Love Making With Ex Colleague In Bangalore

Hello all….well i have been quite a follower of ISS for past few years….it does help in connecting people and also gives good amount of ideas to try with that someone special adding more spice to sex life…..

Coming to me….I am Abhishek….based at Bangalore and working with an MNC….~32 years of age having a normal built with a height of approx 5’8″ and am married and from up north….and I can be reached at [email protected] .

Well I have been quite active between sheets for quite a long time….and have had some experience with colleagues also….

The incident am sharing today happened quite a few years back…and happens to be one of my fave which has happened with colleagues…..

We will name the heroine of the story as Sneha and she was my colleague in an earlier organization and on certain projects she used to support me…..We had known each other for over a few months and somewhere inside there had been a bit of fire burning inside both of us but none of us was moving forward…..

There happened a time when I had resigned and post couple of weeks she had also put in her papers….that was start of the time when we both started spending quite a bit of time together and started getting comfortable with each other in a non-professional environment…..

Hotel Leela became our fave hangout and we used to land up at that place to lounge around and have coffee and snacks. Over period of time this closeness started increasing further and we started getting all touchy. We both just through are random acts were touching each other subtly…..we had started spending weekends together spending time with each other and doing absolutely nothing…..

A key advantage we had was I used to stay alone and had the house to myself….so this helped when we both moved out of the earlier organization into different companies….

Since we had started spending lots of time together on weekdays…she used to come over to my place while on her way back and we used to spend time being with each other having coffee and enjoying each others company….. Saturday’s being half day for both of us…we used to come home by afternoon and she had a habit of taking a 30 min or so quick nap before we used to head out…..and sometimes I used to caress her head and hair softly and she used to like that…..

One fine Saturday afternoon…..when she was resting she just rolled over to my side and hugged me and slept… response I also hugged her and kissed her forehead and we relaxed like that for sometime…..we used to love being in each others arms and having short naps while hugging each other. This continued for sometime and then one fine Friday evening….when she was home and it was raining outside and thus was unable to return back at that time….. and that is when things moved rapidly forward ….

We were both watching TV and she had her head resting on my thighs and my one hand was on her head and another one on her waist….she was wearing jeans and a sleeveless top….suddenly she got up and sat facing me asking me to close my eyes….i did so and she bought her lips on mine and I held her by waist and made her to sit on my lap without breaking the kiss in which we were totally immersed….

Our first kiss was quite a long one and lasted for around 10 minutes….then she pulled back and without giving her time I moved forward and sealed her lips with my kiss and we continues kissing each other and kept feeling each others back…..after around an hour….we decided to move out and went for coffee at Hotel Leela….after coffee we started having a walk there in there garden and waterfall area….it was around 9:30 pm and no one was there in that area and we shared a long kiss there…..

We started sharing long kisses at my place almost every evening….she used to come over in the morning to my place and then we used to go to work in my car…I used to drop her to work and then go to mine and we used to kiss at least once before she got down….sometimes she used to be wanting my kiss during day time or when I used to miss….I used to go to her workplace and pick her up and we used to park in a secluded corner and spent around 10 to 15 mins kissing in the car…..

Slowly over next few days….it started becoming more than kisses….we had started making out slowly and extent of making out was growing rapidly….She took the lead in making me naked from top by pulling of my t-shirt and kissing me all over and leaving her love bites over my neck and shoulders….and this she saw when we were sitting in a CCD and lovebites were prominent….we came home and she put some ice on them so that they get better fast…

I had started feeling her whole body over her clothes and had started feeling her boobs over her bra and tops…..Her boobs and her neck were the areas which used to turn her on a lot….I took it slow and did not get to stripping her when she had removed my t-short….I had started feeling her inside her tops without removing her clothes….

One evening when she had taken of my T-shirt….I rolled up her top slowly while kissing and when she was sitting on my thighs with her legs wrapped around me…..and using my hands on her butt….i pulled her closer into me and I was quite hard at that time….

Then I rolled off her top and started kissing and biting her boobs over her bra by pulling her boobs out of the bra and she had been moaning with pleasure….then I unhooked her bra and removed it….and she was finally topless and we had a nice tight hug….and were kissing with extreme passion…..

I will continue the how things moved from being hot to steamy in the next part……

Look forward to your responses especially from single babes / married women at [email protected]

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