Love Games – Part 1 (Between Friends)

Hello there friends, my name is Krishna, and my wife is Urmila. So basically, I work in an MNC and have been married for almost 3.5 years.

During our initial years of marriage, we had quite a lot of sex. But it started to decrease as my job position started to increase. Due to a lot of responsibilities my focus started shifting from pleasure, as pleasure doesn’t pay your bills.

Urmila always stood by my side as she is a good and understanding person.We used to find time for sex but we couldn’t get 100% pleasure like those initial days of marriage.   used to feel sad about it. But with no option, we used to let go of it. But only for a while.

Then, one day while in a meeting I was thinking of some ways on how I could satisfy her again. My friend interrupted me and said, “Hello, you need to concentrate.”

After the meeting, my friend took me out and asked: “What’s the problem?” I said “Nothing” Then he said “Share it with me maybe I could help you”

I spilled out saying how we both are not satisfied with our sex life. My friend Arjun started laughing and said, “It’s a common thing!! Don’t worry, try roleplays and toys.

I said, “We tried it out too.” Then he again said, “Then the only option left is Swaps and Love Games.”

“What the fuck?? Seriously”

He said, “Even though I haven’t tried it, but it’s the only solution. Like the way, you can’t wear the same dress or eat the same food for 3 years straight. We can’t have the same partner for 3 years straight but yes we can revive it by trying out a new one.”

Arjun said “I am also having the same issue and searching for something. Maybe you could help us.”

I left and gave it a thought, my naughty side gave a yes.

I met him the next day and asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Arjun said, “Here is the plan, you go and seduce my wife and I will go and seduce yours. Whoever wins, get to spend one day with other’s partner. No Disturbance!! Deal or no deal?”

I said, “Yes.”

After 3 days, I got to know that Arjun took a day off and I felt that he might be implementing his plan today. So, I quickly took a half-day off and rushed home.

As I live in an individual block, I went near the glass entrance where my living room is and gave a peek. I saw my wife, nude on her knees, giving blowjob to my friend Arjun.

It horrified me to see my wife’s actions and desperation. I couldn’t bear that he is going to win and wanted to win this at any cost. I got an idea. I recorded their saga.

Arjun took her and laid her on the sofa and started inserting his dick into her pussy. I even recorded it. A good 7-minute long video.

I drove to his house and knocked on the door. His wife Somya opened the door and I introduced myself. She said, “Arjun is in his office.” I said, “I need to speak to you.”

She let me in and offered me some water. I asked, “Can you please sit, we need to talk.” She sat and I asked, “How’s your sex life been lately?”

This surely shocked her and she said, “Excuse me?? What’s going on??”

I said slowly, “I don’t wanna freak you out, but your husband is having sex with my wife,” and showed her the video. She started crying and said, “We were good in the beginning but then we lost interest in sex. He says that he doesn’t want kids, I’m not attractive anymore.”

She was crying uncontrollably and then I said, “You’re really an attractive woman.” She said, “I don’t know why he cheated on me.” I changed the topic  and said, “If you were my wife, I would fuck you every day.”

She said, wiping the tears, “Really, you’re just joking. No one wants me now.” I said, “Most men would fight to get you.”

That sentence made her stare at me and suddenly she hugged me for giving her that support. She whispered, “I feel lonely sometimes.” Her boobs pressing against me gave me a hard-on which she felt.

She said, “I need to repay you.” Then she started touching my dick area over my pants. I felt it good but I stopped her.

She said, “Please don’t say no, I want you, I need this.” I said, “No.” She said, “Why not when your wife has done it?”

I paused, caught her hands and pulled her towards me. I laid myself on my sofa and above me was Somya. I kissed her sweet lips, we kissed like desperate people tonguing inside our mouths.

Then we swapped our places. She lay on the sofa at an angle so that I can have access to her pussy area. We again started French kissing, tonguing and searching for each other’s saliva.

I pulled up her long skirt and started rubbing her panty while we were engrossed in kissing. I kept on rubbing her panty and boobs over her t-shirt. This continued for a while, and then after some time, I removed her t-shirt and pulled down her bra and started sucking her boobs.

