Loving Boyfriend Sharing Slutty Girlfriend With His Good Friend

Hello fellow readers, thank you for the hearty response to my previous thread,” Girlfriend Sharing Escapades of a Young Couple”. Recap for the readers who haven’t read the previous posts. Our relationship started in school, by the time we reached college we were hornier and started experimenting with our sex lives.

We started by indulging in sex chats with strangers online. My gf had gotten sluttier, she found exhibitionism enthralling and she got off by showing her skin to random men. Finally, one day, she got a chance to hook up with a man, Vipin, he worked for her family, and with my blessing she fucked him hard.

I will share the incident where I shared one of my very close friends with my gf. After the incident with Vipin, I got the insatiable urge to see my gf getting fucked in front of me or having a threesome with another guy. To our luck I got the chance very soon. My very close friend Madhav was going through a very bad break up. My gf and I used hang out with him to cheer him up, we three bonded very well.

We tried our best but there was no cheering him up. I suggested him one night stands but that wasn’t easy to get. I was telling my gf how Madhav was reluctant to see other girls and then she popped her slutty idea, “why don’t I fuck him?” before I could answer my cock was already hard. My gf understood that I was onboard, so we started planning.

We were hanging out in a café, I told Madhav that I had girl for him. Curiously, he asked who? I told my gf. For a moment he color went pale. He was embarrassed and confused. I told him to think about and If he wants it he could let me know. Madhav didn’t reply for a few days.

Then I got a text from him, “Dude, I don’t know if you are serious, I like your gf but I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” I told him it was ok and meeting was arranged at my house. My gf was equally excited as she was going to fuck another guy in front of her bf of 7 years. For feedback reach me at [email protected]

It was hot afternoon, Madhav came looking all, dashing, he tried extra hard to groom himself. He was barely looking in my eyes. I could sense his uneasiness. He asked how I would like them to do it. I said, you guys have fun , I will just watch from a corner.

My gf came and welcomed him, she was acting way to confindent. She was wearing a tank top and a short mini skirt with black lingerie inside. Madhav couldn’t help but stare at her boobs. He was too shy to make a move, so I asked my gf to sit on her lap. And then the game began.

My gf was sitting on his lap, caressing his shoulder. they started kissing, what started as awkward pecks on lips changed into hot saliva exchanging smooches, I could see Madhav sucking on my gf’s tongue. he started fondling her breasts and thighs and within minutes they forgot that I was present in the room.

Madhav pinned down my gf and started licking her neck. He held her arms up and licked all the way down to her shoulders. Bit her ears , licked her neck and nape. I could see my gf enjoying his tongue, her toes were curled and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He pulled the strap of her tank top and her bra and started feasting on her breasts. He got really rough, for second I thought I should stop him but then I saw my gf made him suck her other breasts. She pushed her hand inside her jeans and started stroking his cock. Madhav did the same and went for her pussy. They started kissing again and masturbated each other.

Madhav got up and stripped my gf naked, she did the same to him. She made him lie down and said, “dear, forget your gf, I will love you today” and started licking Madhavs chest. She sucked his nipples, licked his arms and then went for his 6 inch long thick cock. She started stroking his cock and then took It in her mouth. Used her tongue all over his dick and kept licking it like a ice cream . Madhav wasn’t able to hold back for long, he came in my gf’s mouth.

He rested for a while and then dived for my gf’s pussy. He made long strokes with his tongue from my gf’s pussy to her ass. He tongue fucked her. My gf was really wet, I could see her wetness on his lips. My gf orgasmed atleast twice. Madhav was hard again.

He wasted no time, spread my gf’s legs and pushed his fat cock in her pussy. he held her head and one of her boobs and started making very hard strokes. Like wild animals he made very hard strokes, my gf was shouting and screaming with pleasure and pain. He fucked her like that for 5-6 mins and then turned her around. my gf was totally exhausted but he wasn’t done.

He made her bitch and fucked her like a mad dog. He used all this strength and kept thrusting his cock in her pussy. His body slapping against my gf’s ass made so much noise. She enjoyed every bit of it and after few minutes he came inside my gf. My gf was lying all sweaty and exhausted with cum dripping from her pussy.

You all could say that this was my first real cuckold experience. I was never so aroused in my life. I kept masturbating while watching them fuck. Madhav thanked me and he was really happy.

After that we kept having threesomes with Madhav . For feedback kindly contact one [email protected] it really means a lot to me. That’s the main reason why I shared this incident. There are many more to share, I hope you all would like to know more. and as always spice up your bed people. Take care, guys.

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