Lonely Lady In Delhi- True Story

This is my true story it has all the ingredients including grace, love, emotions lust it unveils the happenings between a college going boy and a lonely mature lady in Delhi, Here I am changing my name and all the character’s name due to privacy, have patience and read till the end you would come to know how things happens in real story.

My name is Arjun I live in south Delhi I have well- built body not bulky but in well shape as I am a regular gym going boy, let me start my emotional lascivious story it had took place in May –June of 2013 when I was in last year of my college at Delhi University I was doing bachelor of science my age was 22 and now I am 26 years old masculine boy height of 5.10 working in an MNC in Gurgaon. Coming to the story, in 2013 being a science student at Delhi University I was contacted by my neighbor that I should give tuition to their boy name( Ashish) who was in 9th class he was bad at Maths & Science they offered me Rs 3000 per month,

I thought it’s a nice chance to get some pocket money and I agreed, I used to go to their home at 7 o clock evening to give tuitions, they were living on 2nd floor it was a 2 BHK flat and on 3rd floor there was married lady her name was Sikha she was around age of 32 having only 3 year old girl, my daily routine was to give 1 hr tuition timing 7-8 PM, in the evening time often Sikha used to visit Ashish’s home to have some chit chat with his mom and his sister later I came to know that her husband has been gone to US for 6 month to get a new project transition in India he was working with PWc MNC in Gurgaon, she was quite alone at that time so it became her daily evening routine to visit Ashish’s flat along with her 3 years old cute daughter(Trisha) and as usual I also used to be there, during the tuition time her daughter used to come to our study table to grab pen pencil anything which she finds fancy,

I also used to kiss her by her cuteness pulling up her cheeks, taking her up in my lap within a few days she became friendly with me and her mom Sikha used to watch us sometimes she laughs, one day I bought a chocolate for her daughter and gave it to her when Sikha saw this she yelled at me that Arjun I don’t prefer to give chocolates to my kid even I won’t allow anyone to do this to her, I said I am sorry I was not aware of that I thoughts kids love chocolate, she was quite yellow face at that time and I felt very bad that was visible through my face, then Ashish said bhaiya please leave this and start our Math’s 3rd chapter I said ok fine, and I started my thing , after 1 hr she realized that her behavior was inappropriate to me being emotionally propelled she came to me said Arjun I am sorry I would not have to yell at you,

I know I am very concerned for my daughter since her dad is not here and I am the only one who is taking care of her I said I can understand even chocolate is bad for 3 years old kid at some point you are right , she said please don’t mind and forget this and then she insisted me to teach something to her daughter Trisha I said she is too young she said some English poems you could do, she said I’ll pay Rs 1000 bucks I said no, and from this time she started talking to me it continued for few days, let me describe her attributes she was like Sonakshi Sinha in Lootera she always used to wear Sari sometimes wears salwar Kamiz she was very graceful.

One evening she came to Ashish’s home and searching me I was not arrived yet, when I entered she gave me a smile and asked me Arjun do me a favor I said what she said I never used Skype my husband told me to get a skype and we will talk and I know you have laptop I said ok even I have not used it, but I said I can get it done for you, she said once you finish your tuition bring your laptop to my flat at 9 PM even Ashish’s mom told me to do so, then after finishing my tuition with Ashish I went back to my home brought my laptop to Sikha’s place then I connected to her phone in tethering mode 3G then I downloaded Skype and linked to my email synchronized it perfectly then she messaged her husband on whatsapp her husband replied that he would call her at 1 PM by the time here in india it would be 2.30 AM night, she insisted me to leave my laptop over there and told me to get it back in the morning, after that I left for my home, then very next morning i went to her flat she was in night laggings and T shirt

I said good morning she replied the same, ohhh my God she was looking amazing no makeup her hair was hanging here and there oozing out some wildness in the castle her figure was visible through her t shirt I guessed in sleeping time she doesn’t wear bra as her figure was quite protruding for that stint I thought how unlucky her husband he left such a beauty alone for 6 months, then she came to me after finishing some kitchen things I said hope you had a nice romantic night chat yesterday she replied nope it was not said yesterday my husband was in office and there it was a day time then I said ohhh gusssh very said she gave me naughty smile I said I can leave my laptop over here if you want you can have chat right now since here it is 9 AM there must be 10:30 PM night and your husband would be alone in night she said let me drop a message to him, by the time she asked me to have breakfast with her since she was alone it’s been three months her husband has gone to USA still she would need to pass 3 more months, its 6 month project trip. I said ok she was cooked poha and after that she gave it to me it was very nice Meanwhile she was checking her phone but she was not received any message,

