom, its really nothing to worry about.

Mom: how will I face him again? What will he think of me?

Me: Relax mom, you are over reacting, I know exactly what Ranuk will be thinking as all the boys in my school who have seen you, thinks the same. That is to get between your legs.

Mom: what?

Me: ya mom, I have seen and heard many boys talking about you, when you come to my school. So its not a big deal, if my boyfriend is also thinking of getting you into bed.

Mom was a bit taken back before she spoke “ I know boys stare and ogle at me, but aren’t you feeling bad about your boyfriend having such feelings about me?”

Me: no mom, I know that most boys like matured women and my boyfriend is no exception.

Mom had nothing much to say except “okay, but how will I face him again?”

Me: just act as if you aren’t aware of it mom, and besides I had asked you for a help. Remember?

Mom: oh ya, what is it dear?

Me: as I was saying, when Ranuk heard about your DP, he wanted to fuck my ass. So I want to get the hair in my removed. I can’t do it myself. I was wondering if you could help me.

Mom was excited and ready to help, in no time I was naked below and was in all fours in the bed with my ass projected out to face my mom. I had clean pussy and there were only small amount of hair in my asshole. As mom was removing hair from my asshole, I felt her hands all over my ass. I knew she was enjoying the touch of another women’s ass. Now and then she would give a small squeeze to my ass checks. I also wanted her to explore each and every part of my body but the time hasn’t come.

As mom cleaned all the hair from my ass and rubbed her finger on my asshole to get rid of the tiny hair remains, I felt a chill run over my body. I wanted her fingers to rub on and go deeper into my ass. Mom spoke “ It’s a good thing you are letting your boyfriend to fuck your ass, especially when he has an eye on his girlfriend’s mom” she laughed around. “Don’t worry mom, I know my body can control his dick” i retorted.

Even thought my ass was clean now, mom’s hands played around a little longer than needed. “There you go, all ready to be used” mom said pointing to my ass in the mirror.


The next day was Sunday and I had some appointments with my friends. I had a long shower in the tub, feeling every inch of my body. I came out with a towel wrapped around my glittering body. Before I get dressed I had to do one more thing. I could have done it myself, but I wanted my mom to do it. So I called her to my room. She was there in no time.Mom started at me for a while before she spoke “what is it?”

“I need you to help me with something really private mom”, I said and took a pink toy in my hand. Mom looked at it for a second and without getting a clue she asked me what the strange looking object was. “This mom is a butt plug” I looked at her face and continued “and this is supposed to be in my asshole for the entire day” mom was speechless and was just staring at the butt plug. A lot of things were running in her mind. I decided to clarify all her doubts.

“Mom this is what we call a butt plug, it’s a sex toy and Ranuk bought me this, so that I can use it to loosen my asshole before he put his cock in my asshole. I have three butt plugs now and this is of the smallest size, after I’m comfortable with this size, I’ll try the next size” I said to her. Mom’s jaws dropped as she heard me and muttered out “I didn’t know there was such sex toys” “there are a lot of different kind of sex toys mom, but we are not aware of it”

I continued “Mom, now I need your help to put this butt plug inside my ass, can you do it?” she was silent for a minute and I moved the butt plug in front of her face, she took it in her hands and examined the product. While she was doing so, I removed the knots of the towel and it dropped to the floor. When mom raised her head she was staring at my naked body, a few drops of water were dripping from my hair to my body. I liked the she was admiring my body. I called her “Mom” and she snapped out of her dream. “Can you put it in” I asked her again. “Yaaa..i..can” she muttered.

I climbed on to the bed and was in doggy style with my ass projected up. Mom took a moment before she touched my ass cheeks and spread them. Then I felt the butt plug hitting my ass, it was noting going in easily and it pained. I asked mom if she could use something to lubricate it and she thought for a moment and then she opened her mouth and put the butt plug in her mouth.

When I looked at her, she was sucking the butt plug like a pro “What? You want to lubricate it and I thought saliva is the best” she told and then continued sucking. The very butt plug that had gone a little deeper in my asshole was now in my mom’s mouth. I felt my pussy dripping. I couldn’t take my eyes of her, till she pulled it out and pushed it inside my asshole. It went in with ease.

Evening, I came back home from my school and the first thing mom asked me was about the butt plug and how did it feel. “I felt little pain and difficulty at first, but as the day progressed I forgot about it and the thought of having a butt plug in my ass and being in class excited me mom” I replied.

