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Hi folks, it’s about my tour to Egypt for business. I had to take a flight from Cairo to Nairobi when I reached airport I had three Arabian women in burka, one old lady, and two young girls out of which one was damn beautiful n sexy.

They were ahead me while doing screening. I was just staring at the beautiful burka clad women. My eyes not ready to leave her glimpse then proceeded to the counter behind them n came to know that Nairobi flight is cancelled on hearing this.

I uas upset and that lady spoke to the airlines person in Arabic language and they had heated arguments and then the airlines staff told as the flight has been cancelled due to technical reasons and we have been booked for next day’s flight and hotel will be provided by the airlines.

Then as there was no option left and I told its ok there is no other way out. Then she also cooled down and spoke to me as what if tomorrow also they say the same thing. Well I said what else can and we do.

Then we were given voucher and 4 of us proceeded towards bus to be taken to hotel while in bus I was staring at her and she also felt that I am behind her and but did not give any attention when we reached hotel.

We were given rooms, the old lady and another girl took one room and this lady took another room, thereafter was my room after handing over voucher to hotel staff I moved to my room n so did they all again while in lobby and I was admiring her which.

She noticed and started to respond while going her just smiled n said bye softly. I also went to room and was thinking of this lady. After half an hour got a call from reception that dinner is ready so went down to have dinner in restaurant I sat on one table and started my dinner in few minutes.

She came to the restaurant alone. I smiled at her and she also responded and I asked where is her mother and sister, so she said it’s not her mother and sister, but she is her mother in law and the other lady is their maid as before reaching airport they had dinner so they don’t want have, but she did not ate earlier.

I requested her to sit with me n give me company. There were other people in the restaurant having their dinner. She was a bit reluctant but then managed herself to sit opposite me while having dinner we discussed as where she was from n why going to Nairobi.

She said she was from Yeman and married to a Kuwaiti man who is having a good job in Nairobia. She has gone to visit her parents with her mother in law and now going back to Nairobi while talking all this.

I was just admiring her and she was also looking at me as she was interested in me while we had dinner we were in lift, she asked me what’s my room number and I laughed and told her why want come to my room or what, she also laughed n said just kidding.

Then she told me bye and thanks for good company and went her room and I also was at my door, the she said bye and I too said bye n blushed my eyes n she gave me a naught smile and went in room.

I also came in the room and I changed clothes and was thinking of her and my tool started to come in action in few minutes it was all hard enough to bang after about 2 hours and I got a call from her and asking was I asleep.

I said no, then she said what am I doing, I told nothing then she said if nothing then why awake till so late night it was about 1 am. So I asked what was she doing and so she said she was also unable to sleep then I told her frankly that I was thinking of you so was not able to sleep.

She laughed and told me the same then she said can I come to her room, I said ok, but she said do not knock as she is keeping the door open and I have to just come in the room. I did as was told. What a beauty, as I had seen her in burkha but now saw her in sleeveless nighty which was a bit transparent.

I was looking at her boobs which were fantastic which she noticed and said what am I looking at, I was ashamed and then started to look somewhere else. She then got up from bed and came close to me. She said look I need you tonight as she likes me immediately.

I turned at her and embraced her and started kissing her and kissing her necks, ears, eyes, nose lips and then smooch her. Took her to bed and she also kissing my neck then I got up and just touched her boobs, she said remove the gown n then do whatever you want to do.

I removed her gown n she was now in a bran panty in front of me, she immediately removed my kurta and pyjama, as I was not wearing undies she just gold hold of my cock and started staring at it and then I removed her bra wow what a milky boobs and I asked her can.

I suck it she said tonight she is mine I am free to do anything with her. I then started sucking her boobs with one my hand fondling her pussy which was very much wet then she pushed my head towards her pussy what a clean shaven pink pussy.

I started to lick her pussy by which she was moaning and holding my head on her pussy hard. I inserted my whole tongue in her pussy which she was enjoying I moved my head down towards her asshole what a fine asshole she was having when my tongue reached at her asshole.

She was not able to control herself n was moving her bums with her eyes closed. I kept on licking pussy and asshole till she came. I could feel tangy liquid flow in my mouth then she went quite looking at me and saying I am too much naughty.

I lied beside her with my throbbing cock, which she saw and came close and took the same in her hand then I told her how about sucking she said why not and immediately took my cock in her mouth and started licking like lollypop nonstop.

I was very hot n told her to leave me as I was about to come, but she did not leave me within minutes and I shoot in her mouth, she was looking very funny, my load half in her mouth and half on her lips. She spitted out and wiped her face and my cock with the tissue.

Then we laid around in each other’s arms, kissing fondling, teasing. I asked what’s to be done next and she said it’s me who has to decide what’s to be done next. I told her and I would like to fuck her ass.

She laughed and said why that hole when you have my tight pussy, then too I said while licking your asshole I was planning to fuck that hole. Well she said she has never tried there, better I fuck her pussy and I insisted her that I would do it very gently and if it pains.

I would not do and finally she agreed and got up from bed, opened her bag removed moisturising cream and told me may be you would need it and I said, that’s better with this you would not feel difficult then made her sit in doggie position, went down to her ass licked her.

And then when she was ready put some cream on my cock and some on the opening of her asshole and started to stroke, she screamed its very thick and cannot go, but then I fondled her ass and put my finder there to make her comfortable and within few minutes it seems.

She was enjoying my finger then she herself told me to proceed. I started slowly and slowly within few minutes my whole cock was inside her asshole but am sure she was not comfortable with it any way as the strokes were faster.

She started to enjoy n told me faster and deeper, then what I using my full stamina fucked her shithole and within minutes was out in her asshole made her lay on bed still my dick inside her hole and then when my cock went loose removed it.

She was happy as she said its nice game, and she enjoyed ass fuck. By then it was 4 am so I told her shall I leave so she said I cannot unless I fuck her pussy. I told her for that I need to get sucked so my dick can bang her pussy.

She then came in 69 positions sucking my cock and giving me smell of her tangy pussy, licking her clits and I was enjoying her pussy on my face within few minutes she made my cock hard and then said ok come on fuck me.

I lied down and then made her ride on me, but this position she was not enjoying, so made her lie down n then put my cock in her pussy. Fully gone in her pussy and she moans like anything, guiding me to suck her nipples one by one which I was doing while stroking her.

She was holding my buttocks harder and enjoying the fuck. She told me not to come unless she reaches and I was just trying to satisfy her and once she said she has reached I removed my cock and put the same in between her big boobs and tried doing Russian and finally in minutes.

I was out all my cream in between her boobs. I then wiped out the cream and made my elf comfortable then I told I want pee she jumped from bed and said show me how you pee laughed and said what will you do me peeing, so she said would like to smell the aroma of my pee.

I agreed but said would also smell her pee aroma, but she said why just aroma if I want I can play with her pee while she is pissing off, ah it was something new so I agreed and while I pissed she put her hands like washing hands with my pee.

And while she was pissing I took my pose towards her pussy to get the aroma of her piss and then while she was pissing put my nose in between while she was pissing out then we took bath together and freshened yourself and it was 5 am.

She said it’s time for me to move as she would take some rest and I also had to take some rest. We kissed each other and I pressed her boobs and she fondled my dick and we separated. Next morning we were in same flight but thinking of each other. I still miss that lady.

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