Made Love With Srishlike Bhabhi

This is Pranay from Vizag. I am 5 7 in height and have average weight. This is the sex story explaining how I got laid with the wife of my distant cousin. Girls who are interested can contact me and give feedback at [email protected]. I will be waiting for that. Sorry for my narration as it is my first sex story. All the character names including mine are fictional.

This happened when I was 20. I was studying my bachelor’s and having a lot of fun but didn’t have any encounter till then. I came to know that my distant cousin’s wife and her son are going to come to Vizag for site seeing. Het name is Vandana and she is hot as fuck. Anyone would want her in bed because of her beauty and hotness. I like that woman very much because she resembles my crush but I am not too close to her. My crush was a goddess which I couldn’t reach, fucked my bhabhi thinking about her and quenched my sexual thirst.

They reached Vizag and I took her and her son for different places and showed them the city. She liked the way I treated her and her son with care. Within and hour or so, she started feeling comfortable with me and started walking by holding my arm very close to me with both hands. Her smiling face and warm touches were making me excited. She thanked me a lot for showing her everything with care. I am very caring to children too. That made it too easy to catch her.

Forgot to tell you. She was probably 29 years old with perfects shaped body, very fair with red lips. She has very fair big boobs with pointed brown and small nipples.

We reached home after that. She said she wanted to rest the other day, so we didn’t plan anything. My family members went to their work early in the morning. I was enjoying the view of the city and cool breeze from the balcony of our flat. Then I sensed the hands of bhabhi (Vandana ) holding my arms, one holed wrist, and the other biceps. She kept her head on my shoulder and stood sideways and started enjoying the view along with me. I caressed her wet hair (she just bathed and came ).

She started staring at me with love. I said “Isn’t it beautiful”, she asked “What?”. I answered cityscape and a beautiful woman holding my arms. She blushed and asked, ” why do I look so beautiful to you”. I explained that she has rosy lips and perfect figure and a loving heart and also revealed that she looks somewhat like my crush.

She asked “Crush or girlfriend?”. I said, ” crush, I don’t have guts to propose a girl “. She said ” are you serious?. You are the decent looking guy and you didn’t have a chance to kiss a girl yet? “. I was shocked and said, ” no I didn’t “. She said, “The next thing you should do is to kiss a girl that you like”. I said ” she will slap me on the face. ”

Vandana – “I won’t slap you ”Me – “Really?.You would allow that,?”Vandana – “Try it, you will know”

I started keeping my hand around her neck taking it from its position on hair. I took her head into my hand and faced towards me. She closed her eyes and parted her lips. I took her lower lip in between my lips and started smooching. In no time our lips and tongues were wrestling. We broke the kiss in 10mins and I hugged her tight and said thanks for the first experience.

She said ” I can give you more if you want, I can teach you with a wicked smile ”I said “What if Rahul (her 3-year-old son) wakes up”She said not to worry and took me to another bedroom and said me to do the bath.

I came after a bath and saw her in sexy saree. Couldn’t control it. Grabbed her from behind and slid my hands from sides hugged her. She moaned softly and said, “Only hugs? ”

I removed saree and blouse hooks and dropped her panty down. And grabbed her boobs and started pressing them softly. I started rubbing one and sucking another. Circled her nipple with my tongue. Boobs were fair with brown, small pointed nipples like a porn star. I praised her body.

She jumped on the bed and invited me with a wink and naughty smile while directing her finger. I jumped on her and she let out a moan. I said, “Shall we go to next level? “. She said that she was dying for a fuck as her husband is doing a job in Nepal for 6months.

I didn’t think anything and started fucking her. She stopped me and got into girl on top position and started the fuck. Then I made her lean over me, we were slowly making the movement while I was licking her boobs. She was fondling my hair when I was doing that. She told me to take it out before I cum. I did so and sprayed it on her boobs. Then I started tit fucking her and she gave me a good blowjob after that.

I was enjoying like anything. We had 3 sessions that day. Good that her son didn’t wake up for 4more hours.

We couldn’t have sex after that as she went to her hometown. We still do nude video calls often. I will explain to you how I have enjoyed with a Bengali girl in Hyderabad in a different sex story. Sorry for not being elaborative as this is my first sex story.

If you like my sex story, send feedback to [email protected]. Girls can contact me for a chat and other things. Will be waiting for experiences as I had only 2. Stay tuned to my account for more stories. Some will be truths and some are fictional. Whatever it may be you will be satisfied with reading.

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