Love Games – Part 4 (Sex In A Nearby Village)

Hello there fellows, this is Krish, back again with another story to entertain you.  So as you read from the title, this time our love game happen in the village where we went for a short trip.

So, after our interesting relationship with Arjun and Somya were formed after we started the Love Games. We felt no opportunity in having swap sessions in their home on a weekend night or weekend swaps etc.

Everything was going fine but there was a small problem. I started this to have a better bond with my wife but we got so addicted that we were not interested in each other. We were waiting for the weekends to enjoy with the other’s partner.

Even my wife was losing interest in me. I felt this alarming, so we planned a trip to a far-off village for few days so that we could have a detox. Well for a few days, the trick didn’t really work but then slowly we started accepting each other. We had wild sex with foreplays and trying out Kamasutra positions.

After many sessions, I could say that we had returned to our postmarriage vibe and loved it this way. One fine morning, I noted that Urmila woke up early and was getting ready to go somewhere.

She said, “I am going for a local field visit, to see the local saree industry, village people etc.” I said, “Yeah, yeah!! You go ahead, I have no plans for the day.” Then I noted her wearing a saree which was quite unusual which gave me a morning boner.

I said, “But maybe before you go help me with my boner,” She said “Funny, you fucked me every single moment during these many days. Isn’t it enough!!” and felt.

With a raging boner and an empty stomach, I wore something and went into the kitchen area of the house that we had booked in the village. When I entered, I saw a fairly young woman making breakfast. She was our cook Sujata.

I didn’t notice her before when my wife was around. But now I stared at her butt and navel. She wore a saree and her sweat dripping from her neck which only made me more excited.

Then suddenly she turned and saw me and said,“Didi has felt naa? I will serve the breakfast in few minutes.” I went to the bathroom to wash and came back to have breakfast. All these days, I ate her food and didn’t appreciate her as I was more focused on fucking my wife.

So I appreciated her food and she smiled and said, “Saheb, I will come in few hours to make lunch.” and felt. I was all alone in the house and there wasn’t much on TV either.

Outside the weather seemed like it would rain, so I came inside the house and opened up my laptop and shagged myself after many days. I felt someone was seeing but didn’t care.

After calming myself, I went and saw that Sujata was preparing lunch. I sat near her and started talking, “So, where are you from?” She said, “Here local.”

K:  So, you do cooking for living.

S: No, but when we have guests or tourists then I cook here for them.

K: Are you married?”

S: Yes, but he works and comes late at night.

So we went on and suddenly she asked me, “Saheb, you will be leaving in few days’ time naa, so can I get my pay now?” I said, “Ok” and was searching for my purse. I found it and collected the sufficient cash.

I turned around and saw that she was standing behind me and got a little shocked. So I said, “Here it is.” As she was about to take the money the sound of a loud thunderstorm frightened her so much that she came and hugged me.

I felt so erotically that it gave me a hard-on. I believe she also felt my boner. She was about to keep her money in the blouse. Seeing that made me more excited which was pretty visible as I wore a boxer.

I grabbed her and pulled her over to kiss. She was hesitant at first but then slowly got involved in the kiss. She was pressing my dick over the boxer. We then broke the kiss and she removed my t-shirt.

I started kissing her neck, cleavage, pulled off her pallu and started to kiss her. She pushed off to bed removed her blouse and lehenga and was standing there on her panty and bra.

She came near me and said, “Saheb fuck me as you fuck didi every day.” I said, “What do you mean?” She said,“Every time you fucked didi I could hear the voices in the kitchen. These voices and moans ignited the feelings in me and today when I saw your cock while masturbating, made me want to fuck you more. Fuck me Saheb, give me the pleasure that you give to didi.”

As she came near me, I pulled down her bra and started kissing her boobs. Then I twisted her so that she could lay on the bed and started kissing her thigh area and pulled off her panty. I started to smell and lick her pussy.

She moaned and said, “Oh Saheb!! I wanted this moment for so long. Thank you, God, for driving didi out from this home for a day.” I smiled and licked her while she kept her hand on my hair. I loved the scene and pulled out my dick and in the missionary, I entered her.

Initially, it took up some time but then, when her pussy got adjusted, I ramped her for a while. I struck her long even without blowjob because of my early masturbation session. We then changed to doggy and started fucking her so badly that she started to scream.

