Losing Virginity To My Cousin

I m Arjun from Hyderabad I was having a cousin her name was Anu she was the daughter of my Aunty. in February 2009 when I was in 12th and she was in b-tech 1st year her mother and father were in Kuwait. one day I was at home and suddenly Anu and her mom came at my home and told my mother that they wanted Anu to live with our family.

I was very happy at that time because I just wanted this chance as to describe anu, she was a very fair color and her boobs were just brilliant after 2-3 days, it was a Sunday then we were having dinner just after the dinner mummy told me to bring paan for everyone. I went and brought 4 paans. I served it to anu she said thank you anu and I went to the hall to watch some TV she opened her paan and ate it at that moment my mind was going here and there to see the red juice in her mouth.

While watching TV she was playing with the remote and suddenly the remote fell down without thinking she just bent forward and all I could see were 38 size boobs with a pink bra and I was watching it with full attention she stood up feeling ashamed and went to her room the whole night I thought of her boobs and masturbated the next morning was a Monday. I went for college and returned at 2 pm.

I came home and knocked at the door. I was surprised to see anu opening the door she was wearing a black and red kameez and shalwar. I went inside and had a bath’s I came out and asked anu were is mom and dad she said is a silent speech with a broad smile they have went to a wedding ceremony and said that they would return till 7 pm. I saw at the clock it was 2-15 now.

I went in her room and sat chatting beside her and I have made a very brilliant plan to fuck her today we talked about our college, friends, past she got very frank with me just then I took out my mobile and assumed that I have a call. I got out of my home and went running to the other areas medical shop. I bought a 303 capsule and 2 packets of condom the tablet helps in increasing your sexual feelings within 15 to 20 minutes of consumption.

I went home and started chatting with her then I asked her would she like some coke she said yes my plan was working’s went in the kitchen and took out a tablet crushed it and mixed it in both of ours drink when I turned she too entered the kitchen. I gave her the drink we went to the room then I started talking about gf and bf she told that she didn’t had any bf I the past.

I merely asked her u a virgin and she replied with a gentle yes she got the taste of tablet before me she came beside me and asked me r u a virgin and I too replied positively she put her hand on my thighs and asked me how long will you be a virgin I replied until I get someone to….I stopped here she continued too….fuck I said yes she said want to lose your virginity now. I said now..

She said I can fulfill your needs I said why not I went closer to her locked her lips into mine and starting slowly kissed her and after wards passionately. We both stood up. I was putting my hand on her boobs she just got my hands off her boobs and started to kiss more vigorously it was one thing that I wanted then I stopped kissing and holding her in my arms took her to my room because my bed was more cozy than hers.

If threw her on the bed then starting from her toes kissed her till her forehead then my chest laying on her soft boobs I kissed her and my one hand was moving on her thighs. I stopped kissing and then hold her soft boobs it were soft like a cotton bundle. I pressed it from out of her dress. I went down to her knees hold her dress end and slowly moving upwards got her dress out she was wearing a red bra which was seducing me more.

I put my hands on her back and then undo her bra she herself took out the bra and I was amazed to see so big boobs in my hands. I was pressing it harder and harder and she was getting more wet. I went to her belly and started kissing in the center of her stomach she was moaning slightly. I saw the clock it was 3-20 till now then mi opened her salwars thread she was a bit ashamed caught hold of her thighs with both of my hands.And started sucking with my mouth upside of her genitals. I took out her salwar she was wearing a black panty. I took out the panty too and saw her clean and clear pussy then I kissed her thoroughly on her naked body just then she caught hold my pants and took her hand to my dick it was rock hard till now by seeing in my eyes she smiled.

I got up she also stood up she took out my shirt and was amazed to see my body she then kissed me all over my chest she knelt down and took my pants off and my 6.5 dick was waiting to come out of the underwear she got my underwear down and was shocked to see my penis and said ye to bohot bada hai and I replied bade mein hi maza hai she smiled and holding it in her hands she was moving it to and from

I was getting a very cold feeling. I told her that if she wants to she can take it in her mouth she replied with no and I said ok. I took her to the bed and slowly put my two fingers in her pussy it was somewhat sticky to each side. I went inside and could feel her hymen than I was assured that she was a virgin’s I took out the condoms from my pants pocket she saw and said smart she help me wore the condom.

I got on her top drafted her legs. I could see her little pussy clearly. I started to push my dick in slowly she was moaning with pain as I entered my dick 2.5 inches in I could feel the hymen on my dick she screamed loudly when I pushed it in she told me that she doesn’t wants to continue. I was very sad and said ok we slept on my bed with naked bodies and my dick too hard she

Also was not satisfied just then she got up and my dick was still too hard she sat on my thighs and bending forward put my dick in her vagina slowly just when I reached her hymen she shouted loudly but continued to move up and down she was crying with pain just after 2-5 minutes of moving up and down her hymen broke and it was bleeding I took her down and started fucking her more hardly she was shouting leave me leave me I cum inside the condom.

I cum twice but she was not satisfied at all after 15 minutes she too cum then we were on the bed sleeping on naked bodies it was 4-10pm.i took her to the bathroom and we two bathed together. I came out she cleaned her pussy entirely. I changed the bed sheet she came out at 4-25. I increased the level of ac and we were both naked sleeping together with clean bodies we both slept and woke up at 6-25 mom and dad came at 7-15pm.

Mom asked how was your time together she smiled looking at me and said very nice that night I went to her room to sleep with her we did sex till 1 and a half months her parents came and she used to come to my house twice or thrice in a month and we would enjoy sex now she is married and having a son. I couldn’t forget how I lost my virginity. if any girl or aunty from Hyderabad r tirupathi want to have fun they can send me email on [email protected].

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