Madame Rekha made me her slave!

I was just young teen boy of eighteen when Madam Rekha made her everlasting impact on mylife, converting me forever into a submissive worshipful masochisticslave to older dominant and aggressive women. I was in ninth classand stayed in the hostel attached to the school. I was a slimdelicate boy and usually aroused strong maternal instincts in women.Our term had started two months back and it would be the Diwaliholidays in another month. The post of warden and math teacher wasvacant and suddenly rumors started that a tough new lady teacherwould soon take over the duties. I expected her to be an elderlyspinster, severe looking and close to retirement. What we got insteadwas a tall slim athletic woman, of about thirty-five years of agewith a steely piercing gaze and supreme self-confidence.

The first time I saw Madam Rekha in the class, she was wearing asalwar and kameez, a typical Punjabi dress, with a starched whitedupatta and slim black high heel sandals, somehow looking very sexyand out of place in the class room. The dress failed to hide the factof a strong strapping lithe body, apparent from her bearing andwhatever was visible of her sculpted strong forearms. Her face wasaverage with a faint growth of soft hair on her lips, generally foundin many virile north Indian women. But the strong predatoryexpression on her face made her extremely attractive to me. I soongot a taste of how strong she was. On the first day itself, sheseemed to pick me out for special treatment though it did not seemlike that at the moment. She asked a tough question and when no oneanswered, asked me to stand up and reply. My answer was wrong and shecalled me to the front of the class, a steely glint in her eyes andlet me have a resounding slap which made me stagger and almost falldown. The sting brought tears to my eyes and when I started crying,she asked me to kneel down for the duration of the class.

This happened every day for the next few days and I started to dreadgoing to the class. She realized the effect that public punishmentwas having on my psyche and stopped punishing me in public but calledme to her office in the hostel every evening, where I would receive athorough beating regularly for all my mistakes of the day.Perversely, though these beatings were quite painful and humiliating,I had started enjoying them in secret as it brought her close to me.She smelled faintly of a lovely musk and from close, her smoothglowing healthy complexion was extremely arousing. I used to lookdown while being berated by her, where I could stare at her beautifulfair slim feet, just visible through the straps of her sandals.

I would masturbate furiously every night, imagining how she wouldlook naked and imagining making passionate love to her. I alsowondered why other boys in my class were getting away lightly and Iwas being singled out for her punishing sprees. I fleetingly sawsomething close to attraction and lust in her eyes while she beat meand this aroused a wild hope in me, which became stronger with everybeating that I received from her.

Any way, the result was that I would stare at her surreptitiously,trying to get a glimpse of her body other than the feet, hands andface visible normally. My day was made if I could see her while sheremoved and readjusted her dupatta, so that the gently rising profileof her lovely taut breasts became visible. Once I caught a glimpse ofslim smooth ankles and a fleshy muscled hairy calf as she raised hersalwar to get rid of an irritating stem of grass from her dress and Imasturbated twice that night, visualizing the rest of her legs. Fromthen on, I started making mistakes on purpose and the beatingsincreased till one fine day, just before the holidays, she forbade mefrom going home. She phoned my uncle and aunt, my guardians, that shewas retaining me in the hostel for three weeks of extra coaching inthe holidays.

The holidays emptied the hostel and I was the only one remainingthere apart from Madam Rekha. The mess was also closed and she orderedme to move into her small warden’s flat. She had a suite consistingof a small kitchen, one living room and a small bedroom. There was anexercise bike in the corner, explaining her strapping athletic frame.She told me that I could sleep in the living room. The first nightpassed uneventfully and I did not masturbate that night, overcomewith a sense of occasion and a delicious feeling of anticipation. Islept like a log and woke up refreshed and very horny. In themorning, Madam was reasonably gracious towards me, even cooking me asmall favorite dish for lunch. I noticed her gaze drifting to me timeand again with a strange look in her eyes. She went out to thelibrary after lunch, giving me an assignment, which I was to completeby the evening. I tried to do it, but it was too tough and I gave up,anticipating a beating as usual, which both excited and scared me.

