Love Games– Part 2 (Exchanged Wives)

Hello there friends, this is Krish that is, Krishna back again.

As you know in the earlier part that my friend Arjun and I planned a Love Game to seduce each other’s wife. We both landed on each other’s wife’s bed on the same day!

So, here’s the next part.

I said, “So it seems we both won equally, so now we can enjoy one day with other’s wife.”

Arjun smiled and cheered saying “Why only one day?” and we both drank your whiskeys.

I asked, “What do you mean?”

Arjun said, “Let take each other’s wife for an outing and enjoy them for 3-5 days, what say?”

I said, “Cool, but we need to disclose this to them.”

Arjun accepted and said. “Sure.”

We both left for home.

My wife talked to me hesitantly. I knew that and spilled the beans that it was a love game that my friend and I played to spice up the married life. Even though she was angry at first that I slept with another woman, she also realized that she did have fun as well.

She would love to have him (Arjun) back for another session. Also, I had no objection to her being with another man unless it affected our marriage. So she was OK.

She kissed me and soon we both landed in bed and had really intense sex that we both wanted. We had 100% satisfaction and we felt that this worked. I also told her about the plan and she was all in.

Next day, in the office Arjun said, “My wife too accepted for the swap plan.” We laughed and planned our holidays to go to Goa for 3 days – Fri to Sun.

Finally, the day came and we packed the bags. We were so excited about the trip. We met at the airport. After getting boarding passes, we exchanged our wives, and their faces all glowed.

We also booked seats far away, and hotels too so that we don’t feel hesitant about seeing our partner with another person. We landed in Goa, took our luggage, ordered taxies.

I left to the hotel with Somya (Arjun’s wife) which was near the beach area, while their’s was near the Portuguese side. As soon as we entered the room, Somya became wild and started kissing me.

She lowered her blouse and bra so that I could have a good look at her boobs. Then she unzipped me and removed my cock and started stroking it. She went on to do a blowjob.  I came in her mouth and then clearing her lips, she stood up.

I removed her loosely held blouse and bra and there she was standing only in her lehenga and nothing above. We went into the bedroom and I grabbed her ass and said, “I want to see what’s underneath.”

She pulled up her lehenga and removed her panty. I saw her clean, seductive pussy and started fingering it. I couldn’t control the emotion and started fucking her hard in doggy style.

Then did it against the wall and then landed on the bed in the missionary position and came inside without any condom. We were tired and so went to sleep.

We woke in the evening and decided to hit the beach. So as she was getting ready. I called Urmila to find the situation. She picked up and I could hear her humping sounds. She said, “He is doing anal, will call later.”

I was smiling. She came out and I said, “Arjun is giving an anal to my wife,” Somya said, “Seriously, he never tried on me!!”

I said “I can” and we smiled.

We went to a nearby beach and started having fun, the music was all around us and we were dancing. Then I was noticing that Somya was staring at a  well-built black guy, who was alone in the bar near.

I asked her, “What’s on your mind?”

She boldly said, “I have never tried a BBC (big black cock).”

I said, “Go and try him out.”

She said, “Seriously, I mean thanks.”

Then I said, “I am in for a threesome.”

She said, “Thank you so much, let me check if his dick is big enough for me.” She went and sat near him. She was wearing a red sleeveless shirt and black shorts.

So as she started talking to him. I could see that dude checking her out and I was in interacting with other girls. I got a message to come back to the room. So I proceeded.

As I entered the room, I saw Somya sucking off that black dude without her shirt. I shook hands with that dude and he said, “This chick is a master blower. Thanks for this.”

I said. “No probs,” and started undressing and that dude too stood up to undress. So as Somya and we all got nude, she went on her knees and started sucking, stroking both our dicks.

Somya was in no mood to leave his huge dick so I went down and started kissing, fingering her while she was continually stroking my dick. Slowly she sucked me but this blow job session continued until we both came.

After that, the black dude sat on the bed and inserted his dick into her while I stood up on the bed for another blow job session. I got frustrated and made her turn around so that her boobs and that dude’s chest met so that at least I could have her anal.

I applied oil and slowly entered her anal. I couldn’t do that as she was apparently an anal-virgin. So the black dude came up for help and I entered her pussy while he was freaking the hell out of her by entering the anal.

All this while she was shouting. So to calm her down I had to kiss her for long periods of time until her anal adapted his thick dick. Due to huge pressure of anal insertion, the black dude came insider her anal, went to bed and dozed off.

I then changed to doggy and fucked her anal. This time she didn’t shout as anal was easily accepting my dick. Again the black guy woke up, took his dick to her mouth and me in the anal section over the doggy position.

I didn’t cum that fast as I had cum twice that day already. I said, “Wanna try some anal?”

He said, “Sure.”

We changed to dual penetration mode and this made her mad and she started shouting again. I had to kiss and press her boobs to calm her down. The black guy after some thrusts in the anal said, “I wanna cum on her face.”

So I left her and was stroking myself while he loaded on her face. This excited me so much that I went near her and unloaded in no time. She accepted most in her mouth and even licked the tips. We dudes high-fived each other while she went to the bathroom to clean herself.

I dozed off naked in one corner of the bed. I barely knew that both of them had another session in the middle of the night.

Next day I woke up and got to know that black dude left. We spent a whole night with him and didn’t get to know his name. She said that in the night they had 2 sessions and after the last session he went away.

She also said: “You all did it without condoms, thank god I knew about this and bought my security”. That day we were wild. We went to another beach, played for some time and returned.

We did shopping for a bikini and at night, had loads of sex. The next day, we again went to the beach where she finally changed to a bikini. It was so hot that we went behind the semi-forested area and had an intense quickie.

We then quickly returned to the room and completed the session and dozed off naked. Went back to the airport to catch the flight where we spotted Arjun and Urmila.

We greeted them and said, “We had the best experience.” We took our own wives and went into the boarding line.


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