Lust Of Incest – Part 6

Continuing from previous part, as me and Naveen both of us promised each other for sharing my sister Sahana to him and in return Naveen sharing his aunt to me, we went further. So, it was my job to convince my sister to have sex with Naveen, but I don’t know how to do. We both were trying to work out with best idea. Now monsoon had started, so we couldn’t sleep on terrace. We both used to sleep in the hall; mom & Sahana were used to sleep inside room together. Due to this even I missed enjoyment with Sahana. And also we couldn’t watch porn inside and masturbate, which was our usual routine. Like these four days went, I couldn’t do anything. Even Sahana was also in her periods, so nothing happened.One day mom got a call from our distant relative saying an old granny of my mom’s had expired. I asked who was that granny is, mom said to me old granny was her distant relative, when my mom was young they raised her it seems. So mom said she wants to attend her funeral. The village is 150 Kms far away from my place, very little transport system to there. So mom was about to leave to funeral, before leaving she said to Sahana to care of me since she might take at least three days to return back. And also mom said to me to help my sister if she needs any sort of. Me and Sahana said okay to mom, and I dropped her to near bus stop.

Now at home we three i.e., I, Sahana and my friend Naveen are there. I and Naveen went to farm, made one round visit over the land. We both planned to return home early; around 3.30 PM we were at home. It was quite; I went inside & checked, saw that Sahana was sleeping in the bedroom having good sleep. She was wearing half sari, her pallu was disturbed and revealing her complete navel naked and part of her cleavage was visible. Her langa was pulled till her lower thighs, showing her fair skin of her right leg. I was hard massaging my dick over the lungi.

The looked behind, surprisingly Naveen had followed me till room, he was looking at my sister with his wide open mouth and dick on his hand. He was looking like he is going to rape my sister. I bought him immediately out of the room, switched ON the TV & kept chatting. Due our TV’s & our sound Sahana woke up and came to hall. She was still in sleepy mood; her dress attire was still disturbed. She asked us when we came, I replied just now. Naveen continued looking at her in desperation, rubbing his dick over the lungi. I told him so many times to stop but he didn’t.

Evening we had snacks all together watching TV. Sahana went inside to the bedroom. I knew why she went; it was her regular time to change her dress to night wear. I followed her, I hugged her and kissed from behind. She stopped me, not to do.

Me: “my dear, I missed you from past 1 week”

Sahana: “I know Raju, but not now. you r friend is there” she didn’t know my intension.

Me: “so what! I love u” and I was kissing her neck and back. She was also responding lightly to me.

Sahana: “Raju, leave now. I’ve to change my dress and prepare dinner”

Me: “u know Sahana, mom is not there. Can you do me the favor?”

Sahana: “what favor?”

Me: “can you wear that night wear which I had gifted u?”

Sahana: “that sleeveless one?”

Me: “yes.”

Sahana: “I cannot wear now; it will reveal my skin a lot”

Me: “so what, anyways mom is not there to object u”

Sahana: “but you r friend Naveen! I don’t feel comfortable in front him” I laughed at her and said

Me: “he is my best friend and very nice guy. He will be alright, don’t worry about him” I was just trying convincing her about Naveen to make her feel free and comfortable.

Sahana: “but Raju!” She was still in dilemma.

Me: “Sahana, please do this for me. I want you to use my gift” after convincing her lot, she agreed.

I came out of the room, sat next to Naveen watching TV.

Naveen: “hey wat were you doing inside”

Me: “dude, just wait and see” after 10 minutes, Sahana came out of the room wearing my gift dress. It was pink sleeveless nighty, deep neck & semitransparent one. That nighty had self-supporting bras, so she didn’t wear any bra inside. Her half of the boobs was visible to us, bouncing slowly to her walk. She just walked slowly in front us, looked at my eyes and gave me embracement look. I winked my eyes telling her “beautiful” Her ass was swinging to her movement. Since it was semitransparent, we were able to view her white color butterfly panty, which was tucking to her ass very tightly. She walked inside the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Naveen: “bro… thank you very much”

Me: “never mention dude. I did this for u. Did you enjoy her view?” Naveen nodded his head. I was literally hard. Naveen had already cum inside, I looked at his lungi it was wet. I laughed out loudly. To my laugh Sahana, turned back and asked what that was for? I said nothing. For this Naveen cover his lungi wet with embarrassment. I whispered, “It’s okay dude” Even I was also very hard & in same stage. I felt like I’ve to release it first to be comfortable. I thought of going to terrace instead of going to bathroom. I said to Naveen that I will be back. I went, released quickly and came back.

