Love Story! Flirting! True Love! Cheating! – Part 1

Hi, I am not an ISS reader. I just shared my story with my friends as I wanted someones opinion on my life but I didn’t wanted anyone to know that this was my story. That’s why I wrote it in a story form. And when I shared the story with my friends one of my friends suggested me to share it on ISS. Which I thought is a good idea. Hope you Like my stories and I also hope for positive feed-backs and suggestions as this is my first time. So the story goes on as mentioned below. It is based on true events of my life.

I am Jenny. I am a medical student from Bhopal (M.P.). I am a fun loving girl. Who was very studious till a year back. but after my first year and all of the hostel experience I have changed a lot. I have just had sex with only 2 boys till now but I have done phone sex and sexting with many guys. It is the story from the time I was in a relationship. It was my first relationship which lasted for more than 1 year. He was a guy from my neighborhood in Bhopal (stayed near my hostel).

We met through facebook. He was quite charming guy and specially his skill to play with words and change a persons thinking was simply awesome. I was one of the girls who fell into his trap. I still don’t know that why he wanted to be in a relationship with me when he could fuck me without it too.

I had my first kiss with him at ccd on our first meet as I lost a bet. Which I was gonna lose since the time it was on. As it was just his trick to get what he wants. After our first meet itself I was getting fond of him. It was the first time I was that wet under my pants. Though I never thought that I will ever touch myself sexually, that night I was somewhere willing to do it. But I just couldn’t do it.

But when I was texting with him that night he got that something is fishy with my mood tonight and he used his words and made me masturbate on call. It started with a game of dirty truth and dare with no exchange of images. It was his idea and it also sounded safe so I readily agreed for it.

In that game he made me touch my self and I did it as I was already feeling aroused and somewhere willing to do it. As soon as I started getting on with the game and in flow with all the dirty truths and dares he played another trick and lied to me that he was sleepy and lets end the game and talk on call.

As I was horny I accepted his proposal. Then he called me asked me that did I enjoyed the game and all for which I replied honestly and with time he started asking me all the personal questions about color of my bra and panty their design and all the details. My measurements (34C-27-36) and started complementing on my curves. Everything he said was making me feel more aroused and that night he made me masturbate on call and it was my first phone sex.

Then it became kind of a routine till one day he proposed me and I agreed. Well on the very next day that charming boy took me on a nice candle light dinner and booked a room for us to spend the night together for which I agreed without thinking twice as it was already more than a month since we were having phone sex and sexting.

The hotel room was well decorated with candles and roses on the bed. It was simply too romantic and perfect for the first night with your lover. I was wearing a decent black one piece which covered more than half of my thighs and he was wearing a white shirt over a blue denim. He made the charm casual and the night special. It was the night I lost my virginity.

As soon as we entered that hotel room he played some music on the system and I was just amazed to see the decor and my name on bed. This on the other hand was playing with my mind and made me looses all my senses and then I hugged him and locked my lips on him. He put his hands on my back and was rubbing them all over and slowly he moved his hands lower and was moving it over my hips too. I was just going with the flow and slowly moved backwards towards the bed where he pushed me onto it and lay over me.

We started fondling with each other and rolling over bed while hugging and kissing each other. Until he got over me and started kissing me all over starting from the forehead till my toe. In which he also kissed my bare juicy thighs which made me all wet inside my Black semi-transparent lacy panty.

After kissing my feet. He started kissing in the upward direction and when he reached on my thighs for the second time he moved up my dress and kissed on my inner thighs and wet vagina over my wet panties. I didn’t stopped him and was just playing with his hairs and moaning.

He came up and locked his lips on mine to shut me up and then he moved his one hand pressing it over my waist moving in an upward direction till he reached my breasts. After reaching there he kept his move gentle and harsh both at the same time. My nipples were erect and I was fully in his control. My body was moving up and down with the change of harsh and gentle movements of his hands.

When a Flirt’s charm starts fading, he starts paying for his deeds …!!

Rest of the part is to be continued which will be enclosed with the further details on how I Loved and Cheated Him … Please help me with the areas to improve.

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