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I am teacher and working in a reputed school.. I had an superb experience of sex encounter with a young sexy virgin girl from my neighbor city.. As I am kannadiga I would like to tell something in my own mother tongue and other things in English..

K come to the story Naan teacheragi kelsa madthidene nanna friend ravi cyber center nadisthiddane Naan free iddaga avna centerge hogi time pass madthidde.allige bahala Jana young girls and boys come for applying for different recruitments. some times he took their details photos phone number s as the server busy they all write it in paper their details gave photos for upload and gave phone number for confirmation.. One day I went there to pass time I looked some papers which contains the details of applicants and I impressed by seeing one among them coz of good hand writing and that one is shruthi’s.so I searched for her photos in the cover which he collected for upload I saw her name on the back side of photo and silently I saved her number in my mobile and came out.. In the evening I sent message to her the conversation went like this

Me :hi how are you le?

She :excuse me may I know who is this?

Me :hi maga krish.. aren’t you ravi?

She :no I think you sent to a wrong number

Me :sorry ? but I don’t know how I have your number in my phone.. May I know who are you?

She :I am shruthi (name changed) pursuing civil engineering in bangalore

Me :actually where r u from?

She :Chitradurga.. May I know about you?

Me :I am krishna, davangere and working in a school actually I am also from Chitradurga..

She :nice wr r u now?

Me :in room

She :let’s be friends

Like this we became friends and talk generally almost all the things except adult matters..

She told me that she is in durga and will be here for one more week as she is in vacation

So I asked her meet me in the weekend as I planned to go to my cyber center friend sister marriage

She readily agreed to meet me

On next Saturday I reached my friends house and texted her and invited for reception.she accepted to meet at the reception so she came with a gorgeous white dress with lots of makeup I recognized her coz I saw in photo.. I went directly to her and talk.. offered her for dinner outside she hesitantly agreed. We had nice dinner at restaurant and asked her to be with me tonight she rejected my appeal and she hurriedly got up ready to go home..

I requested her give company for some more time she sat back to the seat after some time we moved out I took her in my bike and going to her home but while going she hugged me tightly and her soft boobs pressed on my back wow I was enjoying alot.. She bite my ear and all of sudden nanna tunne kabbinad rod aithu and turned my bike towards the hotel which my friend has made for guests of the marriage.. She didn’t tell anything and I took key at the reception and went to room and locked immediately after get inside.. She felt shy to see me I went and stand near her and hugged tightly she hesitantly resisting after few mins she hugged and buried her in my chest suddenly I start carecassing her buttocks..electric current pass suddenly in our bodies and she kissed my lips ? we kissed and smooched for 20 mins..

I start removing her dress ? and removed my shirt and pant.. I lifted her to the bed lying side by side silently our eyes met and saw lust in her eyes we didn’t utter a single word.. I started rolling towards her loosen her hairs by removing clip.. Dear friends lying with a girl with open hair is so exciting, build your lust and become wild to drill her.. Once again we started smooching and her nipple become hard and pointing like a bullet her boobs very firm and soft like a cotton soaked in the butter (benne antha molecule)..I started squeezing right one and busy with sucking her left nipple..

Actually I didn’t know the size may be 32 but very firm and sexy. She was moaning softly and pressed my head towards her breasts really its awesome.. My temperature is so high and breathing heavily and warm expired air entered in her ears and she got goose bumps and she became wild… She smooched and sucked my tongue tongue battle took place for nearly half an hour and bit my ears she sucked my blunt nipple and came down and held my tool..

Friends really it was rock hard grown like pole I am not lying mine is 7 inch length and 3 inch girth.. She started with that amazed to see the veins and rockiness of my dick she was looking with broad eyes and swallowing her own saliva.. She started licking from the balls to the tip.. Friends, really felt good to have such an experience of sucking your cock by a beautiful young virgin girl.. She started pushing my dick in her small mouth I felt heaven and ate my tunni like a crispy KFC chicken piece and I held her loose hairs and fucked wildly she gulping oral juice drooling out from the corner of the mouth she forgot whole world and busy in sucking my Lund she exhausted and became breathless by my oral fuck..

After sometime she again licking and sucking and I could control any more I spurt all my load like a firing creamy chunks with a white juice and her mouth ? not enough to keep my whole cum she drunk something and spit something on her boobs and looking satisfied but still didn’t calm down and feeling hungry to my dick in her cunt I drunk water to wet my mouthbecause it was opened for a long time to see her acts curiously. we lie down for some time after that I made to lie on her back and removed her wet lacy panty and saw the lovely pink hole surrounded by bush.. I started licking her sexy deep navel and my tongue travelled down towards the capital all along the clean curvy blackforest route and reached a well and saw a white butter like putting benne on benne dose at the entrance of love hole..

I took it into my mouth by the tip of my tongue friends that butter is nothing but her cum and solid juice.. I started licking the inner walls of her vertical lips ? she held my head buried into her hole.. Really I was enjoying by her act and loud moans.. I put directly my tongue into her small key hole started to fuck by making my tongue folded made it like a strong tool and fucked till she cum.. Let me continue in next part how we both lost our virginity for two days based on your response and feedback.. Dear girls and aunties I can fuck you hours together and I am confident you will be surprised with my fuck and fun..if you want to experience it let’s contact me at [email protected]

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