Sahana was doing her kitchen activity. We both were watching TV, meanwhile Naveen was peeking at Sahana’s back. I wanted to make my friend feel better. So purposefully I asked Sahana to get me some water. She bought water in a tumbler for me and kept it on tepoy which was in front of us. When she bent to place tumbler on tepoy, we both got almost complete view of her boobs except her nipple. This made my friend very happy. Like this I troubled my sister two three times to get either something. Every time we used to take good view of her front and back.

At 8 PM dinner was ready. Sahana asked both of us to have dinner; I said will have at 9, I asked Sahana to join us to watch celebrity award function which was showing in TV. She came & sat next to me. It was three seat sofas, I was in the middle, left side it was Naveen and right side it was Sahana. I kept my right hand on her shoulder, caressing her back slowly, she was resisting me. Now I floated my hand on her complete back. She started breathing heavily. I reached her ass but she forcefully took my hand aside & made herself free from me.

After 5 minutes, I got a call to my mobile. I just got up & went outside to speak telling Sahana that it was call from labors, I want to give them instruction for tomorrows work. But call was planned by me, I asked Naveen before to give me ring once Sahana sits with us. The intension was to make my sister sit close to Naveen, so that both of them get comfortable with each other. I went & stood near the main door acted like I’m in conversation but I was looking at both of them. Naveen was trying to speak something with Sahana, but she was just nodding her for whatever Naveen used to say. I waited for 10 minutes; went near left side of the sofa, asked Naveen to move to middle intentionally making him to sit close to Sahana. I observed that Sahana’s left thighs & Naveen’s right thigh was touching.

My friend was looking at my sister boobs very closely. Of course Naveen was enjoying a lot. In fact he was slightly rubbing his thighs against hers, also caressing his dick himself. Sahana observed all his activity, she was hesitating but she didn’t respond anything. I was slightly pushing Naveen towards Sahana as if I’m making myself comfortable to sit. In return Naveen touched my sister’s shoulder, I saw that moment. Sahana’s sleeveless arm was in contact with Naveen arm, she didn’t respond anything. Like this it went for about half an hour now it was 9, Sahana reminded us for dinner I said okay.

When we started to have dinner, power went off. We lighted candle, it was like candle light dinner for us. I initiated some old topics with Naveen, sharing some fun incident. Sahana was laughing for our jokes; also she was directly interacting with Naveen regarding the incidents. Now my friend & sister become little closer. But all the way Naveen had his eyes on my sister’s boobs. She had noticed him looking at hers, initially she used to cover her boobs with left hand, now she felt comfortable let it free to view. Also she had seen Naveen rubbing his dick looking at her. This made me confident that I can fuck Sahana with Naveen. I and Naveen went upstairs & had smoking. Naveen said thanks to me for helping him to get close to my sister.

Naveen: “bro, Sahana is really hot da. I want to fuck her at any cost” He was repetitively mentioning about “Fuck”. That night nothing happened.

Morning, we were still sleeping in the hall; I & Naveen were only in under wear. Sahana was in her regular homework activity. I asked Naveen to display his erected dick open & we acted like still sleeping. Sahana came to wake us, she saw Naveen’s semi erect dick for a minute & asked us to wake up.

I was looking at her from half opened eyes, but enacted like sleeping. She was looking at that roaming while roaming inside. She completed house work, prepared breakfast, took her bath and she was ready for the day. Even we both got ready, had breakfast, informed Sahana that we have some work and left home. While having regular visit to farm, I said to Naveen, “dude will fuck Sahana today” I continued, “but before that we need to gift her something to convince her” Naveen asked “wat we can gift”, without talking much I took him to town. I asked him to buy gold ring, which I promised to Sahana earlier. It was too expensive, since he wants to fuck my sister he managed to buy it.

We reached home around evening. Sahana was reading some magazine.

Me: after sometime I handed gift to her, “Sahana, this is for u” She opened and looked.

Sahana: “it is a ring! Where did you get so much money?”

Me: “I took advance money from banana merchant, from that I bought this” I didn’t tell her that it was Naveen’s money.

Sahana: “what if mom asks, this wasn’t required to me Raju”

Me: “I will look after that. Did you like it?” she inserted to her finger, it fitted perfectly.

