Lost My Virginity To Bigboobed Girl

Hello, everyone myself Abhi from Andhra Pradesh. Currently living in Vijayawada working in an MNC. This is my first story on ISS. Please send me your feedback to [email protected].

Coming to the incident, this happened when I was in 12th class and back then I use to watch porn and use to read Indian Sex stories and know everything about sex but didn’t get any chance to loose my virginity.

In our school, they announced that there will be a national level science fair which they are going to conduct in school. So, they asked us to make give names and prepare the project. The day before the fair everyone was given a place to exhibit their project and we stayed back late in school to make all the arrangements for the project to be displayed tomorrow.

In our room, there is no one only me and my friend are working and he said he is feeling sleepy and he will leave. He left I was working and suddenly my science teacher and my junior girl came inside the room with there project. The girl who came inside along with teacher is the heroine of the story. Let me tell you about her.

She is the only one in junior girls who has biggest boobs in our school. I don’t know the sizes then. I can tell you one thing her boobs use to pop out of her uniform. She has a sexy ass and horny looks. Everyone in the school who know little about sex used to masturbate thinking about her.

Coming to the scene they are seriously working. I mean my teacher is seriously workings and she was constantly staring at me and I was doing the same thing staring at boobs. She saw me and looked down at her boobs. And given me a sexy smile then I decide tonight gonna be the day I am gonna loose my virginity.

Suddenly teacher got a call and she saw me then I acted like I was working seriously. Forgot to tell you I was the favourite student of her. So she called me and said “okay, listen I need to go immediately my husband is waiting down. Anyways your project is almost finished please help for Mounika project” I said, ok mam.

She let I sat on the table and working on her project she is helping me by handing over the things I need. Every time she is giving something our both hand are touching. Till now we have not spoken any word. So I decided to break the ice.

A: had your dinner.M: ya, long way back.A: so how was everything, are they going well.M: yes.A: so what else.M: can I ask you something.A: yes, of course, you can.M: where are you looking at.

A: the project.M: not now before this.A: i took courage and told your mountains.M: mountains…!A: yes, they are huge.M: do you like them.A: I don’t like themM: then?A: I love them…M: she laughed.Then there was silence again I brook the ice.

A: can I ask you something.M: yesA: can I touch your mountainsM: now, no what if someone sees.A: if no one sees there is no problem for you?M: she was looking down and smiling.

I got a green signal. I took her to the corner of the room where they installed hydroelectric power plant project which is big. I said no one will see us if we hide behind this.

I took her behind that and stuck her to the wall. She closed her eyes. I went near her and kept my lips on her lips and started to kiss. She is not opening her mouth. I placed my hands around her waist And pulled her into me her boobs crushed to me. They are so soft like a sponge and her nipples are hard I can feel them over the dress. Now she opened the mouth we started to kiss like anything and I was pressing the boobs over her dress like anything. I broke the kiss she is Moaning haaaaaaa

I moved to neck and I was biting her ears she was holding my head and pulling inside her neck. I kept one hand inside her dress and first time I was touching a nude boob which is very hot soft and smooth. Now my both hand are inside her dress and we again start to kiss. Now I lifted her dress till her neck there are the mountains standing nude in front of me. Then I thought to suck her. Before that she pulled my head to her boobs I thought she was very horny. I was sucking the left boob and pressing the right one. Meanwhile, i slid my left and in her lower and pressing and feeling her ass.

They are soft and smooth like her boobs.Now I shifted to right boob and took my hand in the ass and pressing the left boobs. Throughout all this, she is Moaning slowly in my ear haaa haaaa moreeeee. Now I slid my right hand inside her panty. She didn’t have even a single hair there and more inside. There I found the hole to heaven. It was wet and sticky. I started to rub then she suddenly held my cock which is fully erect and ready to tear my pants. She lowered my zip and underwear and took my cock outside. And surprised. She said, ” enti ra entha undhi” ( what this is very big).

She started to stroke my cock then I lower her pant and panty and widened her legs and rubbing her pussy like anything she was unable to stand and jumping here and there and Morning louder. There is some place so I lied her down and inserted one finger inside her then she arched her back then I was stroking her fast and inserted the second finger now her pussy wall are getting tight. I know she is going to cum. She shot her first orgasm. She is crying to put my cock inside. But I didn’t have a condom I told her she said keep no problem. Then I rubbed my cock on her very wet pussy then she was like shhhhhshhhhh then I tried to insert it was tight. I tried again it is not going.

Then I used my whole body weight and tried to insert this time it went half she shouted aaaaaaa then I got terrified that we will be caught. I stayed like that for 1 min and started kissing her and slowly taken back and with full force and pushed it again it went inside completely and my cock was paining like her pussy. She is crying. I was kiss and stayed like 5 mins and started to stroke slowly and increased my speed and now she got into the mood and she was jumping and moving her hip I match my stroke.

She again came and she was pulling her hair and pulled me and kissed very wildly. She said she can’t take anymore. Then I was at the edge of climax I took my cock out and placed between those mountains and asked her to open the mouth. She did when I was stroking from the deep valleys of her mountains it is going into her mouth. I was feeling like heaven. I shot all the cum on her face and boobs. She said this is best memory and feelings of my life. I said for me too darling.

We stood and got dressed and left the project as it is and left that day. For the next three days of fair, I used to press her boobs whenever I got the chance. We even fucked at her home that I will share in another story.

Hope you liked it and please do share your feedback. Like everyone, any girls and aunties from in and around Vijayawada bhimavaram want to have some fun and no strings attached type relationship. Don’t hesitate or feel shy please contact me at [email protected]


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