I was never this wild, Arjun’s idea was really working. Then she said, “Let’s go to the bedroom, sweetheart.”We entered the bedroom, there Somya laid on the bed, removed her panties and said “Hungry Captain?” I quickly went to her pussy and started licking it. She was filled with pleasure and pressed my hair in excitement this all drove me crazy.

Fingering and licking sessions continued for a while and then I lay on my back She removed my pant and held my dick and said, “It‘s even bigger then Arjun.”

I smiled and she started to blowjob it. I was on cloud nine as she was the only other woman who licked me after my wife. She kept on licking my dick and I released myself in her mouth.

Then she came near to me and kissed. While kissing, she was rubbing her pussy against my dick which got excited and rose again. Now she took charge and holding it in her hand, inserted it into her pussy. And in girl on the top position, we fucked like crazy people desperate for each other. Then we changed to doggy position and fucked so hard that the bed was making loud noises. We laughed about it.

For each thrust I gave, she started to move out of the bed. So then we changed in the direction of the bed and in the missionary position. We fucked each other till she was rubbing her clitoris due to the pain. I was pressing her boobs and after a limit, we kissed. I knew I was about to cum. I didn’t even wear a condom, so I asked her.

“Do it inside, Jaan”

I was so happy that I stroked her. She was screaming out loud and while I came inside her. We laid next to each other naked, kissing each other. After a while, I woke up and left, stating that we will meet again.

While in the car, Arjun WhatsApp me: ‘Meet me at Agent Jack.’

I drove as fast as I could. I saw him near the drinks sections and he said “How was my wife? What took you so long?”

I said, “So you know, she is an amazing woman. How was yours?”

Arjun said: “Great, in fact even though my dick size is less than yours, Urmila enjoyed it as there was something new about it.”

I asked: “Now Tell your part of the story.”

Well, after we accepted the challenge, I was waiting for the perfect day to execute my plan. I kept tracking her and found my soft spot, your maid. I bribed her and said: “Add this (viagra) tablet in her (Urmila’s) milk and sleeping tablet in Krishna’s milk.” (As we drink milk after the dinner.) She did the same.

As expected you dozed off while Urmila was sexually excited all the night. Next day, I made sure maid gave her the mix of Viagra in her morning drink again. She was all frustrated due to her Viagra and you dozing off.

So after you left, I knocked on your door and acted as if I wanted to go to the washroom. Your wife, seeing my problem, allowed me to use her washroom. I was just waiting inside for your wife to knock on the door.

Then suddenly she kept knocking on the door and I intentionally left my dick open and came out. Seeing my thick cock out in the open and erect made your wife stare for a while. She said, “Your dick is out.”

I kept a shy face and kept it in and thanked her while going out. I held her hand “Oh boy! you look so sexy.” She said, “Thanks.”

I pulled her near and said, “Is anybody home?” She said “No”.

I said, “I have some calories to burn, can you help me out?”

Biting her lips, she said, “Maybe.”

I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her. Thanks to Viagra she didn’t resist, and then her neck, back area, earlobes etc.

After a while, I asked, “You’re so hot, can I undress?” She said, “Yes.”

Then slowly I pulled over her entire nighty off and there she was standing against the wall only in her panties no bra. I started licking, sucking and biting her tits. Then she started removing my t-shirt and pant. While I was removing her panty, I removed my boxer and threw it. Quickly on her knees, she took my cock and sucked it desperately.

Then we quickly changed to the missionary position, where she was on the sofa and I slowly entered her. Even though my dick was shorter, it was thicker for your wife to handle, so she kept on screaming. But I kept on humping her.

Then for better penetration, we changed to doggy there on the sofa. We didn’t even bother to go into the bedroom. I then kept on stroking her as if I wanted her pussy badly, and due to which sofa started making a noise. So we again landed on the floor and choose missionary.

When I was about to cum, I removed my cock and stood up. She understood and on her knees kept her boobs together. Then spurt came out my cum on her boobs and she asked, “Hope, you have burnt enough calories.”

We smiled, kissed and left for home, only to hear the noises to let me know that you have satisfied my Indian sex wife.

I said, “So it seems we both won. So now we can enjoy one day with other’s wives.”

Arjun smiled and cheered saying, “Why only one day?”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

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