Love Games – Part 3 (My Wife’s Story)

Hello there and in this story, I will be sharing my wife’s story of the entire weekend swap trip.

After boarding the flight and take-off we didn’t have near our seats. So I took the courage and asked Urmila, “How was your experience, jaan?”

She blushed, checked the surroundings and said, “One of the best, thanks for the trip,” and kissed me.

This is her story

We left in the taxi and reached the hotel room. The moment I closed the room door, Arjun came from the back and hugged and started kissing my neck and back which excited me.

I somehow managed to escape from him and went into the bathroom. I stripped down to bra and panty and went out, only to see that Arjun was fully naked.

He pulled me to the bed and started kissing my cleavage. Then we had the lip to lip kiss. It was sensuous, passionate and loving.

As we separated, we were united by the single strand of saliva that oozed out of our mouths. I lay on the bed while he kissed my legs, came all the way up to the boobs, pressing and squeezing them.

He finally removed my bra and panty to be explored by his little brother. His cock grew in size and he inserted it inside me. We had a great session where he was humping me and I was all under his control.

Then suddenly he asked me “Would you like anal?”

I thought for a while and in the lust of experiencing new things said, “Yes.”

He hugged me and changed to doggy, applied some oil and used spit to enter it. Frankly, it was painful. In fact, I shouted like hell but with little comfort and so much pain, we were having a blast.

Then when you (Krishna) called me, and in the utter pleasure said, “He is doing anal, will call later.” and disconnected the mobile. After a few more strokes, he came in my ass and I fell on the bed waiting for the pain from my ass to heal.

That day, we went to buy some lubricants and condoms. We had dinner and came back to the hotel for another anal session which was longer, less painful and more intense.

After the session, I slept naked cuddling the man who has shown me love and heaven. My legs were over him in such a way that I could feel his dick, and my boobs were hitting his chest.

Next day, I woke up quickly as someone was knocking at the door. I quickly covered myself but forgot to cover him and attended the door. The housekeeping lady came and I went into the bathroom to freshen up.

After a while, I came out to check on Arjun and shouted: “What the hell.” As I got shocked to see the housekeeping lady sucking Arjun’s dick.

As the lady was about to leave, I stopped her and said: “First complete your job properly and then leave.” She nodded and was about to take her cleaning items.

I stopped her and said, “Not this, that one.” Both were shocked but then I assured her nothing will happen. So she with a smiling face went near him and I also disrobed myself.

While she was stroking him with her hand, I sat beside him and started kissing him, and after a while, she was giving him a blowjob. We were kissing each other passionately and he was pressing my boobs.

Then I kept my pussy near his mouth and he started licking it. I was on cloud nine. Then I came on his face and we exchanged positions. Now I was giving him a blowjob and they were having kissing and sucking session.

Then he removed his cock from my mouth and inserted it into her pussy which kinda hurt me but it wasn’t a big deal. They were in a kind of doggy style but then we laid him on the bed while his dick was in her pussy while his tongue was in mine.

We girls managed turns and within some time, we all came, ensuring he came inside our body Then I went near her kissed her on lips and fell on the bed, tired.

I woke up and found that she left and Arjun was in the shower.

For the rest of the day, we went sightseeing where he never left my side. But he left no chance to press my hips or butt. As part of sightseeing, we went to a church and he literally kissed me inside the church which was kinda erotic for me.

We finished by having dinner and left for the hotel and slept as we were due to sightseeing and the morning session.

Next and the final day, we decided that we wouldn’t be going anywhere and we wanted to enjoy each other

In fact, we expected that the same housekeeping lady would come today. But she didn’t. So we started to have sex but it didn’t work out well.

So he decided to go out for a walk. Then I thought we would try to do role-play as father and daughter. Then after a while, he came into the room.

I welcomed him and said “Hello daddy” and pulled him to the bed and started stripping myself. When I was in my bra and panty, I said, “Do you like what you see daddy?”

He said, “Yes,” unhooked my bra and playfully removed my panty.

He said “Oh, Baby!! Unstrip fast,” pulled down my panty and I said, “Can I remove your boxer daddy?” and did it.

I said, “Your dick is so huge daddy.” and started to blowjob it. Then we changed to 69 and started stroking him. Then we both came and we changed to the girl on top position. We had a strong humping session which lasted a while.

Then we came and laid naked next to each other and we kissed passionately. We had an hour before starting the travel back to the airport and so slowly went to the bathroom had another intimate session.

Thereafter a few minutes of we reaching the airport, we spotted you and Somya.

Hope you liked the story and let’s meet you again with another story.

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