Lonely Pune housewife banged by stranger like slave

Hi friends, this is my first story and it is a real incident. I am a new guy in Lucknow, staying in a PG. I was very active in some of the online apps and recently got a message from a 36 years old married lady, named Pooja in Lucknow. Her husband was a businessman who used to visit different cities for purchase and sale. Pooja loved her husband a lot but was very fascinated to try new things with other people.

It took me almost 2 months to convince her to meet me and go out on a date. So, we went to a good pub in Lucknow. We ordered some food and red wine to celebrate our first date.

Pooja was a short and a slightly plump girl. She must be of 40-34-38 with height of 5 ft 1 in. She had long hair, which was tied properly. She was wearing a nice perfume, which was attracting me toward her.

After an hour and a few drinks, the married Pune girl told me about the loneliness in her life. Her husband fulfilled all her wishes but he didn’t have time for her. Mostly Pooja has to do all the household stuff. She felt alone as she had no one to talk to. She loved him and did not want to lose his trust. Also, she wanted more sex in her life, which was only once or twice in the month (with her husband).

The married Pune girl was so emotional that night that she booked an Uber and invited me to her apartment. She lived in a very nice neighborhood.

I was a little scared and was going to a complete stranger’s house but somehow I felt like taking my chances. We entered her apartment at 12 am, she asked me to sit on the sofa and brought me water to drink.

I started the conversation:-

Sambhav: Baby, you are a very beautiful woman. And for me, trust is very important. Do you trust me?

Pooja: I do, but why are you asking me this?

I sat near her, held her hands and lifter her from the sofa and moved toward her room inside.

Now I want you to slowly take all my clothes off and I will take yours,” I said to her in a dominant tone. She was totally trusting me and did as per my instructions. She took off my t-shirt slowly and I took off her one-piece dress. She was in a panty and bra and looked so sexy.

Pooja had white complexion and a very good body shape. I lifted her in my arms and gently threw her on the bed. I slowly took out her panty and threw it aside and untucked her bra. The married Pune girl was completely nude. She had hairy pussy and huge boobs.

“Now, Pooja, you are going to be fucked by a real man. For tonight, you are my property. You will do as I please.”

She gently shook her head in agreement. I grabbed her hair, took her to the floor and I sat on the bed

“You are my bitch now. Get on your knees, open your mouth and come to daddy.”

Without any hesitation, the horny Pune housewife crawled toward my dick and wrapped my cock with her lips. My cock was inside her mouth and her left hand was playing with my balls and right hand with my ass. I held her head and pushed my cock deep in her mouth. She gagged at first and later, liked it.

I again pushed my cock deep inside her mouth and held it there while roughly slapping her face. Her saliva was all over my dick which she licked again. Her face turned red and her eyes were wet. After a few minutes, I turned around and placed my ass hole in the Pune housewife’s mouth.

“Bitch, eat my ass and make sure you use your tongue.”

She was now treated like a whore and her energy told me she was liking every moment of it. She used her tongue like a cock, and was moving it in and out of my ass. She liked it for some time and then I lifted her and threw her on the bed.

Pooja was lying on her back and I was torturing her nipples with my hands. I slapped hard on each of her big melons and they were shaking. Pooja was in pain and pleasure together and was sweating.

Now I moved to her hairy pussy and placed my tongue on her clit. She shook with a loud, “Umhhh..” and tried closing her legs. I slapped hard on her clit, to tell who the boss was. I held her both legs with my hand, and my head was placed at her pussy, playing with her clit with my tongue.

After a few seconds, she started moaning hard and her pussy was really wet. I placed my lips on her pussy lips and licked her hairy hole very hard. I was sucking it for nearly 10 minutes which made her cum in my mouth. I slapped on the the married Pune girl’s pussy, making it red as a punishment to cum without asking me. She was crying in pleasure and was now begging me to fuck her.

Her face was red with my slaps. Her big breasts were red too along with her pussy. Her hands were folded and she was begging me to fuck her. It was the best night I had ever imagined. So, without wasting time, I slipped my cock into the sex-starved Pune housewife’s wet pussy and pounded her like I have never pounded anyone before. Pooja was responding with heavy moans and was tightly holding my back.

Pooja wrapped her legs around my waist while I was fucking and started licking my nipples. Her wet pussy and my balls were making loud sound in the room and she had closed her eyes and was enjoying every moment.

I fucked her for long and when I was just about to cum, I positioned my cock in her mouth. She sucked it while my balls were bouncing on her chin. Soon, I came in her mouth and she licked my cock clean.

“Sexy bitch, you are a great sucker! Now, get your ass in the shower and clean yourself.”

But as she got up, I slapped her face and ass several times. As humiliating it was, but she liked and enjoyed being dominated by me. I ordered her to go to bathroom and lay in the tub. As she did, I stood over her and pissed on her body.

“Bitch, open your mouth and drink my piss.”

She opened her mouth like a slave and I emptied myself in her mouth. Then I opened the shower and asked her to clean and come outside.

When she came outside, I kissed on her lips and held her tightly. She was shivering from everything. We both held together and slept naked together at 3 am.

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