To pass time, I looked through her books and was surprised to find afew adult books in the lowermost shelf, hidden behind textbooks. Theywere mostly of erotic literature category but some of a very arousingnature. There were complete works of DeSade and I read a fewparagraphs randomly and was tremendously aroused, by the descriptionof perverse sexual punishments. There also seemed to be many hardcorenovels, describing all manners of perversities and incest amongfamily members. The books were well thumbed and used and must havebeen read many times. I quickly put them back and of course, therewas no way I could study after that. It took a lot of discipline justto keep my hands away from my erect penis. I quickly restored thebooks as much as possible to their original order well before herreturn.

Madam Rekha returned in the evening, had a refreshing bath and askedme also to bathe quickly and come for getting my homework checked.She put on a fresh pair of her favorite pair of salwar kameez,slipped on her cream colored rubber bathroom slippers and walked toher desk, the slippers slapping sexily against her pink soles. To methey looked and sounded so sensuous that I started getting a hard-on,which I desperately tried to suppress. Most probably she noticed itbut chose to ignore it. She sat down and asked me to show her what Ihad done in the afternoon. I trembled as she also took out herfavorite cane from the drawer and kept it ready.

She looked at the answer sheets and her brows slowly knitted into afrown as she saw what I had done. She could not contain her anger andlanded me a sudden stinging slap on my cheek, asking me what I haddone the whole afternoon. Then she picked up the cane, asked me tospread my palms outward and started striking hard on them with thecane. When I pulled my hands back, stung beyond endurance, shestarted beating me on my legs and buttocks, wherever she could reachwith the cane. I sobbed and did not reply but inadvertently glancedat her bookcase. It was a terrible mistake as she too looked thereand noted the displaced volumes of DeSade. Her eyes lit up with thatstrange expression and she throatily asked me whether I had beengoing through her private books. When I cringed and meekly nodded,she walked to me and pulling my hair shook me and shouted at mesaying she would show me what happens when children poke into adult’sprivate possessions. “Aaj tujhe maja chakhatee hoon, meri privatecheezon par nazar daalne ka.”

Her nearness to me slowly aroused me, in spite of my fear and Istared at her heaving chest, noting the bulge of firm mounds frombelow her bra-cups, faintly visible through the cloth of her kameez.She saw me staring and froze. Something came over me and I bent downand reverentially kissed her hand. She pulled up my head roughlycatching my hair and I moaned in pain as she stared into my eyes. Shesaw a deep worshipping look there and slowly a lusty predatory lookappeared in her dark flashing eyes. She stayed still for a moment andsuddenly kissed me full on the lips. The kiss told me everything andI instinctively had a complete idea of what would happen during thewhole remaining three weeks of the holiday.

In retrospect, this first night was the most painful as I got beatenby her all night. She was like a child who has been given herfavorite toy and wanted to just play with it to her heart’s content.All her fantasies about having a young boy to play with and beatinghim as she pleased had come within her reach and she was free to actout her secret sexual desires. Even if she would have continued inthe same vein throughout the vacation, I would not have minded as thepain of beating was overshadowed by the strong sexual attraction thatI felt for this goddess like teacher of mine. But she mellowed afterfirst night and the beatings were softer and more sensual next dayonwards, and were more to arouse than to cause pain.

To continue the story, my joy knew no bounds when she kissed me and Ilooked at her with a deep reverential look while continuing to crywith fright. The interlude lasted only a moment as she startedbeating me hard with purposeful determined blows. Even as I whimperedwith pain at the blows that I received, my young eager penis rose andmade a telltale bulge in my shorts. Madam Gill too noticed it andslowly licked her lips.

She was now thoroughly aroused as she started slapping me hard acrossthe cheeks with her palms. I felt pure pleasure throb my veins butsobbed in a show of fear, my cheeks stinging with the delicious pain.When the sting in my cheeks became unbearable I started trying to getaway from her. This infuriated her further and she picked up herrubber-lined cane again and started whipping me anywhere she couldland it. As I cried for mercy, she shouted at me to strip quickly ifI wanted to escape the relentless beating. “Nanga ho ja jaldi senahin to aur maar khayega” I obeyed, jumping around and sobbing withthe sensation of the deliciously sensuous pain as I quickly removedmy clothes. Her eyes lit up with a strange lust as she saw my smallboyish figure and smooth naked skin and dropping the cane startedslapping my face hard with her palms. Finally I was completely nudeand she turned me around and drawing her arm well back, gave me acouple of final resounding slaps on the cheeks for good measure,which made me rock back on my heels.

