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Hello readers!!! Thank you for all the love you have shown.. It’s been a blessing to be apart of ISS who has got me in touch with so many romantic girls and woman!!!

I hope all the readers I have met and I have chatted with, are pleased physically and mentally… And this is for all you lovely readers, that I can’t stop sharing my experiences here on ISS!!

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Let me introduce myself for all the new readers off ISS. I’m Rohan Sharma, 27 years old. I love making love to my partner in the most romantic ways I could.. I’m a sex advisor, a massuer by hobby. So feel free to reach me for any kind of pleasure, help, or advice.. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed…

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Coming to the story, this story is about me and lovely reader of ISS!!! You can feel the magic of love and romance we have for each other. She has been very speical to me and will always be special. Having her in my life itself is blessing!!! Her love and her care is something which I would always want all my life..

The story is narrated by her in her words as she herself was written it. Trust me you gonna love it and wish you could find your love soon or you can reach me…

It all started when I (Aanchel-name changed) decided to read ISS the first ever time. I’m a science graduate, 25 years old and a total unknown to this ISS site. As I scrolled down the list of stories and one story title caught my eye. Not wasting any time I decided to read the full story. Never knew that that one story would change my life.

Rohan, the writer of the amazing sexs experience story, he touched my soul with every detail written with the girl. I never thought I would actually email an unknown guy not to have sexs talks but just to be friends. He was amazingly sweet and is a gentleman by talking politely and explaining things with full attention.

Days passed and we became close. We thought at first it would be like friends with benefits type. But we never knew by exchanging pictures, wait, it was not nude or sexy pictures at all. Instead, it was fully dressed pictures with lots of smiles and funny faces. He loved them and most of all he loved my voice. A guy whom I have never met before, never seen before, just talking on the phone and chats always gave me a heartbeat skip. It was something in him I wanted to have throughout my life and finally the day came and I got it…

We planned a meet up in a different state in India. The first time we met, we saw each other, we blushed and hugged. He whispered in my ears I’m feeling blessed now. I kissed his cheeks softly and said “Glad you are”. And so we left to have dinner and checked in the hotel for his and my stay in the same hotel. Dear readers, we weren’t staying together at this point. So then we decided to get good rest tonight and we will go out tomorrow.

Next morning, I got ready and went to check on Rohan has he got ready and he was still fast asleep. I knocked till he opened the door. I said, “Oh Rohan wake up! We gotta go for sightseeing. Now go get dressed or I’ll leave”.

He got hold of my waist and in no time we dropped on the bed. He was above me and he clearly saw my eyes closed so tightly as I was in a shocked scared state. I could feel his breath on my nose, eyes looking intensely on my trembling lips and just then he got up from me. I opened my eyes and asked “You could have done something with me but you did not. Why so Rohan?” He replied “The more I see your face, your smiling lips, I keep falling for you and I can’t help it but I wanna make love to you only when you’re comfortable to have me on you honey”. And he went into the washroom to get ready. I sat there on the bed truly amazed by his action and I realised I am blessed to have him.

We went sightseeing, acted like kids in front of each other, had long chats bout ourselves by the beach side, candle light dinner and finally back to the hotel room. It was raining heavly and we got wet while running back to the hotel.

We went up to his room and thought of changing as fast as possible to avoid getting cold. But we never expected something else was waiting for us in the room. A bottle of champagne, a beautiful moist chocolate cake and red balloons decorated in the room. This was Rohan’s idea and it was the most amazing surprise I could ever get. He bends down on his knees and expressed his love for me and I could not resist in kissing his lips so hard. But instead he got up and seduced me by pushing me towards the wall and brushing his finger tips from my forehead to my nose to my lips to my neck and to my cleavage. I got shy and turned myself facing the wall and closed my eyes to feel him. He raised my both hands on the wall and went down to kiss my waist back. The most amazing feeling as that is my most sensitive spot.

While licking and kissing my waist back, he came up slowly and undressed my blouse and immediately unhooked my bra. The clothes fell on the floor and I breathed heavily as his hands grabbed my breast hard. He cupped them in his palms and whispered in my ears “you’re so perfect for me and wanna make you mine tonight!”. I smiled and nodded. He swept me off my feet and lay me on the bed. He took his shirt off and with no time waste; he pulled my pants off with my panties. I knew he was so horny at that point as I saw his bulge raising pleading to get out of his pants. He teased me with his tongue on my pussy lips while pressing my breast softly. I moaned softly grabbing the bed sheets. He spread my pussy lips and explored every inch of it with his fingers and in no time I was wet. He licked me and fingered me so hard till I cummed.

He then lay beside me and kept sucking on my boobs and so then I took over the turn. I got up sat on him and rocked myself on his hard thing pleading to come out of his pants. He looked at me with lots of love and enjoyed the movement on him. I moved down and unzipped his pants and grabbed hold of his penis. The first time entering in my mouth, I heard Rohan moaning softly. I knew that he loves it as it was warm in my mouth. I sucked it slowly and with time I increased my speed. He kept moaning and I kept sucking while rubbing his balls in my soft hands. With my surprise he got up and grabbed my hair and mouth fucked me. It was an amazing feeling and I decided to then get on him. I removed his grip from my hair and pushed him back on the bed and sat on his penis to ride him.

As it entered slowly I moaned and when everything went in I grabbed his hair hard and whispered in his ears “Please make me yours now baby. You’re what I need”. He raised his ass and fucked me hard while pressing my ass. This continued for 10 minutes and then without removing his penis, he turned me over to the bed and carried my legs up and fucked me so wild. I moaned and he kept thrusting his penis in my pussy. The best part came when he was about to reach his climax, he rubbed my pussy so hard while fucking me deep inside.

In no time, we both cummed the same time as he removed his penis from my pussy and ejaculated on my pussy and I was dripping wet. He wiped of his cum on me and lay back down next to me. Looking into my eyes, Rohan said “You’re an amazing girl baby and I love you”. I smiled sweetly and said I love you too love and rested my head on his chest and we slept off.

Love isn’t bout lust but is the way feelings are expressed. And I believe that sexs is the most amazing thing that can happen between a couple. Live the moment. Im Aanchel (name changed) ending my story here. Thank you.

Readers, I hope you liked those special moments of our life!!!

And she is not here to find sex or sex chats… She wanted to share her experience with all of you.. So please, please do not ask me to share her details with you..

If you girls are looking for some romantic and naughty talks, and believe in making love then please get in touch with me…

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