I said how unromantic is your husband such a beautiful wife is waiting and he was not in a mood to reply back she said hmmm very true and laughed… then she circled back and asked what did you say beautiful. Am I? I said of course you are then she blushed!! You are nice and have good sense of humor, I said you are beautiful and I really mean it , she said you are the only one in my life who said I am beautiful I thought people would think me as aunty as I wear sari quite often, I said to become a beautiful being one should have grace and intellect and both the things by the way you carry, it doesn’t matter what you wear how many pounds you gain, it matters only how you make someone feel beautiful around you and it can be only perceived when the person next to you is beautiful being, then I saw her eyes it was about to flow then she suddenly went to kitchen

I knew she would have gone to wipe out her tears, then she came and said you have said everything in a such a manner now I can understand what I need to give attention, I said what!! I just say in a causal way don’t take it seriously and laughed but she wasn’t she asked me i think you are reader do you read I said yeah she asked me which book I said I read “God Of small Things” by Arundhati Roy she got booker prize award for this book, its nice book which is filled with emotions, sadness and captivating moments, she said you have nice sense of intellect as well when I saw you first time I thought you were just a causal college going bud, but now when I am getting to know more of you seems interesting,,

I said hahaha she looked at watch ohhh shit its 12 PM hhahah we’ve chatted for 3 hours I can’t believe, I said see its relativity when we are in tune with someone time becomes nothing for us, she laughed hhahah and said then we can be good friends I said of-f cpurse I’ll be glad to have you my friend then she said ok its 12 now you have to do lunch over here, I said no I have to rush to the college some other day will be fine for me. And I said I am keeping my laptop bag here if you need you can use it for any assistance related to skype give me a call she then asked my number and we’ve exchanged it.

I went to the college, it was the first time in my life I had a beautiful day with a lady some kind of exciting feeling I was getting throughout my day it was not for sex but it was something driving me crazy I was wanting to go over again and again to her, I was reverberating entire day with a never ending smile on my face, that day I realized we all are on this earth are running by some forces some energies if it is fine-tuned it can be felt pleasant else our life would be miserable, some fundamental forces are binding us which makes us alive if we want it in highest level we must be tuned with it, sometimes it happens automatically when someone around you acts as Tuner or you can call it lover partner or the person whom you confide most. Same thing was happening with me I realized that my dopamine and oxytocin hormones were at peak of being pleasant.

That night I could not sleep I was feeling like I should talk to her so on WhatsApp I said Hi!! After one hour at 10 PM she replied hello what’s going on? I said nothing I asked did you had a chance to chat with your husband she said, nope he did not reply I said ohh so sad, then she said you should only marry when you are fine-tuned with someone as you say if someone goes away this tuning will automatically gets disturbed and you will start losing all your pleasantness, when you will realize that you are losing your pleasantness then again you will reconnect to get in tune this way you will complement each other and greater comprehending will come for each other then you two will become pleasant eternal,

I realized that I just said hello why the hell she is writing all this shit to me, when I read each sentence it makes sense to me and I was not talking to bimbo lady she was intelligent which brought great respect for her, we have chatted for 2 hours then I fall asleep, maybe she too…very next morning she pinged me said hey there!! I said hello Sikha how are you she said I am good and its very hot day, she said I mean the temperature since it was a day of peak summer May 2013, and asked me why don’t you come over here for lunch we will have nice chat again last night it was awesome I never had such a long conversation with anyone, then I said its relativity time becomes nothing when you are in tune with someone she laughed ohhh your scientific explanations its enthralling by the way, she again insisted me to come I said on second floor Ashish’s parents lives who I give tuition if they find me over your flat they would think in a wrong way irrespective of our intentions since you are alone, she replied Awwww you are quite sensible you look all the perspective around and you did not want to ruin up my respect you are so much caring I wish my husband could learn things from you with a blushy emoticons.

