Lust Of Incest – Part 5

Hi guys. I’m back with next part of my story. I got many mails from ISS readers, thanks for your comments. So I would like continue my next part of the story. you can find my previous parts of the story above.

That day I had sex with my sister Sahana for 3 times. I asked her how she felt it. Sahana “it was wonderful Raju, I love u”. I kissed her again. She said, “I will be yours from now on wards, you can fuck me and also you should concentrate on your work” I was happy listening to this & thanked to my lovely sister. Evening 4 PM we left to our home. Mom asked us how was cleaning work at farm house since we lied same. I said to mom, it was tiresome (we were both tired because of fucking). Sahana was not able to walk properly because of pain. She looked so dull and tired, without speaking much she slept early that night. Since after that, daily we used to kiss at night time on terrace. I used to grab her ass and massage it over her leggings. Pressing her breasts used to make me feel so great. Even she was taking lot of care on me.

Now it was time for harvesting coconut. I sold those coconuts, kept some part of money with me, rest handed to mom. I wanted to gift something to my sister. I asked Sahana what she wants as a gift, she said anything is fine. I thought of buying one gold ring for her, but I didn’t had so much.

Instead I bought something and in the absence of mom, I gifted it to her, I asked her open gift in front of me and she did. There were 2 sari yellow and red colors, 2 sets of nightwear including bra and panty, a slip and gown, sleeveless nighty with deep neck, semitransparent. Another small box it was epilator. She looked at me, “what is this Raju”, showing me that nightwear set “I cannot wear this kind of stuffs at home. You know mom doesn’t like”.

She took epilator in her hand, laughed at me. I said, “Use this for keeping yourself hair free” she nodded her head. “Sahana next time I will gift your ring, this tym I had shortest” for this she came and hugged me. Her boobs pressed my chest, immediately my dick stood hard she noticed that. “Sahana since week we didn’t have, can you please?” She took me to bathroom and shagged my dick till I cum. Sahana naughtily, “this is sufficient to my brother. Now you can go and look after your job” I said “I need more, Sahana”. Somehow I convinced her to have sex. She asked me, do I have condom. At that time I had only one condom in my pocket. I showed that and she said we will finish it quickly. We went inside the bedroom, locked it. She undressed herself and lied down on the bed spreading her thighs wide.

Within no time I placed condom on my dick, and I was ready to insert my dick inside her vagina. I pressed my dick inside hers one hand holding her shoulder and other hand on her boob. It went inside, she was screaming lightly. I fucked her for about 5 minutes and I came. I kissed her and pressed her boobs. She said, “It’s done right, now get into you are work” I love you Sahana.

Like this we used to have sex once in 3 or 4 days in a week, in the absence of mom. We made a new habit of going walk together evening time. I noticed few local guys looking at my sister’s ass swinging. I was feeling guilty, meanwhile I felt proud of my sister. Even she also liked this; in fact she became even bolder. She also started wearing those cloths which I gifted to her, which was revealing her assets at most. That time mom used warn her to wear some decent cloths. No one knew our relationship. We both were like lovers.

After long gap, my friend Naveen called me, “bro how are u? I’ve good news for you.”

Me: “I’m fine Naveen. Wat is the news dude?”

Naveen: “I’m coming to your home this weekend; I’ve something to tell you”

Me: “is it.! Nice dude.” We hang up the call. I waited for that weekend. It was Saturday, around evening 4 he arrived. I was happy to receive him. Mom was at home, she also invited him. He handed sweet box to my mom saying that he got promotion to supervisor post, I hugged him & mom blessed him, we had evening snacks altogether.

That night we both plan to stay in my farm house, packed dinner & left to farm.

Me: “dude, I’m happy you got promotion. It was really good news”

Naveen: “hey Raju, tat s not the news. I’ve other”

Me: excitingly “what is that man?”

Naveen: “I told you earlier my aunt,” I said yes, “I did with her”

Me: “what you did? you mean?”

Naveen: “yes, I fucked her.” He opened his mobile and showed me the videos he recorded when he was fucking her. He had four videos, fucking her in different position. I was already shagging looking those videos.

Naveen: “how is this bro?”

Me: “great macha, how you did this?” he said very long story. He had fucked her more than 15 time it seems. I was just listening to him.

Naveen: “this is my story. What about u? Any progress with you are sis?” I just kept quite I don’t wanted to reveal mine. We started boozing; we went high. He repeatedly started asking about Sahana. I couldn’t keep it anymore, I opened my mouth.

Me: “Yes dude, I fucked Sahana. She is my angel, my darling”. Naveen made me drink more to make me tell everything and I said.

Naveen: “finally congrats bro, you did it” we chitchatted heavily, speaking nasty things about my sis and his aunt.

“Bro, shall we have a deal?”

Me: “wat is tat deal?”

Naveen: “I will let you to fuck my aunt. Will you allow me to fuck you are sister?” I was high. After 2 more peg, I said, “okay Naveen, and let’s do this” we both promised on this deal. He was telling “I want to fuck you are sis”, I was telling “I will tear you are aunts pussy”, and we were out.

Morning we were feeling headache, dizziness still hangover. We went home. Naveen was looking at my sister with lust. He was caressing his dick over lungi, I asked him to stop, mom was sitting in front of us reading newspaper.

Naveen: “Bro pls help me, you promised me” in whispering.

Me: “wait Naveen, mom is here. It is not that easy to convince Sahana”

Naveen: “at least make me to masturbate now” I agreed. Mom went upstairs to keep grains dry in sunlight. Sahana was folding her clothes inside room. I went inside the room, keeping door semi opened so that Naveen can peek inside. She was wearing half sari.

I kept my hands on her shoulder, while speaking with her I unpinned her safety pin on the blouse. I switched on the table fan at max speed. I pulled her pallu off and made her to feel it as if came off because of air. She was trying recovering it, but I didn’t allow.

Naveen was able to view her side view standing with clear view of Sahana’s boobs over the blouse. I was floating my hand on her shoulder making her feel. She said, “Hey stop this, mom and you are friend are there”. I said, “I don’t care Sahana, I just love my sister” I started pressing her boobs now. She was breathing heavily with little moan. She thought that door is closed but I opened it for Naveen. I was pressing little more now and also caressing her navel. I heard the sound of mom coming down; suddenly I stopped and came out of room. Already Naveen had cummed in hall looking at my activity. Before mom comes, I asked him to clean that.

Next part I will continue how i and Raju fucked my sister together.

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