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Hey everybody this is patty with a real experience mind you it ain’t a story its my experience. Coming onto the point this is my first story and I’d expect all the viewers to excuse my mistakes. My name is Patty (name changed for sure) besides the fact that my girl used to call me by this name.This incident happened when I was 18 and completely virgin.

My experience starts here when I went to my maternal uncle’s (Mama) house for deewali vacations. Being a city boy I always liked my uncle’s place because it was a village . I liked the morning scene when a crowd of girls used to pass by my uncle’s house to have a bath at the river. Out of all those girls my eyes went straight to a girl who wore a greenish salwar, not because she was a stunning beauty of course you won’t expect anybody to be stunning at 6:00 am where we people just see our terrifically horrible face in the mirror.

She had excellent figures rather, around 32 26 32. my jaws fell to the ground a girl around 18 or 19 having such an erotic figures anybody could fall for her. This thought suddenly struck my mind what if she had a boyfriend??? What if she got laid already???oh all that feeling suddenly where thrashed out.

My uncle had two son and a daughter. An elder daughter who was just a month younger to me. My best friend her name was Palak. I used to share every stuff of my life with her my first crush everything. I asked her about that girl. She then confirmed her name that she was Mili my dream girl. I asked her if she could talk about me to her telling her that I m interested in her. She accepted the proposal and went to her house that evening. She went back and told me that Mili was not interested in me. I got stuck how can a girl that too a village girl can reject a guy who is tall, muscular, and meanwhile handsome. I was in a situation of nowhere to go.

After that I developed a stiff disliking towards her, was a bit sad which let Palak come rather close to me she wasnt behaving as a friend to me but rather her my girlfriend. I steadily got taking interest in her. All the kids used to sleep together sharing a single room. One night around 12 o’ clock I saw Palak heading towards the bathroom. Not letting her know I went behind her and grabbed her from behind oh what a feeling that was I never touched a girl with so soft curves. I pushed her inside the bathroom an closed the door.

Now she got scared I put my hands up her mouth and just saw her top to bottom. For the first time in my life I thought myself as a big bullshit having a sex goddess beside me and I was looking for an outsider. I let my hands off her and kissed her She resisted at first but when he knew she cant overcome me she started responding me. I was at my best kissing her. Our tongues met each other’s tongues. She was kissing me so wildly oozing with the sounds uuuumffff oooffff hhhhhaaaaa oh my god I tried to break the kiss but she went on she went so wild oh my goodness I thought for a while that she grabbed me from behind and was kissing me.The air that she was releasing while licking me was driving me crazy.Atlast after 15 mins of kissing we broke off actually I broke off.

I asked her whether she wanted me then she explained me that it was her first time and it was so good that she was unable to resist herself. Oh guys I just smiled at her and went on full to remove her clothes she helped me as well in removing my clothes. we kissed again all the wild stuff was going on in the bathroom.

I made her naked and so did she did to me I went straight to her boobs oh gosh!!!!!!!it was a melon around 32 I was stuck in her breast oh boy she grabbed my head and was pushing me into her boobs making a wild roar like yeah ohhhhhh Pattt ohhhhh yeaahhhh I was thunderstruck and stopped right there. Told her not to shout or the family is going to wake up thanks to my Uncle making the bathroom a bit away from the house she told me she cant resist and nothing is going to happened and grabbed my head and pushed it hard on her boobs oh I got her right there those tits I was chewing it I knew that it pained a lot to her but went on as she was screaming like anything oooooohhhhhhhh Patty dooooooo iiiiiiitttttttttt yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh aaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaah ah oh meri jaan dooooooo iiiiitttt.

Then I went downstairs right there in the heaven oh it was hairyy you wont expect her to be cleaned but still it was my first time though I went on licking it oh god whata smell that smell let my tongues lick her pussy itself oh she screamed aaaahhhhh waaahaaaa wahiiiiii yeeeeeaaaahhhh babbbyyyyy ooohhhh ahaahahahaaaa she moved her waist a lot I knew she was unable to resist the pleasure. ohhh the sound that she made just made my brain to fuck her hard suddenly she spank out all her juices in my mouth. Oh she laughed and gave me a licking kiss and told me that it was her first time she had an orgasm first in her group to have it. She thanked me.

I smiled at her and showed her my dick she got amazed as it was her first time it was 6″ I knew I have a good age and would grow even longer but here she just smiled I wanted a blowjob I asked her to give me but she restrained she said I wont do that I got angry and straight away inserted my dick into her pussy She screamed I knew it was her first time too so kept my hand on her mouth she was in pain and straight way She bleed oh for the first time in my life I thought I m gone I teared away her pussy I let my hands fall down she was crying but was smiling looking at my face I was so scared.

Tears were coming off her eyes but gave me a hug, a hug that a wife gives her husband. Oh I took her clothes and clothed her and I too got clothed We were just coming out and I heard somebody was coming.I stopped her from getting out and waited till he went it was her little brother.We came off and saw the clock it was 4:30am We smiled at each other and went to sleep.

Next morning when she woke up to go to the river I too woke and gave her a morning kiss very passionately. She then confessed me that Mili loved you a lot. I didnt tell you cause I was in love with you. She was heading to go but suddenly fell and was crying cause it was hurting her. Her pussy as it was her first time I laid her down in the bed and went to my Aunty but in middle saw the crowd where Mili was starring at our door and when she saw me she gave me a shyish smile. WHAT NOW!!!!!!!!!

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