She observed my tear stained red cheeks with satisfaction and thenpicking up her cane, rained blows after blows on my rump, all thewhile threatening me that she would teach me a lesson for myaudacious behavior in kissing her hand. “Teri himmat kaise huee merahaath choomne ki” I sobbed and whimpered but my penis rose further ina salute to the beautiful angry woman. She saw the slim five-inch boycock throbbing at her and again licked her lips hungrily. She was nowmad with lust and in a sadistic mood. She stopped herself with greateffort and threw the cane on the floor. She asked me to lie down onthe floor and I obeyed her immediately. She quickly rummaged throughher drawer and produced two of her soiled bras from the laundrybasket. With these, she proceeded to bind my wrists and ankles andsoon had me helplessly trussed up. She pulled me on to my feet andsternly warned me to keep standing under all circumstances otherwiseshe would beat me to a pulp.

She now stepped out of her rubber footwear and smiling at mesadistically, lifted one each in both hands. They were nice soft well-worn home slippers and she smacked them together experimentally,making a loud slapping sound. “teri to chappalon se pitayee honachahiye” Then she advanced towards me, planted her feet firmly andstarted deliberately slapping me hard on the face with her twoslippers. She was not gentle, and landed each slap with all herstrength, alternately with both hands. The soft rubber caressed aswell as stung my cheeks hard and I started sobbing again, both withpain and desire for the strong athletic body of my teacher.

She asked me to shut up and soon her blows were raining all over mybody, the slippers making soft sexy thwack-thwack sound as they hitme all over. She spared my erect and quivering penis andconsiderately paused once in a while to caress and roll the shaftslowly between the inner smooth velvety surface of the slippers. Thethrobbing and jumping of my penis when she did that, somehow wouldrecharge her with more energy to beat me still more. She stopped onlywhen she was tired and panting hard with the effort. Sweat waspouring off her brows and her salwar and kameez were wet, clinging toher strong lithe body, showing the shape of her tight bra holdingback her hard jutting breasts.

She paused, looking at me reflectively. She threw the slippers downand then started undressing. She took off her kameez in a smoothmotion. My cock jumped as I saw the tight low cut skimpy white nylonbrassiere restraining her proudly jutting hard breasts. Withoutpausing she undid the knot on her salwar and slipped out of it. Herstrong slim thighs were well muscled and her panties weresurprisingly small, just managing to cover the sexy dark triangle atthe junction of her thighs. I drank in the sight of the enticingbikini pair, looking even more desirable on her as no one couldimagine that prim schoolteachers would wear such erotic underwear.Her strong muscled calves were covered with a profusion of soft blackhair and looked very sexy. I was ecstatic but sobbing with pain atthe delicious aching of my body all over. She stood in front of meand commanded me to lick her sweat off. “Chal, jaldi se mera pasinaapni jeebh se chaat chaat ke poch.”

As I hesitated just a little, she slapped me hard across the face,making me cry out and fall down on the floor. She just nudged my facewith her legs and asked me to start from feet up. As I startedlicking her feet, she obligingly lifted them, exposing her soft pinksoles. I licked them lovingly and carefully and moved on to her feet.The taste was salty and very arousing and soon I was licking withenthusiasm. I licked between her slim toes, even sucking on themreverently. She became still, enjoying the toe sucking.

I was finding it difficult to move around due to my bound hands andankles but she compensated by moving around and presenting variousparts of her legs to my mouth. She asked me to spend a little moretime on the insides of her muscled hairy calves, as they were reallydrenched. “Pindaliyon par bahut passena hai, unhe jara theek sechaatna” I moved up to her thighs and my penis throbbed madly when Ilicked her thighs and buttocks, around her panties. I pressed my faceinto the soft mound below the cloth of the panties and she let mesniff at the treasure below for a while before pulling me roughly upwith my hair. I licked her round firm chootads with special gusto,imaging the how the small puckered hole in the center would look.

