Love Lust For Bethesda Part – 6

Flashback of previous encounters.

Bethesda : Do you always get aroused when a sex scene comes up?Me : Yeah.

Bethesda : What is it you want? Sex?Me: I want you. Just feel the love for me.

Flashback continues

Bethesda : I’ll do it once.

Bethesda : I’m sorry I lied. It’s all because I want to fuck you.

Me: It’s OK. I’ll be there for your recovery.

Bethesda : That was the best birthday I’ve ever had.

Bethesda : You know if this goes out of hands our lives will get stir.. ed.

Present day 23 April 2017.

What a dream it was. Or was it even a dream? I got up freshened myself and got out to go to work. Oh, I forgot. After I came to know Bethesda was pregnant. I told her I was been called for work back again and they need me for a big consignment to be signed with another company.

As usual, the traffic is hectic at Hyderabad and I was stuck at the traffic for at least an hour or so. As I reached my office. I get a WhatsApp message from an unknown number that my aunt was pregnant. I was shocked to know this and at the same time curious to know the person who texted me this. So after work, I got time to check the person through true caller and found out to be Bethesda’s friend Astrel.

So after work, I reached home and to my surprise my favorite Aunt or the relative who stayed be side my house looked at me and gave a wink. I know she has something in her mind about me. I looked at her and smiled. But not an intention to have her now. As I get to text back Astrel. She told me that her days at the museum was off and she was looking for a new job. She thought to have a visit at Beth’s place and came to know of this pregnancy. She thought to tell her colleagues about this. But Beth insisted that I should know this first. So thankful for her to think about me even in a bad time like this. She told Astrel not to tell anyone about her pregnancy. Astrel was curious about this but she never minded the situation and moved on. She told me to come down to meet Beth. Because my aunt needs me. I was chuckling to myself yeah right. I know. I told her that I will take a few days leave and reach Bangalore by evening. As I called up my boss he said that he didn’t want me to go. I made him understand that my aunt is not keeping well this time and he didn’t hesitate after that. I told him I’ll be back in a weeks time. He said it’s ok.

As I took out my Harley Davidson Iron 880 out and packed all my stuff to reach Beth’s place. I was to leave when my lucky neighbor aunty called me and that she needed help. I thought it was a normal to help. But it was not. She had an intention to fuck me at that very moment as she needed it badly. I said I was in a hurry and my aunt is calling me and I need to leave. She didn’t feel disappointed but told me when you get back I’ll be waiting for you. I said ok and started off.

I don’t know how much time it took to reach her place. Once I reached. This beautiful young lady opened the door. She looked like a model to me. The right size breasts, the right size ass, and the right sized body to fuck with.

Astrel: you must me Beth’s Nephew?

I said yes. Introduced myself to her and went inside. Your aunt is in her room and I will accompany her. It was late at night and I was tired. So I freshened up ate some food and went inside the guest room to sleep. At around at 2 AM I get a knock on the door. As I opened I saw Beth coming straight inside the bedroom and locked the room. She told me to sit and was telling about her pregnancy test she had taken. And she was shocked that Astrel came to find her reports and was like calling all her colleagues and told her not to and stuff. As Beth was continuing her story. I looked at her. She looked pale and yes she wasn’t keeping well at all. I interrupted telling her the same. She told me that our lives will stir and that it stirred and still she can’t forget how we had fun too. I told her that I was sorry. She said it’s OK and not be sorry anymore.

She turned back and was to leave when I held her hand. I got up and was hugging her from behind. She said to stop. As I stopped hugging her. She turned towards me and hugged me tightly. Gave a peck on my cheek and went back to sleep.

The next morning. I get up to fresh myself. As I got into the bathroom and closed the door. I turned back to find Beth finger fucking and pleasuring herself. I was shocked to see. When we met each other’s eyes. Her eyes were telling me to get closer and closer and kiss her. My God. Never seen a lady lively in the bathroom naked and pleasuring herself. I said I was sorry and came out of the bathroom. After she came out I went in and cleaned myself too and came out to have breakfast. At the time of breakfast Astrel, she and I were seated and Astrel was asking about me whether any girlfriend about my work and stuff I replied to her about my life and stuff.

After breakfast Astrel said she is leaving and now that I am there for her there’s nothing to worry. When she left I turned behind closed the door and went to sit beside Beth and ask her what’s in her mind about what happened and stuff. Beth was like I don’t know you brought this on to ourselves. You tell me what I should be doing. As a woman, I would do is bring the child into this world and you being my nephew will find a different way to not wanting anything happening like that. Yes, she was right. But that is not all what she said she even told that she still needs me to be with her even though she’s pregnant. I didn’t feel right about this but then I was like listening to her. After a while, she got up to go to her room to sleep. As she is not keeping good and her health was too bad to not get depressed at the time of being pregnant. I was disappointed in myself.

When I see her sleep with the air conditioner on I sleep next to her. I know the only thing now needed was a little love. So I gave a little peck on her forehead and she woke up and asked me what is my intention now. I didn’t say anything as I did feel ashamed but that didn’t stop me from feeling a little love for her. As she was looking at me I kissed her lips passionately. She broke the kiss off and slapped me and told me what the hell was I doing. I said I love you. She said no. It is not a time for all this.

I promised her that I won’t hurt her anymore and will be out of sight if she ever wanted that. She told you’re my nephew you can come here anytime. But this is not what I need now as I have a miscarriage that too from you. I said I know I am such a wimp and never thought of you getting pregnant. But the last thing I need is this. For both of us. She started to cry and I was consoling her by kissing she still slapped me on my cheeks and it hurt me badly. She then hugged me tightly and said not to do or she’ll melt again to have sex with me and end up having our baby. With that, I said her I was sorry. And kissed her on her forehead. This time she looked at me and started kissing me passionately. I was like What the fuck is this and stopped. She then whispered don’t stop and that she did want to fuck me even though things are not right for us.

So she grabbed hold of me and started to kiss immensely and passionately. As we broke the kiss. I slowly put my hand on her and start to rip her nighty apart. She took off my shirt and pants and even my underwear as I did take her clothes off too. We were naked on the bed with the cool air coming from the air conditioner. She was shivering cold and told me to shut it off. I said that isn’t necessary and that it will help her to calm down her stress. Then slowly I took a grab at her hands and kiss her passionately again this time when she broke the kiss she told me to fuck her. Slowly I circled my finger at her breast. And started to fondle them and cup them with both my hands I started sucking each boob till she moaned.

After that, I kissed her on her navel and gave a bite mark on her belly button. She got aroused by that and she was like time to fuck. Put your thing in mine now. And on her command, I did shove my tool inside. I took this time so slowly to fuck her. As I was fucking her she was moaning yes yes and all and were telling me not to stop. We went on like this for days and now she was telling me to keep it a secret towards family and friends as they should not know we fucked each other and still feel the same even though she’s pregnant. She told me what should we do or planning on aborting the child as a miscarriage or keep the child. I told it’s her decision and how she is going to live with it.

She then told me in my ears that. She wants to keep the child and she wants me to be beside her not just as her love lusted boyfriend/father to be for the child but as an when the child grows up calls your her brother. I was disappointed by the word “brother” but that didn’t stop me in having sex with Bethesda anytime or any day. As she lay beside me and sleeping soundly I thought to share this story with you.

Hope you liked this one too. I’ll keep you posted for more upcoming encounters I may have with her or anybody else. If you liked my story hit the thumbs up button.

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