“So you really enjoyed it huh?” mom asked “ya, mom” I replied “I wish I had knew about this butt plug thing before, it could have spared me a lot of pain in losing my ass virginity” mom said with a smile. I too smiled with her. “Mom, its time to pull out the butt plug” saying so I lifted my skirt and exposed my panty to mom, mom knelt down and removed my panty and pulled the butt plug in slow motion. It was covered with my ass fluid and mom was staring at it. I thought she would put it in her mouth, just like she did the morning. I was disappointed as she kept the butt plug aside. It won’t be long before she would be licking it.

This routine continued for two days and on the third day I thought of trying the next size. So I handed my mom the dark blue butt plug and asked her to put it inside my ass. As always mom put the butt plug in her mouth to lubricate it, she tried pushing it in my ass after that, I pulled my ass away as I felt a bit of pain. Then mom said “I know just what needs to be done here to get this into you” saying so she took a finger into her mouth and wetted it with saliva, then she rubbed that finger in my asshole. Oho that was a heavenly feeling. Mom’s fingers felt wonderful. She again wetted her fingers and rubbed around my asshole. I knew she would have tasted me as she put the finger in her mouth again.

After a few moments the butt plug slid in my lubricated ass. I got up and adjusted to the butt plug in my ass. Then mom asked “Now your adjusted to the bigger one, what are you going to do with the smaller one” I was just about the ask the same and was happy mom came up with it, because I had already planned it.

“You can use it mom” I said. “Me, oho no. what’s it have to do with me”. “It has mom, dads going to be here in three months. And by the time he gets here, you can ready your ass for him” mom blushed and hit me playfully in my shoulder “you are a real pervert, do you know that” mom mocked me. “I do mom, now why don’t you show your ass and I’ll put this butt plug in your ass” I said tapping mom’s ass.

After having a war of words mom agreed to my idea and got up. Immediately I pulled down her pyjama pants and saw her magnificent ass covered in a black panty. I pulled down her panty in one blow and made her to position in doggy. Oho my god, it was an awesome view. My moms big ass was in full display. I touched her ass checks and felt how soft they were. Mom didn’t object and I felt every inch of her ass “oho, mom when will I have a ass like yours” “don’t try to flatter me dear, I know that you a fine ass and you are proud of it” “But your ass is awesome mom, Ranuk always dreams about your ass mom” “Oho my god, What is it with your boyfriend. Why doesn’t he think about your ass”

I continued rubbing my mom’s ass “relax mom, its nothing. I’m sure all the men who sees you are thinking about your ass. So my boyfriend is no exception” Mom said something, but I ignored her and returned her the favour of rubbing my wet fingers over her asshole. A light moan escaped her mouth and I pushed the small butt plug into her ass. It went in with ease.

That evening we removed each others butt plug and we shared the experience of having a butt plug in the ass for an entire day.

After a week I decided to try the last and bigger butt plug. So like every morning I was naked and in bed with my ass pointed to my mom. she was licking and lubricating the butt plug. Then she rubbed her wet saliva fingers on my ass and then pushed the butt plug in. it was not going in, and I felt the pain. “It seems you need more lubrication in your ass” mom said. “what do you suggest mom?” “I know what to do” saying so she leaned forward and started to lick my ass, spitting saliva into my asshole. I was in heaven, my mom was licking my ass. I never thought she would do it on her own. I had a plan to make her lick me, but who cares now.

I didn’t say anything and enjoyed my mom’s tongue on my ass. After a brief moment of eating my ass, mom pulled off and pushed the butt plug in. It took me sometime to adjust with the pain and the width of the ass plug. “Now mom, its your turn to try the next butt plug” with out saying a word, mom lifted her skirt and showed her panty less ass. Ever since we stated to put butt plugs in each others ass. Mom stopped wearing panty in the house.

I started as I do always and licked the butt plug, then I rubbed my fingers on her asshole. I can see the disappointment in her face as she was expecting me to lick her asshole as she did to me. I didn’t entirely disappoint her as I leaned forward and spat on her asshole, she liked it and I did it again until I slid the butt plug in her.

This routine continued for a week and each morning I was waiting impatiently for my mom to lick my ass. We both enjoyed it but we never spoke about it. Finally it was Sunday and it was a special day for two reasons. Firstly, I will be getting my ass drilled with Ranuk’s cock and secondly, this is the day im going to make mom my bitch and also Ranuks bitch too.***Thank you for all your support. I will be glad to get your feedbacks via mail. [email protected]

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