Love Making Tale – The Journey To Goa

Hello, lovely people of the world,

My name is Sebastian and I am from Bangalore. I am a fun person to be with. This is a story about me traveling for a year. Not like I am a rich man and can afford to spend a year-long vacation. I travel and also work at the same time.

So, I wanted to get out of the city. I packed my bags, guitar and rode to Goa on my bike. I found a job at a shack by the beach where I approached the owner and asked him if I could work. Though the shack owner was skeptical, I managed to get the offer.

My work was so good that the place was left to me. I used to manage almost everything like the rooms, restaurant, accounts and the customers. I had a policy of speaking with every customer and 99% of my customers were very happy.

People would come by and ask for me to talk or play a game or sing a song, advice etc. People are so open and chilled, it was a great learning experience for me as well. That was just something I wanted to share.

Now coming to the story. I met a north Indian lady who was probably 35 called Bhawana at the shack. She was traveling alone and we started having a conversation and kinda hit it off. She would drop by my shack and come chill with me.

By the way, I play some really good music at the shack as well. Mainly classics, rock n roll, blues which attracted a lot of people to drop by. I also would organize jam nights and different people would pick up their guitars, djembe, mouth organ and perform. The place was lively with good food and alcohol served.

Bhawana and I got pretty close and we shared the stories of our life, relationship, friends, crazy stuff done, etc. One evening, a few foreigners decided to have a campfire, with alcohol, music and I was called as usual to chill with them and also perform.

I had asked Bhawana if she’d be interested and she in fact was. We got there by 11 pm and we drank, sang and then I was talking to her when others were performing. We were laughing, conversing, drinking and I found her to be really pretty and I expressed the same to her. We started bonding and we kissed a bit.

At around 1 pm she wanted to use the washroom. So I went along with her to her place and then decided that we just stay in the room. Bhawana is a pretty hot lady and she has big breasts. She is on the healthier side but still looks hot. The way I like women to be.

We started kissing, smooching and fondling each other. I ran my hands all over her back while we were still kissing arousing her with my sensual touch. I would kiss her neck and then make out moving my hands over her t-shirt and fondling her breasts sensually.

She would let out slight moans, and her hands moving over my back making it a sensual experience for me as well. I slowly started undressing her by lifting her t-shirt, kissing her breasts over her bra, licking and sensually rubbing my teeth on those beauties. She had her hands on my head, massaging me and motivating me to please and move my tongue on her lovely tits.

I took off her bra and saw her hard dark nipples. I kept moving my mouth on them and took off my t-shirt. I licked her breasts and sucked her nipples while she moved her hands on my bare upper body.

She started tickling my nipples and that turns me on as well. She helped me with my pajamas and boxers. She saw my dick and started moving her hands, jerking me.

I looked at her in the eyes while she jerked me and smooched her. I  moved my hands on her body, pinched her, tickled her, making sure she is enjoying every bit of the action. I pulled off her skirt and she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I touched her vagina with my fingers and massaged her there. She sat by the edge of the cot and started jerking me. Occasionally putting my cock in her mouth. She started sucking me and I was just getting pleasured by her hands and mouth.

She was wetting my penis with her saliva and I was just enjoying a fantastic blowjob. She would lick the tip of my cock which is quite sensitive and that definitely sends shivers down my spine. She sucked me so well, I couldn’t help but cum. She drank it and went to the toilet to wash her mouth. I just relaxed for a bit.

It was my turn. I had to please her and I had to please her good. She got back from the toilet and we smooched. I asked her to lie down. I started touching her pussy, fondling it. She was letting out moans as she was hot as fuck. I started licking her pussy and fingering her.

She kept moaning and asked me to go a little faster. She was enjoying every bit of the action and pushing my head deeper between her legs. We got into a 69 and we were pleasuring each other.

Then she wanted me and asked me to bang her. We get into missionary and I placed my cock close to her vagina and slowly pushed it in. She was wet and I could feel the heat. I loved the way her pussy walls wrapped around my penis.

I started doing her and she moaned, we kissed, fondled each. She bites my neck and I just kept going and going. We change positions and she sits on me and rides me. I loved the way her breasts jiggled in front of my eyes.

It was pure lust and we banged till we came. We crashed for the night and woke up by 8 a.m. We kissed and we spoke for a bit. We acknowledged that we both had a memorable time and will never forget the incident.

We slept for 2 more days together and then she had to get back to Lucknow back to her life with her husband and kids.

I am single and believe that even if its someone you like for a moment, love them in the best possible way. It wasn’t just a one night stand. It was expressing love to a person though for a short duration.

If you like my story, do write to me. I really would love to chat with different women from anywhere and maybe even meet. You just have to be pretty, have good mannerisms and an open mind.

Write to me and if things work, things just work. My mail id is [email protected]. I hope you enjoyed this story of mine.

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