Madame Rekha made me her slave part2!

This is the second part of story…. getting confirmation from me about becoming her slave, she perkedup again and stood up. “chal mere saath bathroom mein chal, badi jorsey pishab lagi hai.” On hearing this, my limp penis startedhardening fast as I could not imagine a lustier scenario than beingallowed to accompany her while she pissed. As it turned out, she hadeven dirtier things on mind. I followed her like a lamb while shewalked to the bathroom, her gait a little stiff with the pressure inher bladder. She sat down on the toilet seat and then locked her eyeswith mine. I stood frozen, trying to read her mind and I saw pureanimal lust in her eyes. She did not speak nor did she start pissing.Then after a minute, I slowly sank down on my knees in front of herand buried my face in her hairy choot, signifying to her that I hadunderstood her wish. She fondly ran her fingers in my hair and saidthat I was a clever boy. “Samajhdar ladka hai tu, chal uth aur theekse farsh par baith ja.”

I sat down on the floor comfortably and she too got up and walked tome. She stood straddling me, caught my head, and forced me to lookup. I found her cunt just two inches above my face and it looked andsmelt divine. I licked it affectionately and she impatiently told meto just open my mouth. “Chatna baad mein, abhee muh khol.” I obeyedbut she was not satisfied. “Aur khol, nahin to mujhe takleef hoginishana lagane mein”. I opened my jaws as wide as possible and shepulled me up possessively till her choot was just an inch above mymouth. “Dekh ab taiyar hai na? theek se peena, ek bhi boond chalkayeeto maar maar kar bhurta bana doongi.” Then my mistress startedpissing. The sparkling stream entered my mouth with force and filledit in no time due to her strong need to relieve herself. She stoppedin time, realizing that there was no way I could swallow that fast. Ilet the warm salty liquid remain in my mouth for as long as possibleto taste it fully. I was hard now, quivering with a deep primaldesire I had never imagined possible. I drank the nectar finally andas soon as my mouth was empty she pissed again.

“Kyon re mere bachhe, mera moot achha lag raha hai na?” I noddedgently, intent on swallowing the next mouthful. “Araam se pee, swaadle le kar. Ab to hamesha tere hi muh mein pishaab karoongi.” Shesettled down to a long bout of pissing and kept on telling me howfortunate I was. “Apni teacher ka moot peene mila tujhe, kyonki tu ekchikna aur mast ladka hai. Ab dekh, mein tujhe kaise din raat apnamoot pila pila ke mast karte hoon.”

Finally she was done and pulled me up by my hair. She was obviouslylooking for signs of revulsion but all she saw in my eyes was a lustyworshipful look. It made her very happy and horny and she dragged meafter her, intent to get to the bed for the fun and games tocontinue. She now trusted my control enough to let me fuck her whileshe just lay on the bed and enjoyed the energetic efforts of heryoung horny obedient pupil to fuck her brains out. She egged me onto take my revenge on her. “Chode mere bachhe, apnee teacher kochode daal, uski choot ko chode chode kar usska bhosda bana de, tujheiss ne bahut peeta hai na aaj, tu bhi apna badlaa nikal le isse buritarah chode daal.” Obviously I was not supposed to orgasm and Iliterally cried with the unbearably sweet feeling in my penis as Iobeyed her. When I got tired, she let me rest for a while and thenassumed a bitch like position on the bed and then asked me to fuckher doggy style. “Chal mere pyare student, chadh ja iss kutiyateacher par aur chode daal isse, hachak hachak kar chode apnee issdidi ko”

She stopped only when she had come what seemed like hundreds of timesand only when I cried and wept and was about to faint with exhaustionand unbearable lust. It was a tribute to her control on me that I didnot ejaculate while almost passing out with my effort. She finallytook pity on me and asked me gently to fuck her as I pleased, whileshe lay back satiated and totally satisfied for the day. She pulledme on top of her and stuffed her breast in my mouth. I just manageda few more lunges and then came hard, letting out a lusty joyfulscream which was muffled in my throat, gagged by the lovely flesh ofher breast. Then I fainted, even before fully enjoying the heavenlyrelease. The whole day of continuous beatings and sex took its tolland I opened my eyes only when the sun was well up.

