Love Making With Colleague Part – 3

Avi and Netal here. This is a continuation of our story “Love making with colleague – I,II”. Please read the story and drop in comments on[email protected]. This is “Sex in meeting room – Part 1”.

Present situation: After an year and a half of steaming sex with my girl, I finally broke up with her. Her parents and my parents did not agree to our marriage due to caste difference and we had to part our ways. At present, she is few months pregnant with my kid. I will come to this part later, as we have long to catch up.

Again, we are both averages looking people. I am about 6ft 2inch. An above decent size cock of 7 inches, but close to 3.5 inches girth. She is about 5-8, dusky complexion, a pear shaped figure of 34-27-38, with juicy bums :*. I am getting a boner while writing this.

After that steaming hot weekend full of rabbit sex at Mysore, we went back to Bangalore to our routine. Facing her in office on Monday was kinda weird. To my good fortune, she was transferred indirectly into my team, where I was just a tech-reviewer for her work. That whole day I could not take off the smirk off my face. I felt lucky. And my God, sex changes everything for a girl. She looks brighter and sexier everyday. Her skin shines, her boobs looks bigger andfirmer and her butts had become too tempting. She got a full body waxing done, just for me :* :).

Now, since I was a reviewer for her work, I used to spend hours in a meeting room, groping her! Once, during a meeting, we both were sitting last on one side of the table, and I was able to insert my hands into her pyjamas and finger fuck her. That same week, it was announced that we will move to the new building as we have to increase our staff count.

Our new building was in Whitefield. It was a posh building, where there were two floors dedicated to our unit. Out of which, one complete floor was EMPTY. So the action begins now. Since she was kinda shy at the moment to come to my home or move in with me, I had to find occasions and opportunities to fuck her. (Although she did move in later, and that was a year full of rabbit fuck). I usually used to come to that floor to take personal calls.

One fine day, during the call i casually walked into corner meeting rooms to the far end of the office hall. None of electrical connections were complete at that time and the only source of light there was the glass windows and blinds. When I ended the call, I just realized my next spot for a hot fuck. That meeting room had a big rectangle shaped center table kept, with an wooden panel keeping it to the ground. Once cannot see what is going on below the table. I checked the blinds. Once closed, there is no way someone can look in. The locks can only be opened with a specific key. It had inter locks inside.

A perfect spot.

Now I had to get her to that place somehow. I made a master plan. I rejected her work on one of the critical deliverables just before she was supposed to leave for home. Since it was critical, she was forced by her manager to stay back and work. It was around 6 pm that I told her that I am hungry, so lets go out for snacks. We took cup noodles and coffee and walked all the way up-to that empty floor. During that time, we were generally talking about friends, families, college etc. Casually, I told her that we will sit in those empty cubicles and eat our snack. She understood what I meant, and smiled. We wentinside the hall and smooched immediately. But I warned her of security cams. They seemed active, so I told her that lets quietly walk on the side isle and get to that meeting room. Nobody will disturb us there. She agreed and we walked to towards the room.

She walked in and I walked behind holding her waist. The moment she entered the room, I smooched her again and she responded with a long lusty kiss. The taste of noodles and her slips together was making me feel exotic. I locked the door from inside and the moment I turned back, she said: “It seems you have figured out everything”. I said, “Yes .. I want you now”. She said, “Let’s eat something .. I am hungry”. I kept two chairs inverted on the door and blocked it with table corner so that it won’t be easy to open it. I closed the blinds and we both sat on floor sipping our coffee and feeding noodles to each other. I was sitting with my back resting on the wall and she was sitting with her back on my side. I had grabbed her by her stomach and I slowly started caressing her.

“Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you. That day she was wearing a yellow kurti and a light orange lower. I was in a jeans and T. ”

I hadn’t had sex or even masturbated for 10 days or so. Cum was building up in my balls fast, I could feel heaviness in it. I was getting turned on quickly. Before we could finish our snacks, I turned her towards me and gave a strong lip lock. She seemed to have turned on equally coz she started putting her hand inside my jeans. I reciprocated, kept our food on the side. I quickly took off her kurta and bra. Smacked her on the floor and started biting her nipples.She got excited and started moaning heavily. While I was biting her nipples, she brought my shirt to the back of my shoulder and opened my jeans, lowered it with boxers. My erect cock was hanging and rubbing on her thighs over lowers. After a minute or so, I got rid of my shirt and dragged my hand down to her butts and put them inside her pajama and panties. She lifted her butts and in one shot I got rid of them and made her nude. Her love hole smell was divine and driving me nuts. I was already releasing pre-cum. I kissed her love hole and spat on it. She wasn’t fully wet yet. I spat again and got on top, she put her own spit on my love pole and in one shot I shoved it into her hole. She screamed and I kissed her. I took it out, kissed her hole and spat on her love hole again. I shoved my cock again. I repeated this thrice and then started banging like a mad horse. I was bouncing up and down on her. I was humping her with speed and rigor. I was ravaging her. At one point when she lifted her hip, I went so deep that I crushed her womb.