Sahana: “Nice Raju, it is beautiful. Thank you very much” she hugged me. I wanted to highlight Naveen.Me: “did you like the design?”

Sahana: “yes! It is very beautiful”

Me: “it was Naveen who selected that design to you” she looked at him

Sahana: “Oh is it you Naveen! you have selected very nice design” she was smiling

Me: “wont you thank him Sahana.”

Sahana: “Thanks Naveen”

Me: “he had spent 3 hours to select this design. Just telling thanks is not sufficient to him Sahana” she immediately went to him gave shake hand.

Sahana: “Thanks Naveen”

Me: “common Sahana, he had chosen best design for u. why don’t you give him a hug” listening to me she became alert, she doubted her face why I’m telling like this. I continued “he’s my best friend Sahana, please give him a better hug” she was silent for few minutes. She went to him and hugged Naveen. Finally Naveen could feel her.Naveen: he hugged her tightly and released “you are welcome Sahana”

I could see shy in her. She bowed her head down. Immediately I went and hugged her from back. She was trying to escape from me, but I didn’t let her go. I encircled her waist and kissed her back. Her hand was forcing to release my hug, but she failed. I continued kissing; she was failing slowly in defending me. I whispered in her ear I want to fuck you now. She didn’t say anything. I tried move her to bedroom, but she didn’t move. So I picked her up completely and went to bedroom. Naveen followed me, now I think she understood my intension.

I dropped her on the bed, started kissing all over her face. She was slightly resisting but later she stopped. I said to Sahana, we both are going to fuck you now. She couldn’t speak anything; she was completely in my control. I asked Naveen to come closer.

Sahana: “Raju please don’t hurt me, I cannot handle both of you together” listening to this I confirmed that she is ready.

Me: “don’t worry Sahana, we won’t hurt u” telling this I and Naveen undressed. Sahana was wearing churidhar. I removed Sahana’s churidhar top, she was wearing red color bra. I asked Naveen pull her leggings. He pulled it very strongly, Sahana shouted very loudly. I told him to be polite. Now Sahana was in her bra and panty. We both were hard.

I started playing with her boobs, over the bra. Sahana was moaning “aha ahhaaa…” Naveen was kissing her thighs heavily. Without my knowledge he had removed her panty. I was shocked looking at my sister pussy; she had cleared her bush completely. Naveen was kissing her pussy and started licking, while I was kissing her lips and pressing her boobs heavily. Now I removed her bra. Now all three of us were complete naked. I could see lust in her eyes. Naveen was drinking love juice from my sister pussy, she was enjoying. We played for 10 minutes; she was cooperating nicely for both of us.

I asked Naveen to enjoy upper body; I will go to lower body. I went near her pussy, inserted my finger. Sahana screamed with pain, but continued doing it. She stopped screaming, when I saw what happened to her, Naveen had filled her mouth with his dick. Oh my god, I have never did that to my sister. Forcefully he was making her to give him blow job and she was doing it. I spread her legs wide, I licked her pussy. This is first time I licked it. It was very nice. I pressed her boobs, licking pussy.

Now I put condom, spread her pussy lips wide and inserted my dick. It went inside, but because Naveen’s dick in her mouth she couldn’t scream. I started fucking heavily. I was feeling heaven there. After 10 minutes fuck I came.

Now its Naveen turn to insert his dick in my sister glory hole. I gave him green signal to fuck her, he spread her leg wide and inserted. Sahana shouted heavily. Naveen asked me to shut her mouth, immediately I inserted my dick in her mouth. He was fucking her heavily. Her body was handling perfectly for our actions. I realized that Naveen haven’t used condom, he had inserted his bare dick. But I couldn’t stop him in between. He was fucking heavily. I asked him not to cum inside hers. When he was about to cum, he removed it outside. Even I removed my dick from Sahana’s mouth. She was breathing heavily; sweats all over her body, eyes were filled with tears because of pain. We rested for some time

I gave her some water. I asked her how she felt for threesome. She said it was nice but painful. Now I turn her upside down, I started fucking from behind with my naked dick, not using condom. I felt it was much tighter than previous position. I and Naveen exchanged fucking in different positions. Sahana was cooperating beautifully. My dick was completely smeared with her juice. Naveen also fucked her ass, took her ass virginity. He said it is very tight. After him I fucked her ass, even I also felt very tight. Little bleed from asshole was seen. Finally we both enjoyed my sister at the best possible.

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