I then licked and cleaned her sweaty back and stomach with my tongueand then stood up facing her. There was a lot of hair on her lowerback too and I realized that this was just another evidence of herlusty fiery nature. My head only came up to the lovely chest of madamGill, her tall frame towering over me by a good deal. I thrust mytongue into the deep valley between the proud breasts, half coveredby the tight bra cups and licked avidly. Her pointed white bra conesthrust against my cheeks and I could clearly feel the hard erectnipples through them.

As I came to the sides of her torso, she lifted her arms high in theair and told me that she had a real treat for me there. “Meri kaankhmein to tere liye mast khazana hai, jara majaa le le kar choosna.”Her hairy armpits were sopping wet and the short soft black bush inthe cavity was dripping with her healthy sweat. I buried my moutheagerly in them, licking and sucking. As my tongue repeatedly lickedher armpit with hunger, she purred with approval and waited till Ihad dabbed them dry. I moved on to her back, the shoulders and thenthe neck. She had tied her hair high in a pile and the slim neck wasopen to me, covered with a film of sweat. I stood on my toes andkissed and licked her gently on the neck and shoulders and on herears and she literally hummed with desire now. Finally I faced her,looking up at her with puppy like adoration. Her clear black eyeswere full of unimaginable lust and she gazed down at me as a predatorlooks at its prey, slowly licking her lips. On an impulse I kissedher, and then licked the sides of her mouth and cheeks. As her eyessparkled, I was afraid that she might hammer me again but she let itpass and I moved on to finally to her brow, licking it clean of thedripping sweat.

The sweat licking accomplished to her satisfaction, Madam Rekha pushedme to the floor and asked me to lie down flat. Then she slipped outof her sweat soaked lingerie and bunched them up. I gazed at herunbound up-thrust breasts and marveled at their hard muscled look.The black nipples were erect and quivering like two long peanuts. Thecrotch looked magnificent, covered with a dense black bush, overgrownand totally untrimmed. She obviously never trimmed her crotch orarmpits. She had small soft hair on her arms and legs, and the hairylimbs were another proof of her animal nature and strong sexualappetite. She squatted near my face and commanded me to open my mouthwide. “Muh kholo, apni chaddi aur body tere muh mein thoons doon.” Iobeyed and she stuffed the bunched up underwear in my mouth. She wasthorough and used her finger to make sure that everything had beentucked in.

The stuffing over, she asked me to close my mouth and suck on theunderclothes. She smiled cruelly at me and told me that if the pairhad not been thoroughly sucked and chewed clean when she finished hernext act, I would be flogged to within an inch of my life. “Mereandar ke kapde agar choos choos kar bilkul saaf nahin kiye to martedam tak maroongi” She need not have threatened me as I felt like adevotee whose most devout wish has been answered by his goddess. Itasted the salty tangy flavor of her sweat mixed with the smell ofher body and sucked on the nylon hungrily, my cock now throbbing witha painful hardness. She moved her palm over it appreciatively andthen kneeled down straddling my torso. “Achha pyara sa lund hai teraladke, jara chode kar dekhoon kitna dum hai isme.” She held the shaftin one hand and opened up her cunt lips with the other. I lookedspellbound at the dark pink lips and the red gash between them,glistening with her fluids. Her vagina was drooling and I correctlyguessed that she must have even had an orgasm while beating me. Shequickly guided the swollen knob into her cuntal opening and then sankdown, letting out a deep sigh of pleasure as the shaft slid up herchannel smoothly. She came to rest on my stomach, her plentiful bushtickling my stomach.

Madam Rekha then settled down, and exercised her cunt musclesexperimentally. I almost came, my eager penis unable to bear thesqueezing pressure of the soft hot flesh. My groan of lust wasmuffled by the erotic gag in my mouth, but was still loud enough tostartle her, so strong was her squeezing action. She immediatelypicked up a slipper and slapped me hard on the face, her face redwith fury and warned me again not to come unless she gavepermission. “Agar bina meree permission ke jhada to dekh tera kyahaal kartee hoon” As I relished the stinging sensation in my face,painful but strangely erotic, she started rising up and down fuckingherself with my penis. I somehow controlled myself and lay still, mybody rigid with pleasure. She laid the two slippers on both sides ofmy torso, within easy reach of her hands as a warning to me andslowly increased her tempo.