I groaned and sat up, groggy and erect and when I remembered whereand what I was, I immediately got up guiltily, ashamed at not doingmy duty of being at Madam Gill’s service right from the morning. Shewas sitting in a chair, sipping tea and reading the newspaper. Shewas naked and as I looked at her sensuous strong frame, my feeling oflove and devotion to her overcame me. I got up and sat down near herfeet like a pet dog and kissed her feet. She smiled and said “Achhebachhe subah uthkar apnee teacher ke pair padte hain, tu to unhechoomta hai, chal tujhe tera inaam doon” She asked me to quickly gointo the bathroom, relieve and clean myself for her pleasure and takea bath and await her.

I had a good refreshing bath and waited for her, my big juicyerection bobbing eagerly. She came in after ten minutes, was pleasedto see me ready for her and asked me to lie down on the floor, for aquick fuck to satisfy her lech. “Itnee jore ki pishaab lagee hai paraise mein chodne ka maja bhi khoob aata hai.” She quickly sank downon my penis, fucked me hard for a few minutes with energetic motionsand came with a deep satisfied sigh. Getting up, she squatted on myface and I opened my mouth wide immediately. She started pissing intoit without any warning but I was ready and swallowed the hot saltyliquid eagerly. It was a long piss, accumulation of her nightlongrest and I was panting with lust by the time she finished.

I noticed for the first time this morning that she was wearing hersoft thin cream-colored bathroom slippers, instruments of my beatingyesterday. They were wet and just slightly soiled and lookeddelicious to me. She correctly decoded my look and standing up,lifted her right leg, dangling her slipper in my face and asked me toclean it, grinning with naughty delight. When I started pouring waterover it, she immediately slapped me hard and told me to do it with mytongue. “Apnee jeebh se saaf kar meree chappalon ko, haath se nahin”.I started licking it, holding it in my hands reverentially and soon Iwas kissing, licking and sucking the slipper in a frenzy. She removedboth of them from her feet and asked me to lie down. Then she putthem on face and asked me to continue. Meanwhile she impaled herselfagain and started fucking me steadily. “jab tak tu inhe chaat rahahai, mein tujhe aur chode latee hoon. Tera bhi anand dugna hojayega.” So I was back to my favorite state of insane arousal,licking and sucking her slippers while being fucked silly but notallowed to come. “Blkul saaf hona chahiye meri chappal” She warned me.

When I was done, in about ten minutes, she inspected them critically,found a spot just behind the strap and let me have two juicy singingblows with the slippers on my cheeks. I whimpered and went back to mylicking and this time I was so thorough that she had to herself stopme licking any further. We had a long bath after that, she enjoyingherself like a queen while I, her slave, lathered her, washed her,massaged her and bathed her all over. While doing this, I repeatedlycame face to face with her lovely buttocks. They were firm, with goodmuscle tone and absolutely round. The pink puckered hole of her anuswas like a tasty rosebud and I started kissing and licking it. What Igot for my presumptive act was another hard slap. “Isse bilkul nahinchoona. Mujhe maloom hai ki kal se tu iss ke liye taras raha hai.Meri gaand itnee asanee se nahin milegi tujhe. Mujhe jab bilkul khushkar dega tab doongi.”

She put on a loose gown after that and made us some lovely breakfast.Of course, she brought a glass of milk for me but my stomach was fullof her warm piss and she graciously allowed me to skip the milk. Shethen got ready to go to the school but decided to tie me up first sothat I did not masturbate in her absence. I looked at her with sicklusty eyes while she finished tying me up to the bedposts, explainingthat she would be back by lunchtime and then we would have fun again.She also said that today would be the last day of pure fun and gamesand tomorrow onwards, I would have to study very very hard as shereally wanted me to do well in studies. The way she had tied me, shehad ensured that I could not turn and rub my penis on the bed. Thenin a rather sweet but sadistic gesture, she slipped off her slippersand kept them on my face to “give me something to do”, in her ownwords.

