Love With My Awesome Pretty And Sexy Maid

Hi all friends,

This is first story of my life I am a great fan of sex stories this site inspired me to share my real life experience with you all friends.

I m 32 m from Ahmadabad good looking from a good family.I am married since last 4 years but not in good terms with my life. We live normal life but not like it has to be.We had shifted from Rajkot to Ahmadabad in 2014 as I had setup my work in here so for all house hold work we needed a maid as we were new in city so our maid from rajkot said her daughter can come there for help for 3 4 months until we set there and we agreed.

Never seen her daughter before ever she came along with her mother next day but to my surprise she never looked liked maid we was educated well dressed beautiful fair body to be true even looked sexier then my wife. My wife talked about money and asked me she asking 5000 a month I said no worries take her along she will be of good use as we totally new in ahmedabad.I had no bad intentions about her initially we had shifted there it was more than 2 months now she was good in work all ways dressed well and worked well. I had no sex life with my wife was always hungry for sex but never imagined yasmin could be of any help.

I used to stare at her many times and she would response with smile but I never had courage to make a move.Would masturbate thinking about her sucking her juicy mango shaped boobies and her pussy looked yummy from above her clothes she had sexy waist line and ass to die for round and soft I could imagine that as she walked around. Would always try to impress her and I guess she noticed that moves she also would sometime try to impress by being good and wear good clothes that would reveal her shapes may be my wife noticed that sometimes but she did not care about me.Best part of her body was her looks her boobies and tummy I think I would stare them for hours and hours as I got time.

It was december my wife best friend invited us for her marriage in baroda but I was in no mood to go so I sent her alone she left early morning 6 and now I was alone and I wished some miracle happens and I get sex from yasmin.She woke up at 8 came to my room and asked me for breakfast I said make whatever you like she smiled and left.She made bf I asked her to sit with me and have along she said no but I said I wont tell to my wife so she agreed.

We talked a lot and she was so cool a person.I hold her hand and said I like you yasmin and kissed her hand she did not resist and gave a smile I went close to her and kissed her on lips and she responded like hell she was suck a hot kisser the we went to bedroom kissing each other and I made her naked and threw her on bed and I also become naked. Her figure was a gem 34 size white boobs with dark pink nips flat tummy her pussy was trimmed perfect and sexy hips we kissed each other like hell I licked her neck underarms boobies tummy and her hips kissed her pussy and to b true it was so fresh then liked her juicy pussy and massaged her whole body her pussy was amazing fresh and ripe and soft she was a virgin licked her like there was no other day she moaned like it was pure love. Now she was on top kissing me all over and finally gave me a blowjob that was awesome she sucked me and licked my 6 inch tool from top to bottom and played with my balls she was master in love making.

She made me lie on bed and inserted my dick in her soft pussy which was wet by her juices we made real love like husband and wife and finally we both were done we slept in each other arms for hour it was 11 I skipped my office that two days. She made lunch we had lunch to gather and again we took shower along her body was like amazing soft tender I licked her whole naked body in bathroom we took shower played with each other licked each other a lot she was a person to die for she was so good. We had sex in shower I sat and she was on my lap kissing each other kissing and sucking her boobs that feel was amazing.

We spend whole noon in each other arms naked on bed. Evening we had some good romance talking in kissing and spent good eve. Dinner I asked her what she wants to eat she said pizza we ordered dominoes watched movie at home trust me friends I did not spend this good time even with my wife yasmin cared for me a lot. Night we had wonderful sex session of kissing and licking we did 69 for long time and I made love to her the way I wanted to she was all mine.

I cant ever forget those two lovely days with her we had lot of sex in all positions in all ways we also went for shopping and movie like husband and wife she dressed well in my wife clothes we had good time outing also.In movie hall we kissed and spent time like lovers.

She was there for next two months but we did not get that chance to make love but I love her dilse and not for lust. She still respect me and so do I. Now she messages me sometime and we talk very rare as she is also married now. I wish we meet someday again.

Still m hungry for sex not in good terms with my wife hope we get separated she has made my life hell but due to our families I can’t get separated.

Hope you liked my story m new writer but its real. Any women lady wants a good friend in Ahmadabad for any relation kindly mail me. [email protected]

Thank you. Will wait for a response and a partner.

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