Lonely Frustrated Mom And Lusty Son

Hello readers, today I am going to submit my real experience with my mom.

I am from india, and 22 years old studying engineering this is real experience with my mom and how we mutually got each other in bed let me tell you about her she is 41 years old with sizes 34d 30 38 her ass is real big and well rounded she has fair color soft skin with nice juicy lips , she works in private firm because of studies I used to stay with her alone in home as my dad most of times out of station for work and comes hardly once in three months or sometimes in six months I am the only son to her, her name is swati, she is traditional religious lady but nothing is greater in front of lust and seduction and hunger.

I used to sleep with her in same room from my child hood as she has fear to sleep alone , our usual routine is like she used to come from work ( most of time wears saree) and we talk about daily stuff and sleep till six months before I had no intension or lust on her one day during surfing I came across this site and I read couple of incest stories and I started imagine mom son incest sex, later that day for first time I decided to sniff her bra and pantyAfter coming from office she used to put that in bucket for washing so I picked up her used bra and panty and started sniffing it, that day my dick was hard like horse smell was sensational with yellow stains on panty ahh it feels like I am in heaven I started doing this for next couple of days she used to put in basket and when she goes to sleep I took them and shag it.

One day I decided to look through door hold while she was changing and first time I saw her whole nude body, in front of my eyes there was huge rounded ass and boobs with brown nipples , it helped me to decide bang that ass but I was not sure how to start so I started with talking more openly about girls and started keeping porn sites open on computer so whenever she wants to use computer she has to go through it , one day I kept it open and told her I am going out with friends and will be back by late night and gave her hugged but that day I came early to check on her , I opened door slowly with my keys and I went to her room and started looking from door hold and I was amazed to see she was watching some porn sites which gave me idea about her hunger and I started making plan

So decided to make next move , she usually wears nighty at night with inners so I thought lets try with touching her hot body and try to seduced her so she will submit her body to me so one night I woke up midnight I looked at her she was sleeping sideways with her huge milky ass facing towards me so I gently put my hand on her ass for first time and just started rubbing it ( it was all from outside nighty ) as I did not have dare to press it from inside and I checked her reaction she did not react was sleeping that night I jerk in my boxer while one hand on her ass.

I said I will keep doing this for next few days and check her reaction , next night I went little ahead and started to move my hand on her hand with little faster like rubbing little hard still no reaction from her it gave me little courage and that night I grabbed her ass for first time from outside nighty though panty was there I managed to grabbed little bit still no reaction so I kept doing this for next 2-3 days she never reacted , throughout morning she acts normal nothing happened, one day she had chest pain so I offered her help and told her I will do massage show me where you have pain so she slept on her back and I started massaging her neck and after few minutes I grabbed her left boob and pressed her nipple and asked do you have pain

I did it for 10 seconds not much she then removed my hand but did not say word so it gave me more courage that night during mid night for first time I lifted her nighty from back side till her knees and put my hand on her ass from inside and I tried to pull panty down ahhh what was feeling , her ass was soft and warm uff , from back I slide her panty just little and put my hand on her bare ass ahh and started rubbing it softly I did for 10 mins still no reaction from her my one hand was inside her panty and I was stroking my dick with my hand after 10 min during this action I ejaculated in my boxer so I just removed my hand and slept,

Next day morning she was normal nothing about night so I got confuse why she is not reacting so I decided to move forward but for my luck that night when I lifted her nighty I came to know there was no panty so she stopped wearing it , so it gave me green signal I saw her bare ass for first time when I lifted her nighty till her west she was sleeping , I put my hands on her ass and started playing with it started moving my hands through her ass crack

I was doing softly then I apply some saliva on my hands and put my hands in ass cracks and started rubbing it harshly still no reaction from her , it made my dick hard and I moved forward to put my dick in her ass cracks as I wanted to rub my dick in between but she suddenly changed position so my try was failed I got fear and I slept that night as I do not want to discontinue this new heaven touching thing so I went slowly , next morning same she made break fast for me and we acted normally nothing happened, during dinner she asked me do you have any girl friend I was shocked as she is bit conservative type I said yes so said are you happy with her

I said happy in terms of

She just smiled , then I asked her when dad is coming she said dont know I asked her whats wrong she said she was bit tired of him and frustrated, after listing to this suddenly some strange words come from my mouth : I said why you dont give divorce she was shocked and slapped me I went in my room I left from dinner table after half an hour she came in my room and said sorry I do not want to slap you I said dont be you are my mom thats ok I love you , she said in our family and tradition those things are banned and never happened so I said something has to start for first time so she asked me how you can think of it so I said look you are not happy and I want to see you happy , I want to see my women happy I said women to give her hints she looked at me and I hugged her and said I love you and then she left room.

