Lusty saga of a 34yo sex siren with a 21yo stud

Hi. my name is Vivek. This story is about my sexual encounters with Sandy. Please read the previous parts to enjoy the story.

This part of the story is about the three days we spent together indoors at Sandy’s house.

It had been about a week since I had met Sandy. She had been busy with a few guests at home and some errands. I knew my distance, and I maintained it very well. This means absolute distance. There wasn’t even an exchange of texts between us.

It was a Sunday evening. I was hanging around with my friends, and my phone blinked. It was Sandy.

S: Hey!

V: Hi, Let me get out of here and text you back.

It had never happened ever before that she texted me in the evenings. I excused myself from my friends, rushed home, and texted back.

V: Hi, you there?

S: Yeah.

V: Whatsup?

S: Listen, you have some free time?

V: Sure, right away, I can come over.

S: Patience, dude. Not now. Can you make yourself free for three days?

V: Sure, anything for you. What’s the plan?

S: Listen, don’t jump. My husband is travelling for a week. He is flying out tomorrow early morning, and 4 days later, someone is coming home. So I have three days all for myself. So I am checking if you could come over and stay with me for three days from tomorrow onwards?

I was literally jumping in my room.

V: Yes, yes, yes.

I replied.

S: Dude, it has to be discreet. Let’s plan it out tomorrow morning.

And she stopped texting. Let me tell you all. Great sex is a great addiction too. We both had the greatest sex life of our lives. It was pure ecstasy.

The next morning before I woke up, I had a set of instructions, including what I should be carrying. As soon as I woke up, I shaved clean, including my pubic hair, showered, and applied my favourite aftershave. I spoke to my mom and left.

I knocked at Sandy’s door discreetly, ensured no one saw me and entered her house. The feeling was indescribable. There was a strange anxiety. There was great happiness mixed with fear. Sandy had the same feeling as well.

As soon as I entered, I hugged her tight. She pushed me away and said.

S: Hang on, babe. We have lots of time.

I sat on the couch. Sandy was looking gorgeous as usual. She was wearing faded blue low-waist jeans with a full-sleeve pullover sweater. Fuck! I get turned on every time I see her. Her jeans hugged her so beautifully. Her shapely thighs and her sexy bum were just out of the world.

She sat on the couch next to me.

S: Doll, This is my first time doing something like this. You need to be cautious. You will not step out of the house for the next three days. Only, I have to go out for a few hours, babe. So just stay home.

V: Sure, Babe. I can understand, and I have the same feeling as you. But I will take care of myself. By the way, why are you decked up?

S: Well, I dropped off my hubby at the airport early in the morning. I returned home and just slept like that.

V: Why are you so far away? Why don’t you come over here, babe?

She got up from her couch and took off her sweater. Wow! She looked delicious. She wore a black tee shirt, a collared one. It fit her so tight. Her beautiful big boobs were looking so hot. I held her hand and kissed her hand. She settled down between my legs. Both of us were fully dressed.

She purposefully laid her big beautiful bum on my crotch and laid back on my chest.

S: It is a great feeling, babe, of some happiness, anxiety, and fear. But you are worth it, babe.

I took the liberty of unbuttoning her tee. Her cleavage looked thick and beautiful, and delicious. She slapped me on my hand.

S: Babe, please mind, nothing on the ground floor ever.

I could make out she was wearing a purple bra and her mangalsutra.

V: You look so hot, babe. I can’t resist.

S: I know, babe, I can’t too.

She rolled over her head, and we started kissing softly. My hand slowly traced over her crotch.

S: Let’s go up, babe.

I tried squeezing her boobs. She ran away towards the stairs onto the first floor. I chased her, and she ran through the spiral staircase to the first floor. I was feeling the joy of my life. We were like teenagers having private time for the first time.

The beauty of it was for the first time, I saw Sandy completely free and relaxed with me. As she climbed ahead of me, I spanked her sexy bum. She let a scream out, “Bitch!” We ran into the room and collapsed on the bed, and we were at what best we did, kissing.

