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Hi everyone, this is my second post here, please read my previous post ‘uni girl in Australia’ also and email me ASAP if you like any of them.

Coming to the story, my name is James. I had come to India from Australia, just to spend some time with my family. I lived in the city of Saswad near Pune. Everything was going on well and I was enjoying my time there.

One day, while I was going through the city, a known girl crossed me n she winked at me. Both of us were on our bikes. I just smiled and crossed.The girl here, was the sister of my very good childhood friend. She was 19, and used to go to a local college.

Her name was Mahi. She was 5′ 3, thin with average boobs.

Anyway coming back to the story, after 2-3 days, she was online on FB, so I just messaged her and we started our normal talk. This went on for a few days. One night I asked her if she wanted to play truth or dare with me. She was excited and straight away wanted to go for it.

So the game started normally, n then I just asked her, y did she wink at me the other day, n she said its just bcoz she likes my body. The game continued and exchanging dirty information, etc was on.

She was a virgin n wanted to only get laid with somebody whom she can trust. One Sunday, my parents were away, so I just texted her to come over, spend some time with me alone.

She didnt reply for an hour n then she called me n acted as I called her n I am asking her to bring a NOKIA USB cable for me, just so that she can come over. She said she was free the entire day and she would be here in 10-15 mins.

I was excited, I went to the near by medical stores, brought condoms because I knew this was the lucky day for me. I came home n arranged stuff around the house.

Just then, she texted me that she was horny n if I was ready for it. I was super charged. In 5 mins, somebody rang the door bell n I knew it was her. I opened the door n she was there. She was in a black top n black 3/4 th. she was looking hot. She smiled n I asked her to come in.

As soon as she was in, I locked the door and trust me I have met her so many times but today I just had lust for her in my eyes. I caught her hand, pulled her towards me. Now she was in my arms.

Both of yours were looking in each others eyes. I slowly moved my hands on her back and then to her ass and lifted her and kissed her lips. She didn’t react at first but then she was like tigress. Both of us were restlessly moving our lips n toughness around n were horny as there was no other day. She lifted her legs, n rapped around my waist n her hands were in my hair. I moved my hands up and slowly removed her top. The losing was still on and I started pressing her small boobs over her short petticoat.

As soon as pinched her right nipple, she broke the kiss n asked me to go slow n remove her petticoat. I removed her petticoat n then I couldn’t resist to taste those boobs. I rested her on her back on the sofa and started sucking those boobs n biting those nipples. She was mourning and asked me to remove my t shirt. I removed it I started exploring her navel with my tongue. Just then, she pulled me up and the energy of kissing each other had increased to double now. We kissed for around 5-10 mins and then we swapped n she explored my chest. She even took a bite of my nipples. That was horny.

She said moved down n unbuttoned my jeans and I stopped her n pulled her up. She asked what happened, n I told her if she opens it, she has to satisfy it. She should get fucked until the little kid is happy. She smiled n said we’ll see if your little kid can keep up with my nests. And she went down n removed my jeans n boxers in one shot. My tool was saluting her ready for her with the length of 6 inches. She kept looking at it n inspecting it. I told her to get started.

She said she is not sure n might find it gross. I pulled her up n started kissing her. She pulled out and said, why dont you get the party started n I’ll join. I agreed and removed her 3/4 th and white panty. She was looking stunning when she got naked. I told her to turn around n sit in doggy style on the sofa.

As soon as she did that, I gave a nice slap on her ass n it turned red. She was surprised n gave out a shout ‘oooiuiii Maaaa’. Then I grabbed both her asses n started licking her asshole. It was amazing. Then I turned her around n spread her legs. I got between them n started licking her thighs. She was mourning like hell now. I slowly moved towards her pussy n just when I touched her pussy, she jumped off. Then I caught her n told her to shut up n let me do this right n started tongue fucking her. She was biting her lips n pressing her boobs with her hands. I had my eye contact with her which made both of us more horny.

And then I slowly inserted my finger in her love hole with my tongue. She was restless n said she might come anytime now. I was happy, so I increased my speed n inserted another finger in her asshole. Just as I entered my finger, she jumped n came all over my mouth. She was relieved n excited for the stuff to come. We laid there for a minute or so n then she came over me n asked me if I wanted to get my little johnny serviced by her. I winked at her.

I was sitting on the sofa and she kneeled down on the floor. She looked at my tool and started kissing it n then sucking it from the top. I was in golden state. Then she took her hand n started blowing me n sucked my balls. She kept her eyes in my eyes n I could see the lust in her. She hair were just a bit longer than her shoulder n were coming in her way of sucking. I adjusted her hair n made sure she was doing her best. Then I started mouth fucking her. It was awesome.

I lifted her n asked her to lay on her back on the sofa with her face inverted downwards. Then I fucked her mouth n she was enjoying it. I was about to come. She said she wants it in her mouth. I exploded the entire cum in her mouth. Both of us got up n I slapped her ass again. She screamed n then went to the bathroom to clean up her mouth. Just then, her phone rang n it was her mother. We were half way through n both of us were naked. She picked up the call.

Mahi – hello mummy!!!Aunty – Mahi, where r u?Mahi – I told you na, I m at James’ place. He needs a cable for his phone.Aunty – ok when will u come back?Mahi – mummy he has checked the cable now he is gonna put some content in my mobileAunty – ok N she disconnected the phone.

I asked Mahi, if she wanted to take a picture of both of us together naked, she agreed n we took a picture of Mahi sucking my dick, both of us kissing n a normal picture holding each other.

Suddenly, Mahi asked me if I have brought the condoms. I replied with affirmative n started kissing her. She was blowing my dick with her hands n I was pinching her boobs. Just then the doorbell rang. I was nervous n so was her. I checked n it was Mahi’s mother. Before we could wear our clothes, she started banging the door. I immediately opened the door before any of my neighbours came in.

She came in n immediately understood what was going on. I shut the door immediately. Aunty was 5’4 in a Red n green sari with D sized boobs. Aunty started shouting on both of us. I was in no mood to destroy this moment. I went up to aunty, n picked up her face with both the hands n started kissing her. She was trying to resist n I told her to shut up n let me enjoy with her daughter. She kept on going n then I left aunty n slapped her hard on her face. Her chick was red n she was quiet. I picked her up n asked her if I could go n enjoy with her daughter now. The story continues in the next part….

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