I got the opportunity to keep on pressing her boobs to calm her down. I finally landed in iris position (behind her) for deeper penetration. I was about to come. Understanding my shudder she said, “Saheb don’t come inside me.”

So I quickly held my cock and tit-fucked and came all over her face and neck. I relaxed as she went to the bathroom to clean herself.

It was the first rain in the village, so it was still drizzling even after the entire sex episode. I dozed off.

Urmila’s story:

I (Urmila) went to see the local artwork. I was accompanied by Babu (A local villager) to help me with the things around. I wore a saree as I didn’t want locals staring at me weirdly.

But apparently, Babu was continuously staring at me which I caught multiple times and left no opportunity to touch my hands when locals were giving me some gifts. I completed all the things in my agenda but there was one thing left.

I wanted to see the nearby island that was just near the village, for which we had to travel by boat. So Babu, quickly arranged for the boat and while I was getting into the boat, taking Babu’s hands suddenly I slipped and my pallu fell off.

I could see that Babu was staring towards my cleavage like a hungry dog. We sat in and Babu was rowing the boat. Suddenly it started raining and we felt that we could reach the island. But it only started to rain more.

Babu said, “Madamji, this rain is not gonna stop that quickly, there is a shore there. Let’s stop there and look for shelter,” pointing to a nearby land area. So he somehow quickly rowed to the nearby shore.

Babu said, “This is the first rain, it’s not gonna end that quickly.”

We went into the forest and found an old semi-damaged house and went in. The rain and thunder was increasing and as well as the cold. We entered the house and Babu removed his shirt as it was wet.

We both sat at a distance and rubbing hands near the upper arms. We didn’t care to bring some wood as the weather outside was horrible. We sat separately and Babu sat an different angle. Then suddenly the sound of a huge thunder made so scared that I went and hugged Babu.

I forgot that he didn’t wear any shirt and my boobs were pressing his back. When I came back to my senses, I saw that he was masturbating with a huge cock. I scolded him saying, “Did you think that this is the perfect time to masturbate yourself?”

He said, “No no Madamji, I was masturbating to warm up myself.” He had a point. When I hugged him his body was a bit warmer. So I turned to a side and pulled aside my panty. I entered my finger into my pussy.

My fingers were so cold that I screamed out in shiver sensation. Babu asked, “What happened?” I said nothing and tried few more times but my fingers weren’t getting hotter.

So hopelessly I said, “Give me your hand, Babu.” I checked the temperature on his hand, it was warm enough. I asked, “Babu my hands are cold for me to masturbate can you help me out?”

Babu with a smiling face said, “Yes.” Without pulling up my saree, I directed his fingers to my vagina, and with his hot fingers started masturbating. I was lost in the pleasure.

Suddenly he put three fingers and increased the speed. I moaned “Oh! Babu yes, yes make me cum Babu.” I was so lost in the lust and pleasure Babu was giving me that suddenly I felt the orgasm.

I kissed him hard and said, “Babu, thank you so much, now it’s my turn,” and caught his dick and started to blowjob. I showed all my skills on him and made him cum inside my mouth. Babu said, “Madamji, having sex can increase body temperature.” Then I said, “What are you waiting for?”

He then started licking me but I said, “Now fuck me you bastard.” Then he slowly inserted into my pussy. It was heavenly as his dick was touching new places of my pussy that excited me so much that I pulled his face and kissed him.

I didn’t let him go. He was fucking me hard and I was kissing him hard enough after a few painful strokes. He said to turn around, so I did and he entered my pussy from behind and started fucking me hard, slapping my ass and pulling my hair.

It was erotic, painful for me. It was pleasuring but my hands were cold due to that waterfall. So we changed to cradle position where he was sitting on his knees and I sat on thighs and our chests were together to increase body temperature.

He was fucking no matter what position I was in.  He started licking, sucking and biting my tits, that aroused me a lot and was painful. so I pulled his hair to remove his lips off me and kissed him.

We fucked for a while and he came over my belly. He said, “Thank you, ab hum bahut garam ho choke hai.” (I am too hot.)

I said, “Agar phir se mujhe thaand padi toh?” (What if, I get cold again.) He held my pussy and said, “Hum, kahi nahi bag rahe.”(I am not running anywhere.)

Before leaving that place, we had sex three more times. I went back to my room and saw that he (Krish) was sleeping in the bed and food was on the dining table. Untouched!!

Later, that night we both confessed of the adventures and we tried the iron chef and cradle position back in the home.

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