We kissed as if we had never kissed before. She lay on the bed, and I was on top of her, and we were lost in a kissing frenzy. It may have been more than 15 minutes that we kept kissing. Her huge beautiful boobs were crushed as I lay on top of Sandy. Her hands roamed and squeezed my ass all the while.

Finally we broke the kiss. We lay next to each other. Though the ice was broken between us, I still held back a little.

S: Vikki, babe, I want you to listen to me.

V: Sure, hottie, I am all ears.

S: we have a lot of time, and I am sure we will have a lot of sex. But I have a request from you.

This was the first time she was earnest and requesting. I couldn’t believe my ears.

V: Sandy, don’t request. You can command.

S: No, doll, I called you here. I want you as much as you want me. So I called you here. So please don’t mind. There is going to be a lot of sex, I am sure. But don’t act desperate. I want us to have fun slowly and with a lot of time. Please don’t do a ‘Wham-bam. Thank you, ma’am.’ I hope you understand.

She was looking deep into my eyes.

V: Sure Sandy, I understand what you are saying, but please don’t stop us from being casual. I mean kissing when we feel like it or feeling up to each other. You know what I mean.

She got up from the bed, pulled me up, and sat me on the couch.

S: Of course not, tiger, I love it. Just don’t act hasty all the time.

Saying this, she walked away into the kitchen swaying her sexy beautiful bum. That is a sight, I would never forget for my lifetime. Sandy was back with two bottles of fresh fruit. Gave me one. She checked her phone, walked towards me and sat on my lap, crossing her legs over mine sideways.

I was lost, staring at her angelic face and huge 34D boobs as she sipped the juice. I slowly traced my finger on her bra crease over her tee. She smiled and blew me a kiss towards me.

V: Babe, are you going to remove your mangalsutra for the next three days?

S: No, doll, only when we are fucking. There is a slight risk of removing it. If any of my older friends from the neighbourhood drop in, they may not like it and may doubt me.

I started caressing her right inner thighs close to her hot crotch over her jeans.

S: Ground rules.

V: What? No, not again!

S: Listen up, babe.

V: Ok, go on.

S: Neither of us will be naked all the time. It’s too risky. We will be dressed atleast bare minimum. And you don’t get to go out at all. Rest everything is normal.

She smiled and winked.

V: Ok, babe, as you say. Can we fuck now?

S: Hang on, dude. Let’s at least get breakfast. I don’t know about you, but I am starving.

She walked into the kitchen. I was desperate.

V: Can I at least get comfy?

S: Sure, tiger, go on.I got rid of my jeans and tee. I was in a boxer and vest. I started checking my phone as Sandy was cooking in the kitchen. After a few minutes, an idea struck me. I tiptoed into the kitchen. I held her waist from behind.

V: Can I help you cook, Sandy?S: Sure, babe. But your intentions don’t look as if you are helping me.

She was completely free now. But I still held a little guard. We were close. My dick was quite swollen, and it was rubbing her sexy bum. We were swaying slowly together as some music played on in the background. Sandy was humming the song.

I removed her hairband and let her hair loose. We were still swaying. I moved her hair and started licking behind her ears. Wow! The feeling was indescribable. The womanly fragrance of Sandy, the wetness behind her ears with my saliva, her cleavage that I could see from over her shoulders.

It was heavenly. She was getting turned on as she was sauteeing the veggies. I lowered my hands into her crotch and started feeling it. She made way by spreading her legs a little. I kept rubbing her crotch over her jeans while licking behind her ears. This went on for almost 5 minutes or so.

Suddenly Sandy held both my hands tight on her crotch. I knew she had an orgasm. She let my hand go loose after 2-3 minutes. I continued to rub her crotch and lick her ears and jaws. Slowly I unbuttoned her jeans. She had started moaning. She turned the cooking off.

I peeled her jeans to her knees. Wow! Her beautiful bum in deep purple tight lace panties was a sight to see.  I continued to rub her clitoris over her panties while rubbing her sexy bum with my dick through my boxers. Oh! We were burning with lust. She got rid of her jeans. I was hard like a hammer.

V: Can we fuck here? Please?

S: Hmmm.

I pulled her sexy panties down only to find them soaking inside. I brought it close to her nose and mouth. Sandy looked at me and smiled lustily. She licked it once and nodded as it was mine from there on. I got rid of my boxer. I positioned Sandy against the kitchen slab.