I passed the next three hours in a haze of unbearably sweet sexualheat, unable to masturbate, smelling and tasting the fragrance of herfeet in the slippers and just moaning like a love sick pip. I lickedand sucked at the slippers, careful not to nudge them away from mymouth, as I could never have retrieved them again. I think that ifshe had not returned by the lunchtime, I would have started gobblingup her slippers in my heat. When she returned, she found me holdingthe heel of her slipper in my mouth and chewing and sucking on itlike a playful pup. She slowly undressed, smiling at myantics. “Chappal khane mein maja aa raha hai, ek din mein tujhe sachmooch yeh chappalen khilaoongi, phir mujhe mat kahana ki didi kya karrahi hai.” She finished undressing and climbed on to the bed.Cradling my head, she kissed me fondly and the lightly slapped me onthe cheeks with the slippers till I was left sobbing withpassion. “Bete, ab mein ek prayaog karana chahtee hoon. Mootne keliye bathroom na jakar yahin palang par tere muh mein mootna chahteehoon. Tu girayega to nahi chadar par?” I assured her that I would notspill a drop and she was free to beat me to pulp if I failed.

She nodded and then squatted on my face and I awaited her pleasurewith my lips opened wide. She sat down till her hairy choot wasplanted firmly on my mouth and then started pissing, slowly andgently to make sure I had time to swallow. I drank the precious hotnectar gleefully, marveling at the salty briny taste that had becomeso dear to me in just a day. I was as good at my word as I hadpromised and when she rose finally, there was not even a drop on thesnow-white bed sheet. So she sank down again, lusty and hot at myobedience and masturbated right on my mouth, by rubbing her bur lipsand clitoris vigorously on my lips, both to satisfy her lust and toreward me for my feat. My reward was not long in coming, in the formof a few spoonfuls of thick white slimy honey that she discharged inmy mouth. “Ab pishab karne ke liye baar baar bathroom nahin janapadega mujhe, ab tu hi mera khilona hai aur tera muh hi mera bathroomhai.”

Next she decided to have her own snack by sucking on my glans. It hadbecome so swollen by now that it just looked like a red juicy tomato.She sucked it with relish, even chewing it a bit in her lust,disregarding the shudder that her sharp strong teeth caused byrubbing on my sensitive skin. I came suddenly and moaned like a dyinganimal while she fed on the thick gobs of cream jetting out from myknob. She milked it completely till uncontrollable shudders made mybody twitch and I begged her to spare me. She looked at me criticallyas one examines a toy before playing with it and asked me whether nowI would be able to hold on till midnight? “Ab jhadega to nahin aadhiraat tak, tujh se kheloongi kaise mein agar tera tannaya hua nahin hoto?”

I nodded and she got up and released me. We had a quick lunch thenand then she decided to finish one of her erotic books. She lay inbed, propped up on a pillow and read it while I lay between her legs,slowly sucking her choot to her satisfaction. She lifted her legsaround my head and placed them on my back and then clamped themtogether, imprisoning my head, Now she had a perfectly captive boyface to masturbate on and she made full use of it by humping it frombelow and orgasming repeatedly. When a particular passage in thenovel got too hot for her, she would keep aside the book, catch myhead with both hands and masturbate in a frenzy against my mouth tillshe came. She finished in about two hours and then just slid down andwent to sleep, contented and tired. I of course was now fully hardand primed up and just lay between her legs while she slept, kissingher bur gently and caressing her feet with my hands.

When she awoke from her afternoon nap, she pulled my faceaffectionately to her cunt and I knew what she wanted to do. Sheturned over, pinning me below her. When she saw that I was alreadyready, my mouth open and glued to her hole, she pissed in my mouthwith a sigh of satisfaction. I drank till she was empty and then shegot up and made tea for herself. “Akshay, do din se exercise nahin kihai. Chal abhi kartee hoon.” Tu mere saath rahna aur jaise meinchahoon karte jaana.” She first did some push ups, stationaryjogging and stretching and bending for warm up. She then climbed upon the bike and asked me to turn off the fan and close the windows.She cycled hard and slowly beads of sweat started appearing on herbody. The naked healthy glow increased with the glistening fluid andafter about fifteen minutes she was drenched. I was standing nearher, spell bound and she broke the spell by letting me have astinging blow across my cheek with the flat of her palm. “Moorkhladka, dikhta nahin ki mein tere liye itnee mehnat se paseena baharahee hoon aur tu usse chatne ke bajay khada khada mera muh dekh rahahai.”