She had her first explosive orgasm immediately, letting out a throatyscream and bringing her fists down hard on my thighs. “oooee ma, margayee, iss pyare chkore ne to maar hi dala” She did not decrease hertempo even a little bit while enjoying her release and in factaccelerated her fucking strokes. She now rose and sank in a steadyfast rhythm fucking me expertly. I continued sucking on her lingerie,my mind in a whirl with unbearable pleasure. Her moist wet cuntclutched my shaft with love and I lost count of the orgasms she had.As I rose towards another crescendo, looking at her with pleadingeyes, she angrily picked up her slippers in both hands and startedraining blows on my both cheeks. “teri smaajh mein nahi aaya, ullukahin ke? Jhad kar apnee iss teacher didi ko pyaasa hi rakhega?” AsI felt the stinging painful blows, I whimpered with pain and myorgasm backed off a little, afraid of her wrath. She did not make iteasy for me, as she milked my cock hard with her cuntal musclesalmost daring me to come. I sobbed and managed to somehow hold on.Soon she had another mind-blowing orgasm, no doubt excited by the actof beating my face with her slippers.

She slumped and rested for some time, panting hard, her face radiantwith the pleasure of so many orgasms. Her hands fell by her side andshe stopped beating me. She kept quiet for a minute or so and in factsmiled at me beautifully, caressing my face with the soft inside ofthe slippers. She called me a good boy and asked me to control myselffor some more time, as she wanted to fuck me harder now. “Tu pyaraaur smajhdar student hai mera. Kuch der aur aise hi khada rakh, aurjoresy chodne walee hoon tujhe” She asked me whether I had finishedlaundering her bra and panties and I nodded, having sucked off allthe sweat from her nylons. “Meri chaddi aur bra saaf ki?” She askedme to open my mouth and then pulled out the pair of her underwear.She examined it critically and finding them clean and well suckednodded with approval. She told me that my mouth would be free now butfor my own sake, cautioned me not to shout and only answer whatevershe asked. Otherwise my face’s tryst with her slippers wouldcontinue, she said, her eyes sparkling again with lust. “Chillaya todono gaalon par chappalen hi chappalen padengi”

Madam Rekha now started bouncing up and down again, slowly anddeliberately prolonging her pleasure this time. She cupped her ownbreasts and squeezed them sensuously like twin rubber horns of a car.She grunted rhythmically as my cock pistoned into her clutching cuntand she started coming with great shuddering sighs. She asked merhetorically in an erotic word play who she was and I told her thatshe was my goddess, my teacher, my didi and my mistress. “Akshay,mein teri kaun hoon?” “Madam, aap meri devee, maa, didi, maalkin,teacher, sab kuch hain.” She asked me who I was and I replied withclenched teeth, unable to bear this sweet torture that I was herslave and her toy to do with as she pleased. “Tu mera kaunhai?” “Didi, mein aapka daas hoon, aapka khilona hoon.” She climaxedagain at my words and bent down on top of my body. I staredhypnotized at her delightful firm cone shaped breasts bobbing in myface while she pulled down a big pillow from the bed and put it belowmy shoulders, raising my torso. Then she asked me to open my mouthand as I eagerly obeyed her, slipped one of her pointed breastswithin my lips. She then put her arms around me and clutched me hard,driving most of the firm flesh into my mouth.

She asked me to suck and I complied, sucking at the hard nipples andthe succulent flesh around it. “Ab meri choochi chooso, samajho meintumhari maa hoon aur tum bhookhe bachhe ho.” She then fucked me hard,almost like a man fucking in missionary style, her strong thighswrapped around my waist. As she progressed on her journey to herorgasm, the breast entered deeper into my mouth till finally thenipple was lodged in my throat and my wide-open mouth was encirclingthe wide base of her breast. “Poori choochi muh mein le ladke, manlaga ker choos.” I held on with all my control, not even a soundescaping my lips and she rode me for ages, till she had her fill oforgasms after orgasms. Finally she stopped and sat up, satiated forthe moment, looking down at me quizzically. The sucked breast wassuffused with blood and looked deliciously pink, the nipple elongatedlike a finger.