She bent down and spread her legs wide. I put my two fingers in her pussy. They came out glistening with juices. I gave it to sandy to lick them first. Sandy licked my fingers with full passion. I stepped back and filled my eyes with the scenario I had witnessed.

It was a human spectacle. The sexiest woman of my life was right in front of me. Sandy was bare naked down from the waist. Not a shred of thread, with a tight black tee on top. Her hair opened. She had rested her hands over the kitchen slab and had bent down.

Her big beautiful bum in full glory, with her legs split. I could see her glistening pussy open and slightly puckered brown delicious asshole. Wow! It was just out of the world. She turned around, smiled with intense lust and nodded, asking me to come close and start the fuck session.

I dropped my boxers, stroked my rock-hard dick, and pulled my foreskin back. I went close to Sandy and slowly entered her glistening wet pussy. I entered her fully at once, though slowly. “Bitch!” Sandy squealed. I held her by her waist and pulled her close to me. We just stayed like that for 2 minutes.

S: Babe, you fill me, and I love it, babe.

V: Anything for you, Sandy.

S: Go on, doll, fuck me.

I bent down and started licking her face. She started grinding her ass against me with my dick inside her. The feeling was indescribable. I slowly started fucking her. Long hard strokes. My dick was like a hot knife pushed into soft butter. Tight smooth, wet and warm.“Oh! My bitch, I so love it,” Sandy was moaning. We had started sweating. I took my dick out. I spanked her bum. Both her sexy big ass cheeks. “Ummmm, baby, do that again,” she squealed. I spanked her butt another couple of times. I kneeled behind her and jiggled her bum. I kissed her sexy bum.

Here was the goddess of sex right in front of my eyes. Bending down against the kitchen slab, stark naked from waist below. Her beautiful legs spread wide. The beauty of Sandy’s body was not just about her sexy big bum and big boobs. Her calf muscles were so rounded and in such great shape.

The skin on every inch of her body was flawless. She wasn’t the fairest, but surely the most flawless of all the women I have been with. She had no stretch marks anywhere on her skin, including her sexy big bum. Her fingers and her toes were long and slender but yet strong and firm.

I admired her beauty. All I did was caress her bum. Sandy turned towards me.

S: What happened, babe?

I smiled and nodded as if everything was ok. She smiled back seductively. I caught her pussy from below her asshole. I squeezed it and put my mouth on her clitoris. I started sucking on her clit vigorously. Sandy started screaming and banging her palms on the kitchen slab.

“Bitch, bitch, bitch!” Sandy was moaning. I held her sloppy cunt tightly between my index and thumb. I kept going at her clitoris as if there was no tomorrow. This was another aspect that turned me on about Sandy. She was extremely expressive.

I sucked at her clit, and slapped it with my tongue as fast as possible. She suddenly stiffened her legs. She pulled her heels off the ground and pulled my head tightly into her pussy. “Fuc!” She had orgasmed copiously. I pulled my face out.

I noticed a bead of sweat trickling down into her sexy, puckered, light brown asshole. Sandy turned around as I stood up. There was a beautiful smile of deep satisfaction on her face. We started kissing slowly but with a lot of exchange of saliva and her juices. We kissed for almost 5 minutes.

It wasn’t passionate fierce kissing but more sensual and sexy. We broke the kiss. The goddess was sweating profusely, and so was I. Her tee was completely wet with her sweat. Sandy started stroking my hard dick, and our heads touched each other.

S: Doll, want to take it to the bed?

V: No, diva. Can we do it here?

S: Uhumm. Do you want me to sit here?

V: No, babe, can you turn around just like how you were? I love it that way.

She turned around and spread her legs. I spanked her lovely bum again, and she squealed.

S: Vikki, I can’t stop loving it every time you spank my butt. I love it, babe.

I slowly entered her and fully. My tummy was touching her sexy, sweaty bum. I was taking long strokes. Slowly. We both loved it. We had, of course, all the time in the world. I bent down. She turned her head back, and we kissed as I kept fucking Sandy slowly.

