Lost Virginity To My Aunt Deepthi

Hii guys this is Akhil from Hyderabad. I am a regular reader of Indian sex stories.The story is about how I fucked and lost my virginity to my neighbour and my aunt deepthi.


Coming to the heroine of the story her name is deepthi she is so hot that every one would love to fuck her at the first site itself…Her assets are 34-26-36 any one would die for them.


All this happened was a month back I am studying my b.Tech in Tamil Nadu I went to a home for Holi holidays then I met my lady who is new to our apartments she is our neighbours ..She lived with her husband and he works in it firm.Forgot to say that she is 26 years of age.As our ages are 6years apart we were like good friend she used to come to our home for talking to my mom and other stuff I used to enjoy by seeing her body and her ass.Its an eye fest for any men to see her.


I used to talk to her whenever she comes to our home she became very close in no time.


It all started one day when she asked me to come for shopping.We went to a near by mall she asked me whether I need to buy any thing I said no I don’t .


She took me to jockey show room I was stunned why were we here…She asked the shop keeper for inner wear I was shocked she asked to show inner wear in front of me she then took the trail and bought some innerwear.


On that day I was unable to sleep I that day I masturbated thinking of her and her assets…From that day I had an eye on her..The next 5 days it went normally and then one day she came to my home and said that her hubby is going for us for a month on office work.I was totally excited that finally, I got a chance to make a plan to fuck her like anything.


The next day I went to drop him to the airport and came home happily thinking how to fuck deepthi…Then I opened the door their she is talking to my mother about taking me out for some shopping as her hubby is out of the station.By hearing this I was excited we went to the super market to buy some house holds and while returning to a home I applied breaks repeatedly she observed that and said don’t go fast, ride slowly.We have  time …


After that, I went home and masturbated 2times thinking of that ride.


That night she came to our house and asked my mother to let sleep in her home as she is alone by hearing this I jumped like anything ..My mother called me and asked whether I will go or not …I said I will


By hearing this deepthi smiled at me at that time I didn’t understand what as that…I had my dinner and went to her place.I knocked her door she opened the door she is in her ni8 wear..She asked me whether I had my dinner or not I said no then she said ok we will have dinner at my place I will be back in 15 min and deepthi went to have a bath….


She closed her bedroom door and went inside to have a bath as she went inside I followed her and peeped through the bathroom door…My god, I was stunned to see her nude what a sight, I had an instant hard on…Her boobs were as white as milk and perfect size that anyone would die for…She applied soap on her body and the foam mixed with her body tone she is the gorgeous man she dropped the soap she bend to take it facing the huge ass to the door..Wow!!!What an ass I can’t control myself I masturbated there itself by seeing it…I finished and sat in the living room before she finished.


We wear a red saree with low cut blouse.She is damn too hot that I can’t control myself she asked for dinner we both sat in front of one another on the dinning table she is bending forward to serve me the food and the pallu of her saree felt down and what a sight their was a clear view of her cleavage she is wearing a red bra..


She had seen me that I am seeing her cleavage and smiled at me and it was a green signal for me to proceed…We finished the dinner and went to living room to watch a mv I asked her which movie can we watch she said any eng movie I said ok and played an English movie


Their was a French kiss on the screen she is sitting beside me I touched her hand she responded to that she took my hand and our eyes came closer and we kissed for 15min we exchanged salivas…We were in high she said take me to the bed room …She was lying on the bed I slowly removed her saree and blouse.She was lying on her red colour panty and bra…She is looking soo hot she was abusing Akhil fuck me I am yours fuck me like anything…I went to the bottom and removed her panty her pussy lips are pink in colour and cleanly shaved.I started licking her pussy and eating it she is moaning very hard please don’t tease me fuck me raa fuck mee….


Then I removed her bra the two white mangoes poped out of it…I squeezed them very hard until they became red and sucked them they were very soft like cotton balls.


I went to the kitchen and brought some honey and poured it on her body. I started to lick it all over the body and mainly at the pussy what a taste it is it could never match anything…She said she likes foreplay by her wish we did foreplay for 30 min..I like to play with every inch of her body and I did the same thing I brought some ice cream and applied on her boobs and licked the whole ice cream with wasting a single drop and then applied it on the pussy she was shivering for the ice and licked her…Deepthi got her orgasm and the taste was too good as ice is also mixed…She was pleading me to stop the games and fuck her….


I asked her to give me a blowjob then I will fuck her she obeyed me and took my dick into her mouth…Forgot to say that I had a 6inch dick…The whole dick went into her mouth she gave a blowjob that I could not forget in my life time.Now it’s time to fuck… She was riding on me it was an awesome feeling to have sex with a matured lady … I slowly inserted my dick into her pussy she was screaming in pain as her pussy was tight…I started slowly and increased my speed she was enjoying it and moaning ahh!!! Fuck mee…Fuck mee…Ahh ahhh ahhh common you mother fucker tear my pussy it was all yours and scolding me in dirty words…I said I was about to come she said to come in her pussy I released my whole cum in her pussy we lied on the bed and slept for some time.


And again we started she started to lick my dick and I said I will ride now.She was lying and I came top of her..I was fucking her and squeezing her boobs she was moaning very loudly that others can hear so that I lip locked her to shut her…


We continued this for 3days after that I came to my college…

It will be an awesome experience to have sex with a matured lady because she teaches you everything and she dominates you….Try this guys you will love it….


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