Contrite, I fell on her eagerly and had a delicious time licking upall the sweat. Her back, arms and head were almost stationary and Icould lick them even when she was cycling. When I reverentiallylicked her face and the brow, she pushed out her tongue at me, hereyes glazed with lust. I took the red juicy piece of flesh in mymouth and sucked on it till she shuddered and came, her chootgrinding on the seat of the cycle. She stopped for some time,enjoying her release and this gave me the time to thoroughly lick upher legs, stomach and breasts. She raised herself a little from theseat and I dabbed at her choot and gaand, getting a heady mix of cuntjuice and sweat for my efforts. Now came the payoff when she raisedher arms and the treasure of her armpits, wet and dripping was therefor the taking. I sucked and drank the sweat from there almost like adevotee accepting alms from the goddess and she purred withsatisfaction as my tongue penetrated the thicket and tickled her.

After resting, she had another go at cycling, but this time I wasmade to stand behind her and systematically crush and squeeze herbreasts while she bicycled. Then she thought up a more eroticposition and made me sit on the bike. “Akshay, chal chudate huey aurmamme dabwate huey cycle chalane ka try karte hain.” She then sat onmy lap, my penis impaled up her choot and continued with her exerciseafter asking me to continue my task of massaging and squeezing herbreasts. Needless to say, she thoroughly enjoyed this bout, helpingherself to a series of orgasms, and squealed like a schoolgirlwhenever she came. I could now lick the sweat off her shoulders andupper back and even her armpits by ducking my head a little and shejust went on and on while I thought I would faint with the excess ofsweet lust in my penis.

Finally she was done and after I had licked her up, she asked me tofollow her to the bathroom where she made me give her a refreshingbath apart from using my mouth as a toilet for pissing. Refreshed,she came out and then graciously gave me permission to go out andtake a walk while she got the dinner ready. There was no way I couldslip my hard-on inside a short but she insisted that I go. She lay myengorged penis along my stomach and made me wear my trousers over it.Then I wore a shirt just hanging loosely over the waist and theerection was effectively hidden. Madam asked me to return in onehour and then pointedly caressed my cheeks and said that I had notbeen beaten at all today. “Aaj tu ne maar nahin khaya. Ab wapas aanepar mast satasat pitaee hogi teri.” When she said so, she shuffled inher slippers, and stood on her toes, sexily dangling them on herfingers. I moaned with renewed desire because now the mention ofgetting beaten by her slippers acted as a powerful aphrodisiac for me.

She shooed me out and I spent a painfully slow one-hour, walkingaround in a daze. All I was aware of was the painful throbbing in myglans and anticipation of what would happen at night. When Ireturned, she was ready for me. She hustled me to the dining tableand we had a quick dinner. As she washed up, she asked me to disrobeand await her in the bedroom. “Bilkul nanga hokar taiyar rehana pitneke liye”.

I was standing obediently in the center of the room, when she walkedin naked, purposely walking with a bounce to make her deliciousslippers slap loudly against the soles of her feet. She purred onseeing my erection and pulled me and kissed me hard. This was thefirst proper kiss between us and lasted a long time and slowly becamean open-mouthed devouring kiss as she forced my mouth open and thensucked my tongue in. After some time, she pushed her tongue into mymouth and I sucked on it hungrily, tasting her sweet saliva. Pantingwith lust, she broke off and then lifted both her feet one by one andremoved her slippers. She looked at me with that hungry predatorylook again, but softened somewhat by a tinge of affection and pushedme down on the bed. “Aaj tu bahut der aur badi masti se maar khayega.Tere jaise chikane ladke ki pitaee karne ka mauka mila hai, mein toab tujhe roj itna maroongi ki janm bhar yaad karega apni iss dushtteacher ko.”

She sat on the side and slowly caressed my lips and cheeks with theslippers. Then she slapped my face a couple of times with them. Theblows were not too hard but still stung enough to bring a gasp to mylips. I opened my mouth and she ran the slippers around my lips as Ikissed them. “Chal, choos aur chaaat inn rubber ki chappalon ko, inmemere pairon ke talwe ke pasine ki khushboo ayegi tujhe.” I startedlicking them and she considerately presented all the inner soles areato my tongue. She inserted the straps in my mouth to enable me tochew and suck them. After a few minutes, she slapped me again, thistime continuously till tears came to my eyes. She stopped and mountedme. Effortlessly impaling her hot wet cunt on my penis, she sankdown, rose up and down experimentally a few times to test thehardness and erection and then started beating my face again withslippers.

Bouts of beatings and then pauses to make me lick and suck on herslippers followed and went on for such a long time that I becamealmost senseless with want. Madam Rekha of course, fucked mecontinuously all the while, happily helping herself to deliciousorgasms some of which made her shout lustily. Today, the beating wassteady and deliberate, not frenzied like last night and hence lastedmuch longer as she remained in full control, enjoying herself hugely.I think this session lasted for a full two hours.

