Lost Virginity To My Best Friend

I would first like to start by introducing myself. My name is Nimisha, I’m 20 years of age and I’m a second year engineering student in Delhi. This incident took place last summers between me and my best childhood friend, Saurabh (name changed). Saurabh and me studied in the same school in Delhi and both of were in hostel. We were very good friends. We shared almost everything about each others lives and still never had any feeling for each other. We only shared pure deep friendship. I discussed all my boyfriend problems with him and he shared his girlfriend problems with me and both of us looked upon each other for advice. Other friends often teased us and linked us with each other but that never came between our friendship but he was really possessive about me. He never liked any other boy flirting with me. It once happened that my ex boyfriend cheated on me with some other girl and I was really upset over it so I called Saurabh to seek advice and feel better.

We planned to meet in our school canteen so we could talk. That was the first day when he hugged me and kissed my forehead and consoled me like a true friend and since that day I started having soft feelings for him. I knew that even he had feeling for me but none of us confessed. So the main incident took place last summers when we had a reunion party at one of our common friend’s place where I saw him after a year after leaving school. He was looking very cute that day dressed up in formal clothes.

Both of kept exchanging glances and smiles with each other when he finally came to me for a chat. We both started talking how we used to in school and really gelled well together. He seemed to flirting too much with me and I was enjoying that. After that we grabbed ourselves some drinks and danced together. There was nice romantic number playing and he held my waist and started dancing. I was starting to get drunk as I had drank too much Vodka. We were now doing a real close dance our bodies almost touching each others. Though he is a really shy guy and him doing all this was a little shock to me, but still I was enjoying every bit of it. After 20 minutes of dancing and drinking I was so high that i was almost going to fall.

Then Saurabh picked me up in his arms and carried me to one of the rooms in that house to make me sleep as I was so drunk. he removed my heels and made me lie on the bed , put a sheet on me and turned to leave. I don’t know what happened to me I got up from the bed held his hand and asked him if he loves me and he replied no. Than he said go to sleep you are drunk. I just leaned forward and kissed him on his lips. At first he was startled but soon even he started to respond to my kiss and bit my lips. Then he broke the kiss and said that he loves me a lot but never had a courage to tell me. That was the happiest time for me. After which kissed passionately, rolling our bodies on the bed, touching and feeling each others bodies.

He started moving one of his hand on my thighs under my dress which really made me excited and even I moved my hand inside his shirt and started caressing his back. He untied my hair, licked my neck, back, lips and then whispered in my ears ” You smell really good, do you mind me removing your dress?” to which I smiled and he got his answer. He unzipped my dress with his mouth and removed it and he also removed his shirt. Now I was in black net bra and panty in front of my best friend. I felt shy in the beginning and tried to hide my bare body with my hand but he moved my hands and pinned them to bed tightly and started rubbing his body against me. I was totally enjoying it. He touched my boobs and kissed them over my bra and them finally unhooked it. He looked at my perfect 32 size boobs and smiled. I have a perfect 32 27 35 body as I am an athlete and a swimmer. But I was extremely shy and turned all red.

He touched my nipples, squeezed them and took them in his mouth. Sucked them like a baby for few minutes. It was his first time and he seemed really obsessed with my boobs. He grabbed my ass, squeezed it and pinched it.His touch made me mad and I was moaning like a bitch. He tickled my nipples with his tongue and gave me a love bite over my cleavage. Then he moved a little lower to my naval, kissed every possible area he could and came near my vagina. He took no time in removing my net panty and parting my legs. Then he said ”I’m gonna make you a lady tonight”. I smiled and closed my eyes. As soon as he kissed my vagina lips, there was a current passing in my body. That feeling was incredible. He moved his tongue all over and licked my juices.

He tickled my clitoris and I was at the max of my orgasm. I was screaming and shivering out of pleasure and maybe more cause I was drunk. After that I rolled over and said it’s my time to see your little dick and kissed him with one of my hand in his boxer trying to pull his dick out. He was shivering in the beginning than he became alright laid on the bed and removed his boxers for me to start my play. I massaged his dick and told him that I might not be good at it as it is my first time. He said it’s ok baby and started kissing my boobs. I licked his dick like a hungry bitch and soon after that he came in my mouth. He than took out a condom from his pants and asked me to out it on for him. I couldn’t wait for him to get inside me even though I knew it was gonna hurt as I was a virgin.

He lied on top of me in a missionary position and tried to put his 7 inches long dick inside me. It pained incredibly at first and I started bleeding but he said I’m sorry baby and kissed my lips and boobs to make feel better. I was crying in pain but after a while I started to enjoy it. I started moaning and kissing him. he fucked me In several positions after that and then we slept naked, hugging each other. He would up get in the middle to kiss my lips, suck my boobs and finger my vagina. I also massaged his dick all night. He kept his face near my boobs hugging me tightly and constantly said he loves me a lot and it was his best night ever. His touch is the only touch I have fully enjoyed till now and I wish I could be with him forever.

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