Next night before starting play I was preparing myself rubbing my dick by looking at her body wrapped in nighty, she was sleeping on her back suddenly she opened her eyes we had eye to eye contact our eyes were locked lust was there in eyes ahh so suddenly I jumped to kissed her she went back and asked what happened I said I was dreaming and I slept as I got fear it never happened so openly and she went back so it made her intension unclear to me so next morning she asked me what happened to you yesterday night, I said sorry I was dreaming and we closed topic there whole day I was nervous and in confusion but I decided not to give up

When she came from and started preparing dinner so I went in kitchen and I hugged her tightly she asked me are you dreaming and tease me I said no just I felt to hug you, I love you she said love you too then we eat dinner and she went for sleep , after an hour I went inside and slept besides her she changed her side now her ass towards me so that night I decided to make it happen anyways so I lifted her nighty again and directly I put my tongue inside her ass cracks ahh started licking it softly

Uff it was nice aroma of her warm ass ahh and after a minute I heard little soft moan from her she was fully trying to not make sound or move but it happened naturally , it gave me my signal and day to bang her so I removed my boxer and I started kissing her legs from back side

My dick was hard like horse after that I started to rub my dick between her ass crack ahhhh uff it was too hot warm I went close to her put my dick in between her ass and started rubbing it hard and after a minute I ejaculated in her ass cracks my whole liquid was on her ass

Aa hh that night after minute of my ejaculation she changes side again now her face towards me I hugged her tightly and I was very close to het close enough that we can feel our warm breath that much I was close for first time I was smelling her body aroma ahh still her eyes were closed I liked that way somehow we slept like that for 30 minutes after that again it regain my erection too full hard and I directly went down towards her pussy

Ahh it was nice trimmed wet pussy smells great and I insert my finger for first time in her wet pussy ahhhh uff it was juicy she stared moaning now I did for minute after that I started licking it like dog ahhh she was biting her lips and she was moaning harshly and she help my head and forced deep in her pussy and said fuck me hard for first time openly, I am hungry

Fill me with your juice show me your animal, I went up and we started kissing each other passionately we did for 5 minutes and she said be my man from now and then I undressed her started biting her nipples harshly it was erect ,

I entered her pussy juicy one ahhh my dick was easily went inside and I started pumping it hard we both were madly fucking each other ahh whole room was filled with moans , after 10 mins I put my wet dick mixed with her juices in her mouth and she started giving me blowjob I ejaculated inside her and felt on her body and said I love you swathi she she said I love you my man we kissed and slept next morning I asked her openly how you felt for it she said I was hungry and instead of fucking outside its safe and you seduced me well so its ok be a man so I asked her remove that marriage ring and that night I told her I want to do it in your ass.

Next day she came to wake me up , she was wearing nice red color saree with sleeveless blouse I hugged her and kissed on her lips and said dont go to office today let’s celebrate she said she has to go I said ok but as you are wearing sleeveless blouse can I lick your armpits before you go as I have always like women armpits and its my fantasy she smiled said you have naughty wild fantasies for bed I said ya she came close to me and I started licking her trimmed armpits I licked like dog she started moaning immediately I pulled her pallu and started pressing her boobs she was said I want to go office stop I said free yourself and go I grabbed her boobs hard I said if you took leave I will give you nice gift today she said ok I will stay tell me your gift now, I said turned back and I lifted her saree and pulled her panty she said be gentle and tell me what gift you are going to give I said it is my dick in your ass she was stunned as

She never took in her ass before so she was hesitated but I managed her I applied lubricant and entered my two fingers it was tight she was crying in pain so I applied more oil and started putting my dick inside she was crying in pain and pleasure and I started humping her tight ass it was painful for first time but after that I did couple of times now days we do anal most of time. She is my bitch now I used to fuck her daily like dog.

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