At last tired and sated, she rose, unplugging herself. Then shecrawled forward and lay down on top of my head, her drooling chootover my mouth. My heart filled with joy as well as sank a little as lnow I would get to suck her juice but it also meant that my ownorgasm was till hours away. She carefully aligned her bur lips withmy mouth, sank down and clamped her thighs around my ears and thenstarted humping away. She could do this for a long time as she toowas comfortably lying down now and slowly she settled into herfavorite masturbating rhythm. I sucked her hard, using my tongue likea rapier to penetrate her wet slit when she told me that if I behavedmyself like a good boy till midnight, I would get a special prizetoday. “Merr choot ko man laga kar choos Akshay. Tujhe pate bhar karmeetha meetha rus to milega hi, aur baad mein mein tujhe ek mastinaam bhi doongi.”

She made me earn my prize by keeping my mouth and tongue busythroughout except for a brief period when she took a break to pissinto my mouth. “Pyaas lagee hogi Akshay tujhe, chal tere liye teriteacher ka garam garam khara moot taiyar hai.” I too drank withrelish as by now I was hooked on to her piss and had started likingthe taste, almost addicted to it.

Finally she stopped at midnight and went still. She rolled off myhead and lay face down on the bed. She turned her face toward me,gave me a beautiful loving smile and then told me to enjoy herbackside as I wanted, it was all mine, to kiss, lick or to fuck. “Aajsach mein toone meri bahut sewa ki hai, bilkul trupt kar diya mujhe.Le ab, jaise chahiye waise meri gaand ko bhog le.” I was speechlessat this gift from heaven and just looked at her divine buttocks forsome time. Then I fell on her chootads like a hungry beast andstarted licking and sucking them madly. I zeroed in on the rosebud ofher anus and kissed it deeply. The cheesy sour smell inflamed mefurther and I parted her chootads and thrust in the tongue deepinside her anal passage. By now I was so inflamed that nothingmattered except fucking this divine arsehole of beautiful teacher. SoI sat straddling her waist and lodged the red swollen mushroom of myknob on her arsehole. I spread her cheeks apart and then holding mycock in my hand like a spear, thrust it in.

I was very careful, as I did not want to come prematurely and put anend to this divine state of arousal. I entered slowly into the tighthole and I could sense Madam’s body slowly tense up as she felt thepain of entry. It was a virgin hole and deliciously tight and it tookme a while to sink the swollen supara past her sphincter. Madam didnot hinder me in way and in fact relaxed her gaand as much as shecould to make my task easier. Once past the tight rectum, I sank inrelatively easily and was up to the hilt within a few seconds. I satcrouched on her, panting and whimpering, all strung up. She lovinglyasked me to lie down on top of her and bugger her in comfort. “aramse late ja mere upar aur theek se maja le le kar meree gaand maar.Ghabra mat, mein aaj tujhe kuch nahin kahoongi.”

I lay down on her smooth back, reverentially kissed the nape of herneck and slowly primed my penis in her tight arsehole. It felt divineand she too must have liked the feeling of a hard swollen penisstuffed up her anus because she sighed appreciatively. I slowlystarted my strokes, partially withdrawing and then sinking back againbetween those divine chootads. My hands were planted on the bed forsupport and she again came to my aid. “Arre bachhe. Mere mamme pakadle apne dono hathon mein sahare ke liye. Phir dabate huey maar merigaand.” I did so gratefully and started buggering her steadily allthe while squeezing her choochies gently. The nipples were stiffshowing how much she was also enjoying her buggering. I was now verynear the edge and could not have sustained this much longer. She toosensed it from the way my cock swelled in her innards and egged me onby shouting sensuous slang at me erotically. “Akshay, aise dhiredhire kya puchuk puchuk kar raha hai? Maar meri gaand hachak hachakkar. Itnee joresy maar ki gaand ki choot bana de. Masal mere mammebete, daba unhe aamon ki tarah. Apni iss teacher ki gaand aisee maarki wuh chal na sake kal.”

