Love Of My Life Loosing Her Virginity

Hi, after a long gap, I’m back with another real sex story.

This is Vicky steve here to share with you all the best experience I have ever had in my life which happened to weeks ago.

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The heroine of this story is the love of my life, she is the best thing that happened to me (as this isn\’t a website to start a love story I\’ll come to the point).

Me and my girl planned for a weekend day out for a long time(we both live in different cities so…) and one fine day she said she\’ll be coming to my city with two of her friends who are girls, I was like it\’s okay anyways we\’ll be sleeping in one room so it\’s not an issue.

She came on a Saturday and I picked her and two of her friends to Novotel and we checked in two rooms one for those both girls and the other two for us. As soon as we entered the room I locked the door and gave her a liplock.

She: why are you in a hurry let’s come back soon and do whatever we wantMe: only after a kiss.

We hugged so tightly and she gave a good kiss and we went to the bar to have some drinks.

All the three girls had vodka and I had a beer (tip for guys, never have vodka before sex)

I downloaded a truth or dare game and we played the naughty levels of it to some extent and we were sitting there till 11:30 in the night and we enjoyed playing the game a lot and after the bar closed we went back to our rooms and all of us were in one room I sat between three drink girls and chitchatting with themAnd at some point, I called my girl to my room saying that we’ll sleep.

*here starts the fun*We entered the room and I locked the door and gave her a naughty smile she ran to me and gave me a hug and I was kissing her slowly and passionately all over her face and neck slowly and lifted her and jumped on the soft bed with her while falling on my back and she quickly started giving kisses and we were kissing madly for 20mins or such and I asked her to take off her t-shirt and she said “Take it off yourself” and I made her sleep on the bed and started kissing on the ends of her t-shirt and slowly started pulling it with my teeth while kissing the revealing skin and slowly pulled it till the boobs and asked her “This isn’t coming from this, what should I do” she said “You know what to do go ahead” and I started to press her boobs with my hands over her bra and pulled off her t-shirt and kissed her bra and made her turn the other side and kissed on the hooks of her bra and started trying to pull off the hooks with my mouth and failed for two times and she gave a smile.

I took it as a challenge and pulled it off with my mouth on the third time.

It revealed her beautiful 34c breasts and I started kissing them while she was shy to show them and took off her hand and kissed all the skin that was visible to me all over again and again and lastly came to the nipples and gave a kiss on them passionately and started to lick her body from her boobs to the naval and kissed her naval several times.

She pulled off my t-shirt and gave a bear hug that was very warm and awesome and said “I love you” I kissed her lips she moved her hand I kissed her hand she moved each and every body part and I kissed whatever was moving.

As planned I opened my phone and opened a video from internet and we watched it together and she sat on my lap and gave a moment as is she’s riding me in cowgirl position and I started to try pulling off the panty but she insisted and went down pulled off my jeans and kissed my tool and she started to give it a nice blowjob(even though it’s her first time holding a dick) she said “It’s so hard and long to handle how should I blow it”.

I started guiding her how to and she mastered it very soon and started blowing me that was my best blowjob till date and I soon kissed her all over her body and removed her panty to reveal a sexy virgin pussy.

I started by rubbing over it and pushing my first finger and finger fucking her and she was enjoying it and start to do sounds like “Hmmmmmmmmmm” “I can’t stop put it in”I slowly entered her pussy with light force and it didn’t enter completely due to virginity and I pushed it a little more, she was in pain for a while and started enjoying my slow strokes and started moaning.

I slowly increased the pace and fucked her hard for 20 mins in different positions missionary, cowgirl, doggy etc… And ejaculated in her pussy she wanted more so I started to lick her pussy, and finger fucking till she orgasmed and we cuddled naked on the bed for a while and started kissing more and more.

We stood up and she just wore my black shirt and I wore a bathrobe went to the window with the excellent beach view we kissed there and went nude again and started another session which lasted a little longer.

We slept like that with my dick in her pussy and she was sleeping on me and woke up at 7:30 and went to the bathroom.

We had a shower together, we first got wet completely and I was kissing her even in the shower and she started reacting.

I slowly applied body wash on her boobs and stomach and her hands and said her to rub her body against me to apply all that soap to me.

She did it slowly and I enjoyed it a lot it was so soft and then we washed each other dried each other and kissed a lot of times and I took few pictures of her in my black shirt alone(I’m a photographer so….)

And then we went out roamed in the city and sent her to her city.

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Thank you for reading my sex story.

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