Loving The Closest: A Son And Mother Part – 6

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In last you the part you read the development of a new relation between me and mother. But as I said, night was not over on that note only. My mother took time in the bathroom and here outside in the bedroom I was imagining about our relations. I lost my hard-on as the last session happened 15-20 minutes before. I was falling asleep slowly when I heard cracking of bathroom door. My face was on opposite side and I did not turn around to see her. I thought probably night was over for us and if anything would happen, it would happen next night only. But I was wrong. Destiny has something else for me. I was lying on my side with my closed eyes. I felt she was arranging blanket over us. She lied on her side and she placed her hand on my shoulder. She gripped my shoulder. Then she moved her hand on my arms and kneaded my arm muscles. As she was doing this, her body came in contact with mine. I felt that she was wearing a towel on her body.

My dick started gaining its attention again and I came in my full conscious. From my arms, she moved her hand to my waist. She was little hesitant but ultimately her hand dropped and it touched my dick. First, she touched it then she wrapped her hand around it. I could not believe this. Without my insistence, she was gripping my dick. I was sure she flushed all her inhibitions and hesitations in the bathroom and came out as a new woman who cares for her desires and wanted to satisfy it. She slowly slid her hand up and down on my dick and in no time I was having full- fledged boner. She was slowly stroking it up and down and I was in trance. I couldn’t believe my luck as this woman who seemed to be at a transcendental level for me a few days ago was lying beside me and stroking my dick. The fantasy which had been a secret for many years inside me is coming at its picture. I couldn’t control more.

I turned around and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were open and full of lust. This is the first time we were seeing in each other’s eyes while making out. I wanted to tell her about my love towards her and how much I praise her. I wanted to tell her my desires towards her. I opened my mouth to utter words about all these things but she locked my mouth with her lips. She closed her eyes first and I did right after her. We were eating each other’s lips. This is our first full- fledged kiss. Her lips were soft and delicious. My lower lip was inside her mouth and I was sucking her upper lips. My hand went to her hips and I grabbed it in ecstasy. She moved her body forward to touch her pussy with my dick.

I couldn’t able to decide who was kissing whom. As she was kissing me (I choose her domination over me as per my desires) I was melting inside her. I wanted our lips to be joined and be like this forever. I wanted the moment to freeze at that particular instance. This passion between us was wiping all our inhibitions. We both were forcing our bodies into each other. Our tongues met and intertwined, sliding into each other’s lips playfully. Our arousal was getting more intense as our lust were getting more demanding. She pulled me towards her. Our hearts and breathing were pounding into unison which was fuelling our passion more.

I slipped my hands inside her towel and reached her naked flesh beneath. My fingers found her drenched pussy lips. As my lips touched her slit, her breathing quickened into swaggered gasps. My fingers were exploring the wet, warm and soft folds of her outer lips. With rising excitement, she pressed her body more into my fingers which slipped inside her love- hole.

I was moving my thumb on her clit and concentratedly massaging her clit while sliding my fingers inside her soaked pussy and was making her jammed and moaning. Her lips were grinding in rhythm with my fingers. Looking up at me lustfully she pulled my head towards her and started smooching me with open eyes. Her eyes were red with lust and excitement and also slightly closed. Eager to see her naked glory, the body of a woman of my fantasies I untangled her towel. She let the towel go off easily without making any attempt to stop me or towel to get off her curvaceous, lustful body. Finally, she reached beneath her body and dragged towel to the side letting it drop to the ground. Her large breasts were fully exposed to me.

There was no cloth on her body. Her glorious bosoms were right in front of my eyes. Her boobs were surpassingly flawless and, beautiful and seductive. Her nipples which were erected from her chocolate coloured areola were perfect in size and quite appealing. They were asking to be sucked again and again without break. She let her body bend a little and took her hand on the back of my head to direct it towards her nipples. Mesmerised by her beauty and seductive acts I took nipples in my mouth as an obedient student. I kept going, moving my lips from one nipple to another from one breast to another, sucking, licking, grabbing and stroking them eagerly and furiously.

By sitting only she moved both of her hands on the lower end of my t-shirt and tried to pull it up. I helped her by raising my hand. She removed my t-shirt and threw it on a side. She took my face from her boobs and looked into my eyes. Without speaking a single work her lips got attached to my neck. From there they were moving on my shoulder, chest, and nipples. I was in trance and enjoying her lips all over my upper body. I was loving her attention. I lowered my body and rested my back on the bed. In unison, her upper half portion came over me. She was glued to me. With shaky hands, she fumbled with my short and hooked her fingers in the waistband. I eagerly raised my hips and she pulled the garment from my crotch. I drew her face towards me and kissed her passionately. I grabbed her by the waist and tried to pull her above me. She came on my side resting her one leg and three-fourth body above me. My hands were on her hips and rubbing, pinching and grabbing that.