Fired by these words, I fucked her back hole with all my strength andejaculated suddenly. The long pending orgasm was so powerful that Icried out as if in pain and slumped on her body. Madam constrictedher sphincter and milked my penis, not leaving it till it had givenup the last drop of hot semen. I just lay on her and panted, andslowly gathered my breath. Then I kissed her back again with a deeplove and just lay quiet. When she found that I had not made any movetowards dismounting, she laughed and teased me.” Kyon man nahi bhara?Abhi aur gaand marega kya?” I shyly nodded and entreated her to letme bugger her once more. “Madam, bus ek baar aur gaand maar lenedeejiye, iss bar maja le le kar khoob der marna chahta hoon. Aap jokahengi wuh karoonga.” She replied that I would have to suck hervagina all night. “To raat bhar meri bur choosnee padegi, mereejanghon ke beech sar rakh kar sona padega jissey mein jab chahoontere muh par choot ragad kar mutth maar loon. Mootoongi bhi tere muhmein raat bhar, bol hai manjoor?”

All these so-called conditions were literally like offering food to ahungry man and I eagerly said yes. Then I started kissing her backand the nape of the neck fervently. She was in a playful and lovingmood and asked me to give her a kiss. “Akshay bete, ek chumma deapnee teacher didi ko.” I started kissing her sweet lips and managedto suck her tongue into my mouth. Her warm breath and sweet salivaacted as a powerful sensual trigger and I found myself hardeningfast. The sensation of my penis penetrating her on its own as itelongated was very erotic. I started humping away and was very gentleand steady initially. I just moved fractionally in and out, relishingthe tight grip of her hot soft gaand on my penis and the feeling ofher twin breasts nestling in my palms, the hard nipples rubbingagainst their skin like leathery pebbles.

Madam too moaned sensuously and enjoyed this gentle buggering for along time. But then her fiery sexy nature reasserted itself and sheimpatiently commanded me to bugger her hard. “Chal bahut ho gayeemasti, ab jore joresey apna lund pale meri gaand mein. Aise maarjaise ki phad daalna ho apni teacher ki gaand.” I also was reaching astage where the pleasure was becoming unbearable and gladly obeyedher by lunging powerfully into her buttocks. I also started crushingher breasts hard, without waiting for her command, albeit a littlefearfully. But she was excited even more by this move and startedbouncing her hips from below in a bid to increase my strokes. “Aurjoresey masal meree choochiyan. Chuchuk kheench rubber jaise. Maarmeri gaand chadh chadh ke.” I did full justice to her deliciousbottom and was able to bugger her for almost half an hour which droveher almost insane with lust as her choot was on fire and she couldnot do anything about it. For once, she was feeling what she had mademe experience these last two days i.e. an unbearable lust, whichremained unfulfilled.

But there was a limit to my holding power, and finally I capitulated,orgasming with a gush deep inside her entrails. While I lay pantingand satiated on her back, she waited just enough to make sure thatthe last drop had been squeezed out from my cock. Then she sat up,causing my limp penis to plop out and roughly threw me on the bed.She hurriedly scrambled to get in position on my face and madlystarted to masturbate against my lips. Her choot was wet anddrooling, the juice dribbling in thick viscous streams which justshowed how aroused she was. She came immediately, squealing like abride on her first night, but from a sweet release and not from pain.I sucked and drank her juice with relish, using my tongue as a spoonto pick up everything I could. She waited till I was done and thentook a long piss in my mouth.

We slept after that but instead of sleeping in her arms, I slept withmy head between her strong thighs. She slept on her side, her lowerthigh acting as my pillow for the night while the upper thigh closearound my ears and the pair held my head like a nut in a nutcracker.She could masturbate quite easily on my mouth in this position, andthis is what she did the whole night, waking up almost after hour,jacking off and expelling juice in my mouth and going back to sleep.She also woke me up twice to piss in my mouth.

The next day onwards, we settled into a steadier timetable for theremainder of the Diwali vacation, which now included a substantialstudy period. After the morning bath, my early morning hot saltydrink from her choot and breakfast, she taught me mathematics. Beforestarting, she sucked me off so that I was not distracted by sex. Wewould also be fully clothed to avoid temptation. While teaching, shereverted back to her role of a martinet and I learnt fast, out offear. She kept her cane handy and used it liberally whenever shefound my attention wavering. After two hours of study, she would fuckme as it fancied her, generally without disrobing and I was expectedto just maintain a good erection for her and act as her adult toy andmake sure of not coming.