She told me gently that I had been a very bad boy because I had beengood and kept myself under control. She was angry at being denied thesatisfaction of punishing me for making a mistake and hence was goingto punish me anyway for not giving her any excuse for beating me withher slippers. While I was trying to make sense of this convolutedlogic, she had picked up her slippers and let me have a dozen ofjuicy hard blows on the cheeks. I accepted the delightful mixture ofpain and pleasure meekly, crying out in supplication, which excitedher further. She stopped after this and commanded me to get up andlie down on the bed. I lay on my side, my hands and legs still bound.She untied them and lay in front of me sideways, in the oppositedirection. Her crotch was in front of me and I saw the parted cuntlips, swollen and red with repeated fucking, still oozing juice, themusky perfume from her vulva assailing my nostrils.

She raised her upper leg, opening up her cunt for me and pulled myface into her crotch, my cheek resting on the firm pillow of her well-muscled lower thigh. “Tu iss layak to nahin hai, phir bhi tujhe apniraseelee bur choosne ka mauka detee hoon.” I sobbed gratefully, atlast given permission to suck her heavenly nether opening and startedlicking her thighs and vulva with my tongue, scooping up all thejuice. While I licked her labia, swallowing the thick musky syrup,she closed her legs around my head and started humping my mouth. Shesharply asked me to use my tongue and I inserted it in the wet hothole. “Jeebh daal andar pugle, aur jeebh se apnee teacher ki bur kochode” She stiffened with pleasure and as I started fucking her withmy tongue, she ejaculated a copious amount of cunt juice into mouth.

The taste was extraordinarily arousing for me and I redoubled mysucking. I felt her arms around my buttocks and her warm wet mouthenveloped my glans. She sucked it a little and then cautioned me thateven when I came, she expected that I would continue to suck her cuntand fuck it with my tongue without a moment’s break. “Jhadne par merichoot choosna band nahin karna nahi to kya hoga tu to jaanta hi hai”She also said that this was the first and last time that she wastaking pity on my horny state and sucking me off at the start of ourgames. Tomorrow onwards, she would do as she pleased and I had to beher total slave and was expected to maintain my erection as long asshe wanted. Any mistakes would be punished with the slippers. “Kal semeri poori gulaami karega tu, mein jo kahoongi, wuh karna padega.”

Before she resumed her sucking, she licked off her own cunt juicefrom the shaft and surrounding skin of my stomach. Then she playedwith my penis a little, since she was able to now hold her libido incheck, having already slaked her raging lust. She seemed to like theslim boyish penis as she caressed it lovingly, rotating it to have acloser look and also kissed it all over affectionately. “Lagta to haiki teri malai swadisht hogi. Agar pasand nahin ayee to bahutmarongi”. Then Madam Gill just took all five inches into her mouthand sucked like an ice candy, her tongue coaxing my bursting penis togive up its treasure. I continued licking her sweet sexy bur with mytongue and Inserted my tongue all the way and kept it there while sheclutched it and slowly humped it. I ejaculated but managed not tomake any sound and just soaked in the sublime pleasure of a longpending release that too in the warm wet mouth of this beautifulteacher of mine. She seemed to like it as she made asatisfied “Mmmmm” sound and swallowed with relish.

After that, my horny mistress crushed my head in her thighs and had aspirited bout of masturbation on my mouth, orgasming again and againtill she finally fell back with a contented sigh, satiated and limp.I frankly did not know what to do now so gingerly just licked up herthighs and choot to clean up all the sticky juice. It was apparentlythe correct thing to do, as she hummed and parted her legs to give meunhindered access to her genitals. Then I noticed that her body wasshiny with sweat, a result of the strenuous fuck that she had hadwith me. I licked her body lovingly and it kept me busy for a goodfifteen minutes till she was ready again.

She sat up and looked me as one looks at a pet or a toy, full ofpossessive lust and a satisfied glint in her eyes. “Mera gulaam bankar rahega bete to bahut maja karega. Par maar bhi khoob khaneepadegi. Tere jaise chikne ladkon ko peetna mujhe bahut achhha lagtahai, meri bur ekdum geelee ho jatee hai.” I nodded with a worshipfullook and encouraged, she continued. “Mein jo kahoongi, usse ekdummanna padega, bhale hi kitna hi ganda kaam ho.” I nodded myacceptance and she smiled beautifully, ruffling my hair. I looked ather and asked her with humility. “Madam, mein apko akele mein kyakahoon?” She said that I could call her Didi. “Bahar to sabke samnemujhe Teacherji ya Madam kaha kar. Akele mein Didi chalega.”