She has a wonderful pair of ass. Wide yet not loose. Her soft fingers were exploring my chest, shoulders, arms and pinching my nipples while our lips and tongues were delving into each other. She moved her hand on my cock and encircled it. She fondled it and lowered her face from my face to my stomach and then to my crotch. She brought her face closer to it, inhaled it while her long and slender fingers were wrapped around this. With her other hand, she cupped my balls and with another base of my cock as it measuring its girth.With adoration, she bent her head took a kiss of the tip.

Then she lashed out her tongue and licked the pre-cum which I was oozing since long for her. I was shivering in pleasure and I closed my eyes to savour the sensation provided by her. Next, she took the swollen tip into her mouth and sucked it. She took her mouth away and I felt some movement in her body. I opened my eyes and my eyes were locked on her. Her eyes were oozing pure lust. We both were burning in our bodily desires. The body movement which I felt was because she was adjusting her body to me. She sat on my crotch. My dick was in direct contact with her soaked pussy. We both were tensed and a wave of sensation was going through our body.I was surprised at her action. She pulled her body up, lovingly took my dick in her hand and then again lowered her body. My dick- head was at the entrance of her pussy. Next moment I felt that my swollen head was wedged between the soft folds of her juicy cunt lips. In excitement, I thrust my cock into her using my entire strength.

A big loud moan came out of her mouth and her gripped on my chest got tightened. She was so wet that I slipped inside her without any resistance. She led out a loud gasp as if she was out of breath. She has the softest and slickest pussy. It did not matter that she was my mother. She has the most seductive pussy for me. For her son’s cock. She moaned loudly and flexed her pussy by looking into my eyes with a most seductive smile in the world. We did not need any word to express to each other. She pulled her wet hot passage from my cock and then forcefully pushed it back. She did it few times till her pussy gradually adjusted to my length and girth. She lifted my hand and placed it on her hips. I started rubbing and pinching her hips. I was sliding my hands on all over her hips and waist. I slipped my fingers between her ass- crack and started touching her anal passage. She let out a deep moan and start humping me more wildly.

She lowered her upper body and gave me a hard kiss on lips. She did bite my lips gently. I wrapped my legs around her and pulled her forcefully and fully into me. Our loins were locked but very briefly, she pulled herself back and eased herself out of my grip. Both our bodies were in sync with each other. I unwrapped my legs and reached for her hips pulling her more into me. Her legs were trembling, and her hips were rocking up and down, with the pace of my thrust from below. She was pushing herself with great vigour into me. I gripped her ass cheeks and signalling her to push harder. Her big tits were flopping around all the time. She reached till my mouth and pushed her boobs on my face. I eagerly opened my mouth and took one of her nipples into it. I sucked it and then I took my tongue out and started vibrating her nipples with my tongue. This act sent a shiver through her body. She moaned very loudly and a purr came out of her mouth. She was continuously moaning.

Her pussy was gushing fountain of juices and was splashing it around my cock and groin. Her long fingernails were digging into my flesh. She thrust her cleavage into my mouth and as if intoxicated by her aroma and passion, I felt more aroused. I flicked my tongue out to taste it and as a drug it caused my dick to grow bigger inside her. She felt it and gave a loud moan digging her nails more and widening her eyes. Deep inside her cunt, I felt that her soft muscles were tightening around my dick. She was not holding anything back and strongly ripping her cunt open against my cock. I was feeling as if going into unconscious by her fucking. I was on the verge of orgasm but I did not want to disappoint her. I was trying to avert my thoughts but her hot seductive body was not allowing me to think beyond her. As my orgasm was approaching I started thrusting into her more and more from below. She got my signal and she started humping me more furiously with her head bending backwards. With her overwhelming pleasure and sensation, I was engrossed into her. Suddenly her body started shivering uncontrollably as a full body draining orgasm hit her and was ripping through her loins.

She screamed in pleasure. Her muscles around my dick were contracting rhythmically and she threw herself over me. Her entire body was against mine and panting heavily. Her squirt of love juices soaked my cock as well as everything around it. This sent me over the edge. I gave one final thrust inside her and started spurting my semen in her vagina. I gripped her ass hard and tried to push myself inside her as much as possible. I was continuously spraying mine in her. Her hips were grinding on my cock very slowly as if wanted to drag to even the last drop of juice out of it. I was not completely soft and I pushed my cum as far as I could.

We both laid there like that only in each other’s embrace. I do not remember how much time passed. Then she dragged her body and pulled my limp cock out of her pussy. She reached to my face and planted a long hard kiss on my lips as if thanking me. I wrapped my arms around her in order to drag her more closely. Without touching our clothes or attempting to detach ourselves from each other, we slept in each other’s arms…..

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