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This is about me and my lovely sister, who is nothing short of a blessing in my life.

She is 7 years younger to me and since early childhood, we have been very close emotionally. In fact, she is closer to me than my parents. Whenever she made some mistake, I used to shield her taking the blame on me. Whenever she would sleep without finishing her homework, I used to complete it for her as I could write in her handwriting. As a kid, she used to say that she will marry me when she grows up and we all used to laugh. Who knew it will come true one day…

When I started going to college, she entered into her teenage years. When I graduated, she was sweet 16 and her body was just perfect. Her creamy white flawless complexion, thin pink lips, glowing face like a doll, long curly hair, she was stunningly beautiful. People would compare her to Preity Zinta. Her breasts were full and tender and perky. In her carefree nature, she would hug me or wrap her arms around me at times, and I began to feel sexual attraction towards her. But nothing happened beyond my curious eyes viewing her beautiful body.

Then I got a job in a different city and we would now meet only when I would come home on vacation. She started her college in a couple of years and parents started talking about my marriage. When I got married, she just finished her college and pondered whether to study or work. But parents now wanted her to also get married, though there was no pressure at that time. She wanted to study more as she was very good in studies. I supported her and helped her get admission to a prestigious university in London where she also got a fellowship. So again, we were away from each other. But we stayed in constant touch over emails, phone, skype etc. She considered me her closest friend in addition to her brother of course.

Couple of years flew by and I was blessed with a daughter. My wife was a loving lady who took care of me, my family and life was just perfect… and it then turned for the better…

Christmas night of 2010. I was visiting my sister in London. It had been over a year that we had seen each other, and she was very happy. That night, as we sat together on a couch watching TV, we were busy talking to each other more than watching. She was sitting close to me, with her arms wrapped around my arms and her face touching my shoulder from time to time.

At around 11, we switched off the TV and chatted for a while in the dim night light. She got a bit emotional due to homesickness. I patted her head and kissed her head and wrapped my arms around her pulling her close and kissed her forehead. I could sense that she was a bit teary eyed and filled with lonliness. I continued to caress her back and we were silent for a while.

After a few moments, out of affection, I kissed her cheeks again, but as I was doing that, her face turned a bit upwards and my lips touched the side of her lips. It was just an electric moment for me, but I somehow controlled myself and pretended as if nothing happened. She also did not react and just rested her head on my chest with her eyes closed. Since it was dark, I guess we gave each other the benefit of doubt.

I just thought of having that feeling again and bent my head downwards towards her face and kissed directly on her lips – a short, gentle kiss. Somehow I knew that she is not going to react violently even if she did not like it. But to my surprise, she did not react at all and just cozied into my chest even more. Now I got braver and decided to really kiss her. I lifted her face slightly off my shoulder upward towards me and with one arm still around her neck, kissed her lips like a lover kiss. Her eyes opened momentarily and then closed again. She did not pull back, and remained still. I then began to kiss her lips again and this time she also started to respond. I was in heaven. Her lips on my lips, kissing and feeling the softness of each other… Just heaven. Even now I get goose-bumps (and an erection) thinking about that moment.

After few minutes, I started feeling her lips with my tongue and she also opened her mouth as I let her taste my tongue. I felt her tongue with my tongue and the feeling was just out of this world. After few minutes of soft, lovely kissing, we took a breather. I looked staright into her eyes, held her face in my palms and with all my affection and love, told her “I love you sweetheart”. She smiled slightly, her eyes filled with love and replied “I love you too bhaiyya”…

I was now not trying to avoid her feeling my erection, so I pulled her closer to me and lifted her a bit so that her body was partly on my lap now. She must have felt my erection on her thighs, but she did not seem to mind. Now I slid my hand that was caressing her back inside her top to feel her skin. She was not wearing a bra as I did not feel any strap. I pulled her closer pressing her breast against my chest as I kissed her on her lips with more passion. She was also getting hot now and her breathing heavy. She also started to caress my chest as I opened couple of buttons of my shirt.

I was not going to think of consequences now. I kept pulling her top over a little as I caressed her and my arms were now wrapping her waist and I could also feel her nipples against my bare chest as she opened all my shirt buttons. I moved her around a bit and lifted her to have her on my lap now with her back touching my chest. In this position, I moved my hands upwards from her waist and softly grabbed both her breasts. That is the first time she let out a soft moan. Her body stiffened as she placed her hands over my hands. I pulled her top and I was now hugging her from behind, giving a soft caress to her breasts, and she was moving slowly in my lap, feeling my erection on her ass. I kissed on her neck, her ears and back of her shoulders.

I got up from the sofa, making her also stand up with me and walked towards the bedroom, holding her close to me. I placed her on the bed with her arms still wrapped around my neck. I removed my shirt and we were both topless now. The room was lit only by the light coming from outside, so that helped shield any hesitation. But I could clearly make out the shape of her body.

I bent down and kissed her nipple and caressed the other one with hand. She was now moaning and breathing heavy. I removed my pyjamas and climbed on the bed. She looked down at my erection but did not say anything. Maybe she wanted to touch it but was still too shy. I continued to kiss her breasts lying on top of her lightly and then started moving downwards. She felt a bit ticklish on her navel, so I decided not to spend time there.

As I moved lower, I pulled down her pyjamas almost to her knees exposing her panties. I could smell her juices now and knew she was moist with desire. I placed my hand on her panty and she immediately grabbed my hand – both out of shyness and desire. I kissd her thighs and as she relaxed a bit and her grip loosened on my hands, I lifted her buttocks slightly and before she could react, pulled down her panties also to her knees. She tried to reach out to her panties, but I ensure that she stayed on her back thus her hands not able to reach so far down. I then grabbed her wrists and pinned on her sides on the bed and kissed her moist, fragrant pussy. I was pleasantly surprise to see that she was clean shaved – just the way I love it.

I kissed her pussy and she moved and moaned with desire. I slid my tongue inside and she let out a loud moan and her body stiffened. I removed her pyjamas and panties completely and now both of us were completely naked. I wanted to enter her right then, but resisted as I did not have condoms and I did not want to risk anything at that point. So I continued to lick her and finger her pussy while letting my erect dick rub against her thighs. She came pretty soon as I could see her body relax. I ejaculated on the bed sheet near her thighs and after wiping it clean, just lied on top of her lightly, keeping my body weight off her by having my elbows rest on either side of her body. After some more kissing and telling her I love her, I moved to the side and put my arms under her neck and placed her head on my shoulder. I then pulled a blanket over us and we slept naked in each others arms.

Next 2 weeks were pure bliss. I bought condoms next day and she lost her virginity to me. We took showers together, spent hours kissing and loving in bathtub filled with fragrance and warm water for hours till our skin freckled. We made love 4-5 times a day sometimes even missing lunch. We went shopping as I bought her lingerie and other clothes. Everyone just assumed we are a newly wed couple on their honeymoon. And that is exactly how it felt.

On new year eve, I put sindoor in her head and placed a bindi on her forehead and she dressed in a red saree like a bride. We went to a temple where we spent about an hour. Panditji blessed us as a couple thinking that we were recently married.

It’s been almost two years now and while the pressure is growing on her to get married, we continue to get closer to each other more than ever. The emotional bond is stronger than anything else that we have ever felt. Loving her and having her as the love of my life feels just to natural, pure and divine – truly a blessing.

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