We loved kissing each other, and it turned us on more and more. I took my hand between her hands and held her big boobs over her wet bra and tee. I started squeezing them. Not roughly, but not smoothly either. This went on for more than 15 minutes. Slow, steady, sensual, sexy and steamy.

Then Sandy did something very unexpected. She inserted two fingers inside her pussy on either side of my dick. She made it tighter for me. Not that Sandy had a loose pussy, but this was more like fucking the rails in a glorious warm wet pussy. I couldn’t control it, and I blurted out.

V: I love you, hot bitch. I just love you! You are the hottest.

S: I love you too, babe.

Both of us knew, at least back in the day, it was just words. I also reciprocated something unexpected to her. I bent down and moved her hair to the side. I licked the sweat beads behind her ears. This turned her on like crazy.

S: Oh! Baby doll! Fuck me now.

I slowly increased the pace. Trust me, even the last ever time I fucked Sandy. It has always been a heavenly feeling. I was now ramming her. She was holding on to the kitchen slab tightly. I slid my fingers to her crotch and started rubbing her clit furiously.

She couldn’t afford to leave the kitchen slab but was going berserk. She screamed. “Fuck!” I knew she had orgasmed again. Maybe she wanted to separate. I don’t know what came over me. I pulled her close with one hand, and with the other, I played with her clitoris and rammed her from behind.

The kitchen was filled with the sound of “Plock, plock.” The floor around where were stood was all wet because of our sweat. I just didn’t care. I kept fucking Sandy at a furious pace. Not short ones but with full strokes. Sandy now had taken off her hands off the slab and rested on her elbows on the slab.

She was getting tired. I kept fucking her, simultaneously rubbing her clit. This went on for almost 6-7 minutes, and I finally grunted. Sandy screamed yet again. Both of us orgasmed together. I shot myself load after load into her for almost 10 seconds.

I lay on her for about 5 seconds. I was still hard. Sandy turned around with my dick still inside her. She was extremely flexible. After all, she was a Yoga expert as well.

S: You were terrific, babe! Hot as hell, my bitch!

V: You bring the best out of me, Sandy. Every time.

I leaned over and started kissing her while still fucking her slowly till my dick got limp. Finally, my dick came out of her pussy.

S: Do you mind having a bath before breakfast, babe?

V: Sure, honey.

She held my hand and guided me to the bathroom in the bedroom. My dick was completely covered with her juices and my load. It had just begun. There was no more hesitation or restraint between us. Everything and anything between us was just ok.

In the bathroom, Sandy struggled to get out of her tee. It was soaking wet.

S: Hey tiger, will you stand there and watch, or will you help me?

She chided me. I went close and helped her out of the tee to see her sexy purple bra completely wet. I helped her out with the bra as well. Sandy was about to enter the shower. I held her hand, pulled her towards me and held her tightly. Very close, as if even air couldn’t pass through us.

The feeling was amazing. Her wet boobs with her sweat were tightly pressed against my chest. Sandy looked at me and raised her eyebrows.

V: I love this feeling, Sandy, being one with you with sweat over our bodies. I love every liquid that comes out of your body. Can we stay like this for a while?

She smiled and nodded, and we got on with what we loved doing. We started kissing. It was sensual. Our lips and tongues make love to each other. We were sweating profusely. The feeling of her wet boobs covered with her sweet sweat crushed against my chest was heavenly.

I slowly move my hands down to her sexy bum soaking in sweat. I had a look at her beautiful ass cheeks. They glistened like balls of gold. I squeezed her bum as we kissed. Slippery wet yet handful. As I squeezed her left butt cheek, I traversed my right hand through her sexy ass crack.

Her arms were around me, and her womanly fragrance was out of this world.We broke our kiss and entered the shower. I was already semi-hard. Sandy slapped my dick.

S: Control doll. We have lots of time. Don’t be such a despo!

I just smiled.

Out of the many things that we loved doing with each other, one was bathing together. We loved to feel each other under the water while soaping each other. It was always amazing. We got out of the bath. We stood naked, and we wiped each other dry.

S: Baby, you may go and get dressed. I’ll dry my hair and be back in a few minutes.

To be continued.

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