She said, she is feeling the cock in her lower belly. With that heavy fucking, I could see her boobs and ass shaking. Her vagina was torn as if, coz the muscles were moving with my love pole. I continued for 2-3 minutes and saw her belly throbbing. I could sense an orgasm and suddenly, her belly throbbed, she took a deep breath and came with my cock buried in her love pole. It felt lubricated all of a sudden. I started banging her harder, and after a couple of minutes, I came inside her with a deep grunt. Drop after drop, I buried my semen inside her love hole. I came in buckets. At least 7-8 shots of thick white semen I poured into her womb and love hole. As soon as I withdrew my still erect cock, my semen came gushing out of her hole.

We were lying naked next to each other with tangled legs. She had spread her legs and my cum was still oozing out of her love hole. We were both soaked in sweat and cum.

Felt tired, we both fell asleep and had a nap. We cuddled and slept for a while. I had my face wrapped between her breasts and hugged her from the front.

We woke up after good 45-50 mins nap. Waking up to a naked girl can give you instantly hard on and pole started saluting her once again between her thighs. She gave me a wicked smile. Must have felt my cock rising on her thighs. She woke up and asked me “what about the pending work and review ?”, so I told her that her work is absolutely fine and re-work is not required ;). She got a little aggressive and said .. “huh .. so all this was for banging me here ?”… I could not control my libido and just went on to kiss her nipple with a moan .. “mmmmmmm ” .. she got the answer I guess ;).

I continued sucking her nipple for some time and she got really turned on. Her hands were on my head and she was massaging my hairs and pushing my head on to her breasts. My cock was wrestling between her thighs. There was some left over cum or precum, don’t know, but that made it sticky and gooey. I was rubbing my cock in between her thighs. I kept sucking her nipple for some more time till she became boiling hot.

Now I made her sleep on her back. She was lying straight. Her deep navel was really tempting and I went on to smooch it. I licked it with my tongue and spat in it. Kept smooching it hard. I rolled my tongue on her midriff and gave her few bites on the belly. I got on top of her and I went between her legs. I went down a bit with my face resting on her belly. I could smell the love hole from there. I decided to tease her. I started kissing her in between her navel and love hole in the lower tummy. I know this is a hot zone for her, so that got her really going.

I slowly went on to the love hole. I could still see some semen on the outer lips. I rubbed her whole with my finger and mixed her fluids with my cum. I thought of teasing her and started kissing her vertical lips around the hole. I made sure that I am not touching that hole at all. I kissed her pussy mound and with a circular motion, I licked the lips on the sides of her love hole. I went on near her asshole and spat on that . It was a little pungent so I felt a little awkward. Then on the other side of her hole, i licked her inner lips. I repeated the same till she started shouting and asking to lick her love hole. I did not do that. Instead, I joined her legs and pressed her waist so that her hole is wrapped and kissed her on the lips. I was completely dominating her. But she was not submissive as she was massaging my cock rigorously. I had cummed in buckets some time back so fresh cum was still building in my balls. I held both her hands and got on top with her hands jammed on the floor and her legs locked by my toes.

I could see her panting. He tummy was going up and down and her breasts were swelling up and down with each breath. My cock was hanging in between my legs with a drop of precum dripping out of it. I stayed like that and the drop fell on her love hole. She thought I may shove my dick into her love hole now, but instead, I started licking the sides of her nipples and cleavage. I licked both boobs for about 10 mins without touching the nipples, with her hand tucked to the ground. She was literally begging me to suck her nipple. As soon as I sucked her nipple, i bit it hard and tried to take her whole boob inside my mouth. Inside the mouth, I was slowly licking hernipple and she had an orgasm within a minute.

My cock has started twitching releasing a lot of precum. My balls felt full of cum and it was time to shove it in. I started rubbing my pole on her love hole and with the tip of the penis, I rubbed her clit. With her orgasm, her pussy had swollen like a “pav” and with one hard push I went inside and touched her opening of her womb. She let out a deep moan with a grunt. I started pounding her. I was literally in a hump beast mode and fucked the brains out of her. I fucked her so hard and deep that I cummed hard within few minutes. Jets after jets, I loaded her love whole with my cum and fell over her after 4-5 shots of thick gooey cum. We felt tired and slept around each other for some more time. By the time we woke up, it was 10 pm and both of us were very hungry, for food of course ;).

We decided to step out for food and we went to egg factory in Whitefield for dinner. We came back to that room after about an hour and had three more rounds including an anal sex session and left office in the morning.

I will elaborate that story in part – II. Any girl or lady want to have casual encounters, please reply on [email protected]. Looking forward to some hot e-mails. Till then, ciao.

PS: We broke up and I am single now ! . no strings attached!

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