Here comes the big things for me as she was a big fan of Ranbir Kapoor at that time in May 2013 Yeh Jawani hai Deewani was released, at 2 PM I gotta call from her that she desperately want to watch this movie and asked me if I don’t mind to accompany her I said its ok she said I have already booked two tickets at DT Saket from bookmy show the day was Sunday, then I asked were you sure about me that I won’t say no to you, she said yes of course, I asked how did you speculate she said we are good friends now, I can expect little things from my friend hahaha, she said I’ll pick you up at 5 pm movie timing was 6.15 PM I have asked what about your daughter she said tonight she will be living with my cousin they did not have any children they love her so much my cousin is like second mom for her she is quite familiar with her there will be no problem for her she can live a day without me,

My young pervert mind was saying today something can happen since she been lonely for 3 months did not have any sex deprived of love so many bad things were coming up, something might happen like this, at the same time my gentle mind was saying that maybe her intentions were clean she would only want to spend a nice evening with me where we can chat and laugh and watch her favorite actor’s movie so I shut down my pervert mind, at 5 pm I gotta call she said I’ll be reaching at your society gate within 15 minutes please be there, I came out of my house she picked me at 5.15 and she drove her i10 to the select city walk we reached over there at 5.45 PM then we had taken our hard ticket from counter by the time it was 6 PM we have entered the theater she already had chosen last row for us the movie started, at the beginning she was laughing a lot screaming a lot by seeing glimpses of Ranbir’s same I was doing seeing Deepika, we both were exhaling and inhaling so fast our heart beats were too high, our adrenaline was in higher state and then movie ended at around 9 PM after that we headed for dinner she asked do you drink

I said yes occasionally she said it’s very hot day of May lets have 1 chilled beer then we entered C Zar at select city there we had two bottles of full miller then we went to KFC while eating she was asking me what you have learnt from this movie? I said enjoy your life, she said no what had happened to Ranbir kapoor he had a lavish life style sleeping with so many girls in abroad besides this there was a void in him that compelled him to come back in India because he was not in tune with anyone in abroad, she said see I am using your words then I said ok now I can understand that to enhance your being pleasantness you need to have someone to resonate it else you will always feel emptiness in you, it doesn’t matter how rich and how poor you are right?

she said ohh my god yes you are right we were laughing discussing I can’t tell you how amazing it was with her now clock moved little fast it was around 10.30 PM though we were little drunk she drove back to her home we reached at 11 PM i said my society gate would have been closed already and I am already little drunk she insisted me to come over to her flat and everybody would have gone to sleep so staircase will be free I agreed we entered her flat, by the way I forgot to tell you that day she was looking very hot wore sleeveless kurta and Jeans wow her protruding figure was invoking my bones sharply visible cleavage my adrenaline was already high and I was little drunk its making things romantic, we have finally entered her flat she quickly turned on both the AC at 22 degree one in her bed room another in guest room for me, it started chilling out I was little sad that nothing can happen since she already gave me the guest room to me, she asked me the day was quite hot why don’t you get freshen up she said take a shower and take my husband’s capris

I went to the bathroom took a shower then I came out with my broad chest and broad shoulder masculine gym going body she was looking at me without blinking seems like she would grab me anytime then I went to my room after 10 minutes she came to my room asked if you are feeling hungry I can cook something for you I said nope I have already satiated, I said sit here let’s talk she said I was thinking too then I started talking about my college days she was talking about her marriage college days, meanwhile I noticed she was continuously looking at my bare chest then she leaned herself to the wall, ohh my god such a beauty with sleeveless night T shirt her cleavage was clearly visible I was hard enough my evil thoughts were started prevailing over my gentle thoughts, but I was not in mood to move forward because I was drunk she was little drunk too and I don’t want to do it in unconscious way because I loved the way she was, ifI’d do it in unconscious way she might feel guilty and offended and I don’t want to let that happen being a gentle man, then she flattened herself onto the bed lying beside me it was dark only AC swing sound were coming out and we were talking to each other, she said you are very nice I have never enjoyed in such an extent with any other man neither with my husband, she said I feel very comfortable with you something in you enacts me to be around you,

