Lonely guy tempts & fucks his bestie girl after her marriage

I went to my bestie Navya’s marriage one year ago. I was sad that she and I would not see each other often anymore. But one week ago, I got a job in Bangalore and I shifted there for work. There I saw my bestie who was living with her husband. I went to her and asked her how she was.

Navya: How are you, Arjun?

Arjun: I am good, looks like you have not changed at all.

Navya: Yes, there is a reason for that. My husband does not take good care of me.

Arjun: Why, what happened?!

Navya: For a year I am not satisfied.

Arjun: I do not understand. What you are not satisfied with?

Navya: As a married woman, I cannot tell you that.

Arjun: You can talk to me about anything, Navya.

Navya: I am sorry, I cannot. And goodbye.

Arjun: Wait, I am sorry. I will not ask okay?

Navya: Where are you living now?

Arjun: Here only, the nearby town of your house.

Navya: Okay then, I am going home. It is late.

Arjun: Okay, see you.

After 4 hours, Navya’s husband came home and they both had dinner. Later, she felt horny and wanted to have sex with her husband. But he was tired and sleepy. She insisted to have sex, so he agreed finally. He then told her to suck his cock as he was very tired and not in the mood. Navya became angry with her husband and said –

Navya: You always tell this. How can I get satisfied with this?

He ignored her and said: If you don’t want it, then fine. Let me sleep peacefully.

She got disappointed and went to sleep as well.

After one day, Arjun asked her to come to visit him because he missed her so much and wanted to talk to her. Navya agreed to go meet him.

Arjun and Navya both went to a park and sat under a tree and started talking.

Arjun: I got the job by presenting a fake certificate and now I am struggling in my job.

Navya: You are a genius. You will be okay.

Arjun: Listen, I know you are married, but I cannot forget how we used to be in college. To be honest, I still want to have sex with you.

Navya: I am married now, Arjun, I cannot do that.

Arjun: You said yesterday that you are not satisfied with your marriage, right? It is about sex, right?

Navya: No, and shut up. Don’t you know how to talk to a married lady?

Arjun got horny seeing his bestie in a saree with wet armpits. He touched her boobs. Navya got angry but she remembered how they used to fuck each other in college.

Navya: There are people here, let’s go to the bathroom in the park.

Arjun: I am so happy that I am going to fuck my married bestie in a saree.

Then they both went inside the bathroom and started kissing each other. Arjun removed her jacket and started licking her boobs and smelled her armpit.

Navya: Don’t bite them, Arjun. What if my husband sees the teeth marks?

Arjun: That idiot cannot even have sex with a goddess like you. I am sure the marks will disappear.

Navya: Okay, then lick as much as you want.

After licking his bestie’s boobs and armpit for almost five minutes, Arjun got his cock full-grown.

Navya: It has been a long time since I saw this monster!

And she moaned harder.

Arjun: Get down on your knees, and suck it, you married bitch.

Navya: Come on, scold me. Use more dirty words on me. I am your slave as long as we are in this bathroom, Arjun.

Arjun put his dick inside her mouth and she started sucking it.

Arjun: Suck harder Navya, I am so happy that a married lady is giving me a blowjob.

Navya: I have never given a blowjob even to my husband, Arjun.

Navya sucked his dick for 10 minutes and then got dressed because there were people outside who might get suspicious. Later they decided to continue the rest of it the next day.

Navya called Arjun after her husband left for the office. Arjun came and saw that his married best friend was in the bathroom and joined her. Arjun inserted his dick inside Navya’s asshole and fucked her for 2 minutes. Then she asked him to stop there and put in her pussy. Arjun smiled and asked her where should he put it.

Navya got angry and put the dick in her mouth and stroked it hard. Arjun soon cummed in her mouth. He asked her to drink it and Navya drank the whole thing.

Navya: I am happy that you got a job here in Bangalore.

Arjun: I am happy that I get to fuck my sexy married bestie. I want to see your husband’s reaction as I am fucking his wife and putting my dick in his wife’s mouth.

Both of them laughed and continued to have sex with each other, non-stop from that onwards.

After one week:

One day, Navya’s husband came home as he forgot some office files. He saw that his wife was sucking a stranger’s dick (Arjun)! He got was shocked and horny at the same time. Arjun saw that someone was watching them and shouted. Navya’s husband ran from there.

From that day onward, Navya’s husband became a cuckold and watched secretly the way his wife was cheating on him. He enjoyed watching them, but deep down he felt so sad, so he got the address of Arjun and went to his hometown.

There he introduced himself as Arjun’s friend and stayed in Arjun’s house. That night, he seduced Arjun’s mom and asked her to fuck him. As Arjun’s mom hated her husband for a long time, she agreed with him.

They both went to the kitchen and Navya’s husband inserted his cock into Arjun’s mother and they fucked for almost an hour.

Then he asked her to suck his dick but she refused. He then said he will lick her pussy in return. She agreed and sucked his dick and balls for 8-10 minutes. She then asked to lick her pussy. But he smiled and said, “I lied about licking your pussy”. She felt cheated but liked his guts.

That was how he took revenge on Arjun.

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