Lost Virginity To Neighbor Aunty

Hi, my name is rahul, age 32 height 5’8″ dick size 5’6″Now, residing in pune, without wasting further will jump on to the incident happened in my late 20’s, I was studying degree and my age is 25.I was too horny and thirsty to get intimated with opp sex, then I have this gorgeous lady lavi ( name changed) her age is 32 at that time, full add to dictionary body with superb curves and 36d size boobs, she resides adjacent to my place, she was married at age 21 and have three children her husband fat and bigger than in age, this is point chance to get this sex goddess into my bed.


She is usually shy, won’t come out and talk, my mom has initiated the conversation with her firstly, whenever she in conk with my mom, I used stair at her assets and curves, I go mad and end up hand jobs twice and thrice sometimes in my room, time passed interaction started with me with smiles and hi, hellos, she was keen in her children’s education as her husband is illiterate, she wants me to help her children in studies mostly they used to come to my house to clear doubts, rarely I visit there place, one fine day I was in shorts without shirt she came into my bedroom asking for mom, I turned towards her and said mom went downstairs, she was smiled looking at me, I asked what happened what is the reason to smile, she said you have awesome body, I replied with thanks and told u look beautiful as well, for she said thanks and left, with that I got courage and I use t stair her assets whenever possible, one day my parent left for house warming party of my relatives, they are not going to turn up two days, lav came and asked for mom and I said they wont turn up for two days, she said what bat ur food , I said will adjust with hotel food then she said ok will prepare food and bring it for you its afternoon time I was slept thinking of her she came with food and wake me up I saw her bra strap was clearly visible, I was looking at her oozy, but controlled myself and smiled and asked me to eat, food arranged in table and left, I said thanks. She saw me with erected cock, I was unaware of that later again she came in to collect the bowls, I noticed that she haven’t worn the bra I could see the nipples, I was staring at them, she asked me do u need anything else? I said nothing aunty


Aunty: so how was the food?

Me: superb aunty, thanks

Aunty: you have a muscular body, do you go to the gym?

Me: yes, I want to keep myself fit.


Aunty: I wish the same but work, the family made me look like this.

Me: you look, awesome aunty

Aunty: really, but you never said anything before.

Me: I was hesitant.


Aunty: now

Me; I think I can compliment you.

Aunty: so how many gfs you have ?

Me: no one


Aunty: don’t lie, you look like hero with great body how come you don’t, I thought u will be dating 3 to 4 girls

Me: thats the probs aunty, girls think I will have and no of affairs and ego, so is the reason no girls in my life till date, by the way, I like matured ladies

Aunty: r u hitting on me?


Me: I will if it works

Aunty: hahaha you are smart fellow …So what are you expecting from me

Me : I think a air tight hug for the awesome food


Aunty: then….

Me: then you must tell….

Aunty: till hug ok….I will be here within 10min


As it was mid day nobody around, she came in with her body perfumed and said come here, I went to her with bare chest touching her body and hugged her tightly, she responded in same way, was on cloud nine, I asked aunty can I kiss you, she said hmm, I slowly planted kiss on cheek and ear she went mad and staring at my lips, she opened her lips touched with mine she bite my lips with force, I shouted, she stopped and said I have an eye on you from day one but assuming you would have affairs already, I kept quiet, why would you be interested in me , I stopped and again kissed her forcibly and said I was waiting for chance to seduce add to dictionary which she felt happy and started kissing on my chest nipples I was in heaven, she took out my undies and giving me blowjob ..Oh man that was thing I am looking out for….I made her stand asked her to show the melons, she slowly started unbuttoning her blouse wow what glimpse of those, I was trying to touch for which she said baby please do whatever you want to do, I barged on those like I own them sucking, pressing, pinching I did whatever I can, she was moaning like anything I moved her navel rounding with tongue, she was pressing my head into navel.


I took her in my bed room made her lay in my bed, removed her saree and petticoat, I saw first time clean shaven pussy red in colour… I went mad….I made her stretch her legs, I asked can suck that. She said it was waiting for your play.. Please dont waste time just do it and pressed my head towards her pussy and said make me feel my body is worthy for yours….I was sucking with my tongue like no tomorrow….She was crying with happiness and said …I never imagined I will have pleasure with handsome guy like you..I said you are pleasure giver darling happy to loose my virginity to you … After 10 mins of licking she got wet, I drank all those, then I inserted my dick in kept stroking in her wet clean pussy…She was yelling in pleasure and asking me to do more and more…Oh my god her pussy was so tight …That was fucking awesome ..I continued till I cum, I said I will remove my dick before cumming she said please do it inside ….I want your cum in me…I loosened my cum in her, after that I tried doggy style and she was on top we exhausted stayed nude in my bed till evening. From then till I reach pune I was in love making with her for 7 years…I love her.


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