On getting confirmation from me about becoming her slave, she perkedup again and stood up. “chal mere saath bathroom mein chal, badi jorsey pishab lagi hai.” On hearing this, my limp penis startedhardening fast as I could not imagine a lustier scenario than beingallowed to accompany her while she pissed. As it turned out, she hadeven dirtier things on mind. I followed her like a lamb while shewalked to the bathroom, her gait a little stiff with the pressure inher bladder. She sat down on the toilet seat and then locked her eyeswith mine. I stood frozen, trying to read her mind and I saw pureanimal lust in her eyes. She did not speak nor did she start pissing.Then after a minute, I slowly sank down on my knees in front of herand buried my face in her hairy choot, signifying to her that I hadunderstood her wish. She fondly ran her fingers in my hair and saidthat I was a clever boy. “Samajhdar ladka hai tu, chal uth aur theekse farsh par baith ja.”

I sat down on the floor comfortably and she too got up and walked tome. She stood straddling me, caught my head, and forced me to lookup. I found her cunt just two inches above my face and it looked andsmelt divine. I licked it affectionately and she impatiently told meto just open my mouth. “Chatna baad mein, abhee muh khol.” I obeyedbut she was not satisfied. “Aur khol, nahin to mujhe takleef hoginishana lagane mein”. I opened my jaws as wide as possible and shepulled me up possessively till her choot was just an inch above mymouth. “Dekh ab taiyar hai na? theek se peena, ek bhi boond chalkayeeto maar maar kar bhurta bana doongi.” Then my mistress startedpissing. The sparkling stream entered my mouth with force and filledit in no time due to her strong need to relieve herself. She stoppedin time, realizing that there was no way I could swallow that fast. Ilet the warm salty liquid remain in my mouth for as long as possibleto taste it fully. I was hard now, quivering with a deep primaldesire I had never imagined possible. I drank the nectar finally andas soon as my mouth was empty she pissed again.

“Kyon re mere bachhe, mera moot achha lag raha hai na?” I noddedgently, intent on swallowing the next mouthful. “Araam se pee, swaadle le kar. Ab to hamesha tere hi muh mein pishaab karoongi.” Shesettled down to a long bout of pissing and kept on telling me howfortunate I was. “Apni teacher ka moot peene mila tujhe, kyonki tu ekchikna aur mast ladka hai. Ab dekh, mein tujhe kaise din raat apnamoot pila pila ke mast karte hoon.”

Finally she was done and pulled me up by my hair. She was obviouslylooking for signs of revulsion but all she saw in my eyes was a lustyworshipful look. It made her very happy and horny and she dragged meafter her, intent to get to the bed for the fun and games tocontinue. She now trusted my control enough to let me fuck her whileshe just lay on the bed and enjoyed the energetic efforts of heryoung horny obedient pupil to fuck her brains out. She egged me onto take my revenge on her. “Chode mere bachhe, apnee teacher kochode daal, uski choot ko chode chode kar usska bhosda bana de, tujheiss ne bahut peeta hai na aaj, tu bhi apna badlaa nikal le isse buritarah chode daal.” Obviously I was not supposed to orgasm and Iliterally cried with the unbearably sweet feeling in my penis as Iobeyed her. When I got tired, she let me rest for a while and thenassumed a bitch like position on the bed and then asked me to fuckher doggy style. “Chal mere pyare student, chadh ja iss kutiyateacher par aur chode daal isse, hachak hachak kar chode apnee issdidi ko”

She stopped only when she had come what seemed like hundreds of timesand only when I cried and wept and was about to faint with exhaustionand unbearable lust. It was a tribute to her control on me that I didnot ejaculate while almost passing out with my effort. She finallytook pity on me and asked me gently to fuck her as I pleased, whileshe lay back satiated and totally satisfied for the day. She pulledme on top of her and stuffed her breast in my mouth. I just manageda few more lunges and then came hard, letting out a lusty joyfulscream which was muffled in my throat, gagged by the lovely flesh ofher breast. Then I fainted, even before fully enjoying the heavenlyrelease. The whole day of continuous beatings and sex took its tolland I opened my eyes only when the sun was well up. (contd later..)

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