I could have kissed her at that time probably she would not mind but there was one thing continuously telling me what if I am wrong if she doesn’t feel me in such a way, after 1 hour of chatting we both fall asleep on same bed time might be 1 AM in night, I think after two three hours’ time would be at 4 am in the morning I felt something running on my bare chest then I was in conscious mode slowly i opened up my eyes I saw Sikha placed her left hand on my bare chest and slowly turned towards me caressing it I was getting some kind of ticklish feeling then it started turning into pleasure I was getting goose bumps on my body my penis become so hard I thought this is the right she is also in conscious mode so let happen, then I turned towards her she suddenly stop moving her hands and I slowly placed my hand on her left hand started caressing above her elbow then she realized that now I am awake she then started caressing my back since I already turned towards her , slowly I moved in such a way my mouth get placed between her neck and cleavage she was already turned towards me, we were facing each other I was feeling her hot breath and mine was too hot her face was on my forehead then I felt she kept her lips on my forehead then I slowly put my lips on her neck started kissing after two or three kiss she became furious and hugged me tightly I was too hugged her in my arms she was caressing my biceps I was feeling her boobs on my bare chest slowly I put my hands in her back inside T shirt my surprise she did not wear any bra it was very smooth I was like in heaven I forgot what should I do whether I should kiss her, smooch her, press her boobs because this was the first time for me and I was trying to remove her T shirt she voluntarily helped me to remove her T shirt wow then I touched her boobs ohhh my god what a feeling it was soft like hell I was pressing it so gently so it won’t hurt her she said you can press little harder then i started pressing little harder,

I already have seen in porn movies I took her left nipple in mouth and started sucking it she held me very tightly and kissing on my forehead, cheeks very violently then I flattened her and leaned over her right boob sucking one by one she was making whispering sounds aahah ah ah ah and her right hand was caressing my dick over my Capri’s when she touched it I was shivered like hell she was caressing and fondling it very nicely, it seemed she was deprived of sex quite long, then she suddenly came over me and flattened herself onto my bare chest her boobs touching my bare chest I was caressing her back then she placed her lips on my lower lips oh my god it was like hell of pleasure then I started reciprocating her we were smooching like hell meanwhile I placed my hand inside her leggings it slipped in her panty I was feeling her ass with my hands there were no hairs on her body I thought she already would have done the waxing, it was smooth then I made her flat and came over her kissing on her lips shifted towards the neck belly then I removed her leggings now she was in panty

I was kissing over her panty she held my head so tight between her thigh and pussy I could feel the libido flowing out of her vagina then she removed her panty ohh god it’s like am witnessing the creation of life when I touched it with my hand it was too hot too delicate I just rubbed a little she was panting like hell then I placed my tongue and started sucking it very gently and increased my pace she held both my biceps tightly when I entered my tongue little further she moaned aha aha she was having it after 3 to-4 months after five minutes of sucking I felt something was oozing out of her beautiful pussy maybe she cum, by the time my tool was oozing out pre cum it was waiting to be released then she flattened me and came over me removed my capris then my boxer when she touched my penis with her delicate hands I was like in heaven some angel is blowing me out she did two three stroke and after that she placed her mouth and started sucking it , after 30 second I said I am going to cum please stop she did not stop and I cum on her face since this was my first time so it happened really quick then she turned on the light to wipe out the cum oh my god as I told you she was like Sonakshi Sinha nice boobs right amount of flesh on right places, she cleaned her mouth I too cleaned my mouth again we were back to the bed light was kept on she came closer and started stroking my penis and I too started fingering her after 2 minutes she spread her legs and pulling we towards her

I was shivering as this was my first time the real action that would happen now, I asked her I haven’t had the precaution she said don’t worry i am already on 6 months pills and she pulled me closer I was on top of her my dick was little tick and it was only 6 inches so due to the thickness it was not going well however she applied little saliva on it and whispered in my ear enter me slowly when top of my dick went inside I felt some hotness on my dickhead then I press little further it was feeling more hotness then she pulled me very softly and I completely entered her wow I can’t describe the feeling I was getting, started to and fro motion in rhythm she was pulling me harder pinching my back with her nails and smooching me very hardly and then we both cum after 5 minutes, we kept ourselves in each other’s arms for a while,

I noticed that she her eyes were filled with tears flowing out I said what happened did I hurt you she said no you can’t hurt anyone I never had such an amazing time with any men before neither with my husband, he even did not kiss on my body parts he always think to finish his things as soon as possible he doesn’t bother about my feeling whether I am happy or not, whether I liked it or not. At that time I was wiping out her tears with my lips, I felt like she is mine we hugged so tightly.

I realized love is not sex, it’s a part of love, love is a higher dimension of life it comes with care, it’s the tuning of two beings which brings resonance in every aspect of life

I hope you liked my true story please mail me your thoughts — [email protected]

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