Then she would leave for the school to finish some urgent work. Atthis time she generally gave me homework. This was difficult to dobecause of my raging erection but she made good use of combinedthreats and sexy incentives to make sure that I worked hard. Forexample, whenever she found that I had not done justice to thehomework, immediate beating with a cane followed. She never used herslippers for actual punishment beatings as she knew of my fetish forher slippers. In addition I was bound and left for the afternoon withno chance of participating in any sex with her. To make me even moremiserable, she herself never went without sex and generallymasturbated in front of me with her fingers. I also went thirstysince she avoided pissing in my mouth and used the bathroom instead,leaving me weeping at this wastage of nectar from her cunt. After twosuch sessions, I made very sure that I always completed my homework.

On the other side, if she was pleased with my homework, she sometimeswent out of the way to give me delicious and depraved surprises. Oneday she was so pleased that she gave me a lunch to cherish. Sheremoved the slippers she was wearing and kept them in my plate. Itstill had her sweat and some wet marks of her feet on them. Then sheserved me lunch on them, asking me to use them as my plate. Needlessto say, I ate in a daze, horny beyond imagination. I licked themclean after the lunch was over. When I looked for a glass of water,she stood near me, took an empty glass and held it against her choot.Then smiling at me naughtily, she pissed into it, very slowly andgently so that it took almost five minutes for the glass to fill up.I was going crazy and she was enjoying the effect she was having onme. She presented the glass to me and I drank it like a madman,gulping it down fast. She refilled again till there was no more pissleft in her abdomen. I was so horny that she had to suck me offotherwise I would have gone crazy. I repaid her by fucking her reallyhard and in ways that never imagined possible.

After a bout of lusty sex, we generally had a siesta and woke up inthe late afternoon. It was then time for her homework, whichconsisted of correcting answer books of students. For this she wouldsit naked at the table, while I sat under the table, between herlegs, with my arms encircling her waist lovingly, my face buried inher hairy choot. I fucked her with my tongue and sucked her cuntcontinuously while she did the work, making it a very pleasantexercise for her. She used to rock back and forth, and sigh and moanas she flipped the pages and marked them and every couple of answerbooks, she would orgasm and fill my mouth with a spoonful ofdelicious slimy juice. She also never had to get up to visit thebathroom as whenever she felt like pissing, she just filled mywaiting mouth with hot piss.

She did her exercises in the evening, giving me a fun time to lickher sweat off. After dinner, the serious lovemaking happened. On baddays, when I was a bad boy, she would just indulge in a minimumamount of sex and go to sleep, generally leaving me horny andunfulfilled. On good days, hard relentless sex would occur and wouldend only at midnight. On really good days, when she was pleased withme, she would let me bugger her in a grand finale for the day.

The vacations finally came to an end and I had to move back to myroom as the students started coming in. I was inconsolable but MadamRekha reassured me that somehow she would find ways to reward me if Iwas a good boy. She was very pleased when I got the highest marks inmath in school and specially rewarded me by calling me for some workto the teacher’s room in the evening after ensuring that otherteachers had gone home. She took me to the inside lunchroom andproceeded to piss in my mouth. It was my first drink in many days andhence specially dear to me. I sucked her off then, ravenously lappingat her cunt juice as she orgasmed many times in quick succession.Finally she fucked me standing till both she and I came with groansof pleasure. Then she quietly gave me her slippers, wrapped in aparcel to take to my room and asked me to return them in a week. Bythe time I returned them, they had been sucked and licked so much,that they appeared to be almost new except for my teeth marks when Ihad bitten them in my passion.

She and I became secret permanent lovers and in summer vacation too,though she had to go back to her hometown, she managed to delay herdeparture by a week. I too did the same and we had a rollicking time,hardly leaving her quarters for even a minute. As a parting gift, shegave me her slippers and they were the best gift any body could giveme in that state of mind.

Our affair continued for many years till I passed out of school andeven after that. When I moved out of the city to go to IIT, Icontinued to have contacts with her and managed to visit her at leastonce every year for a week. She is older now, past fifty and is theprincipal of the school but for me she still is the dear Madam Rekha.For her part, even when I grew up, she still treated me just as aboy, to be beaten, punished and fucked as needed. Even in the mostrecent meeting last week, I received a lusty beating from her,delivered by her slippers prior to a love making session. Her yearlygift to me continues to be a used pair of slippers, and I have nowcollected twenty pairs of them

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