Lust Gone Out Of Control

So the story goes like this,

Being a teenager with all those pent up sexual energy and nowhere to release it on was having its effects on me. As the days passed, it reached a point where masturbation was not effective any longer. where once was enough, now required a couple of jacking off. Regular porn did not cut it anymore.

This was the time I became close with one of my Aunts. Ironically, she too was a widow just like most of the stories out there. She had this charming personality that attracted people to her and I was no exception. we became very close. I began spending my vacations over at her place and later when the schools started, the weekends too.

Just like all teenagers, boner as almost a constant thing for me and jacking off did very little help. Since all I used to wear were my sweat pants, my poor tries at hiding them did not help. As days passed by, our interactions began to be more intimate. Hugs becoming longer than the usual, us sitting very close while watching movies, the casual touches here and there.

Not being with any women before, made me more intrigued towards these new developments. The act of making it seem like there are no underlying intentions, no bad thoughts behind these actions, acting as if nothing is going on made me even more charged – horny.

I gradually built up my courage to walk around showing my semi erect dick outlined through my sweat pants. I could feel her eyes poking my dick. Ejaculations were by the loads back then. Even she started showing off bits and pieces here and there. Even though she were in her 40’s, age did not seem to catch up to her. She still was an eye full. Her robust breasts showed no signs of sagging. what made me go crazy about her was her big round ass. I guess I have always been an ass loving guy. How soft her skin would feel like during our “accidental” rubs against each other. How we would exert a bit of pressure in those rubs just to make sure that the other person understood the intentions behind them.

The best part where how these rubs would continue even when others were nearby. The possibility of being caught spiced things up to a whole new level. when no one was around, she started wearing here saree real loose. Leaving the first button of her blouse open, wearing her pallu real low, showing as much of her stomach as she possibly can for my awaiting hungry eyes.

As time passed, these were no longer enough for me to satisfy my hunger and she showed no signs of wanting to take it any further. I was back to my sleepless hard dick nights. My attempts to push her over the edge by rubbing my dick over her ass while pretending to take stuff off the shelf while she cooked did not fruit the desired results. That was it. She was a total temptress, a seductress who loved making me hard every time she was near me. I knew I could not keep this up any longer. There was this smile on her face every time she escaped at the last moment, this smile which conveyed a thousand meanings. Her intention was not to play with me but to make me reach the furthest edge before I exploded.

And it did not take much to make me reach there. Enough was enough. Even though I loved this game of hers, I could not hold on any longer. Her constant show off’s in front of me, her intentional bends, how the unbuttoning reached a point where there was nothing left to unbutton, her semi-nude walks in front of me after her shower. I always had my dick in hand over the sweat pants, rubbing and she seemed to love the show.

Come one morning, I decided to take matters into my own hands. To make her mine. I would not wait for her to make the move any longer. She was driving me crazy.

She was in the kitchen cooking our breakfast when I caressed her breasts from her behind while gently rubbing my dick into her ass. She started her usual escape routines by finding ways to doge me. Not this time. I locked her tight between my arms. I was far too gone to stop no. The guy down stairs had taken control over me.

She tried to wiggle free but her attempts futile. My pressings were turning from soft slow presses to hard twists. My dick humping over her nightie. Hard thrusts. She started to moan which again fueled my lust further. The back of her head found my shoulder and nested in them, her lips licking, biting, sucking, doing whatever they could to my neck. I started to press her breasts even harder causing her to moan even more and making her thrust her ass back into my rock hard dick forming an arch in the gap between us using her back.

By this time I was a man gone out of control, her nipples were hard and in between my fingers. She put her hands over my fingers telling them to press, pull and twist them. I gladly obliged. By this time we were dry humping like crazy. I still get hard thinking about those moans.

I could not take it any longer. She was not someone whom we could deny much and unloaded my first load – loads into my sweat pants. I needed some breath after that. This was not like any of those normal ones I had before. It was totally on a different level. I was drenched from the waist down.

She came next to me and whispered “Took you long enough. I love my men taking control of me and not the other way around” then she gave a small nibble on my ear which sent shivers down my whole body. This woman, this sexy seductress knew ho to pull the right chords. My boy was up and running in no time. I jumped on to her, tore her nightee’s buttons out, almost twisted off her nipples. I knew she was the kind who loved taking things to a different level. A bit hard just like the way I loved it. I gave her small bite on the lips and turned her around by her waist, forcing her head on to our dinning table. with one hand pressing her head down, my other lifted her nightie over her waist. Then taking out my dick, I inserted my fingers into her mouth for some much-needed lubricant. Mixing it with my own I rubbed it over my dick and rubbed her pussy as well.

The rubbings were not of the loving kind but rough, like a hungry man deprived of food for a long time and then presented with a full course meal. Her smell was not helping at all too. She was driving me crazy. I could not get enough of her sent.

I took my dick in my hand, her head in my other, I forced it into her vagina. Ohh!! the pleasure. Even typing it now, I am oozing precum.

I heard her scream. I let my dick stay inside her for a bit because frankly, the sensations were a bit too much for me too. It felt like she was crying. I thought I must have gone a bit over the limit and asked her if I was. while I was pulling my dick out, all she replied was by placing her hand on my butt squeezing it and pulling it towards her thereby driving my dick back in..

That was the green signal I desperately wanted. I let go. I began thrusting so hard into her that I was scared I might poke a hole in her stomach. But to my joy, her moaning was back again and even louder than ever. By this time I too had started moaning. we felt a connection between us that we were sure meant countless fucking sessions to come.

I did not last much. I tried to hold on longer but it was not under my control. She turned her head, gave a smile from the tear filled face and gave a squeeze to my dick and that was it. I pulled her over to her knees, her head eagerly waiting, I unloaded a what to me was my biggest load ever over her breasts. I made her rub my cum over her sensitive nipples and made her squeeze them. I loved hearing her moan.

She surprised me by taking my dick in her mouth and cleaning it off. The sensation of my dick moving back and forth, lubricated with my semen and her fluids was a surreal experience.

we cleaned off each other and kissed.. this time passionately with all the care in the world. She loved how I marked , my territory with the light red lines from my fingers all over her body and that she was mine and mine alone. I loved seeing her happy.

we slept. what the day after held was a whole new story.

[[to be continued..]]

(This happened when I was a teenager. I am 24 now living in Kerala.)

This is my first attempt.Please do write to me at [email protected]I would love to hear from you.

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