Made My Teacher My Own – Part 1

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Now coming on the story, this happened when I was doing my graduation program on b tech computer engineering. I was one of the poor student in class but was very good in cultural activities that I was made head of my arts club in my college.

I had a teacher named Sumi, she was a married woman of age around 36 then and had two children. she was milky white in color and had a good body of 34 32 40. She was little fat but sexy with huge round ass which bounces when she walks. I use to hang a lot behind her to watch it hung and bounce.

At our final year of course she was assigned as the incharge of our class. On the very first day itself she called me to meet her as I was a note personally by every staffs of the department. I went to her she asked me to show some kind of important in my studies as it was my final year. She asked me that do I need and special coaching for that. I was not even ready to sit in class then coaching is a distance thing. So I said I don’t need any special coaching and agreed her that I will show improvement in my studies. But nothing happened I was failed in every sub on the next internal exam.

Sumi mam was very angry to see my performance and insisted me to take a coaching. so that I had to sit after the regular hours of class and she used to teach me my lessons for 2 hours…

On day as usual I was sitting for coaching, I was a hot summer so to sit in class is very hard. Sumi mam called me to her cabin as it was air conditioned and we could be free from the heat outside. She was wearing a blue color saree with matching blouse on that day. The class continued normal for the first 30 min. I was thirsty , and asked her permission to drink a cup of water. she gave me permission and asked me to bring a cup of war to her also. So I drink and brought a cup of water to her. when I get back to the cabin I saw she was looking for some notes bending down, her ass was inviting me as I was in her back I stood there watching that for some time. I got an instant hard on my pants on seeing her ass.

Then I called her and said ” mam , water for you”. on hearing this she just turned to me, but I was standing so close to her that the she hit the cup on turning and the water spilled on her saree. I said sorry mam. She said it’s ok and the class continued. After some time she was not able to withstand the temperature as the ac was running at min temperature and she was wet so she felt cold and was uneasy for her to sit there.

I asked her

me : what’s the problem mam?

Sumi : nothing vijay.

me: you can say me I think you feel something uneasy.

Sumi: ya I feel cold and I can’t sit here. can we move out.

me: mam it’s very hot outside and u can’t bear it for long. I you wish you could remove your saree mam. As there is no one else.

Sumi : no way. what are u talking I can’t do that in front of you. just concentrate on your work am fine. I have no problem.

class continued again Sumi made the ac temperature high ,but it doesn’t work.

me: mam don’t worry you are wet all around with this if you sit in the ac you will get affected by feaver. Just remove your saree and put it in out so that it will dry. don’t worry as there is no one else here.

Atleast Sumi had to do what I said she removed her saree and put it to dry and came back to cabin. ooo that scene was superb she was in her blouse and petticoat. Her cleavage was clearly seen and her boobs where hanging down. Her navel was also so silky and was attracting my attention. I was very aroused. she caught me looking at her assets. She felt shy and said me today it’s enough and asked me to go home.

I was in no mood to go home, but had to obey her took my book and left her cabin on the way out to the staff room I got some courage. I closed the main door of the staff room and walk back to the her cabin. She was shocked to see me back and asked me why I was back?

Without saying anything, I caught hold of Sumi and started to kiss her in her cheek forehead etc.

I caught hold of her blouse and pulled her back, which made her blouse to tear and I pulled it off. Now Sumi was only in her bra on top. I pulled her back and made her to stay close to the wall with one of my hand and loosen her petticoat strip with my other hand. The petticoat fell down in a min, woww the scene was superb Sumi was standing there only in her bra and panty. Her body was glowing like a milky candle lamp. She started pleading to leave her free.

I went close to her, Sumi started to cover her boobs and pussy over her bra and panty with her hands. But she was unable to do that her assets were popping out. I dragged her towards me and hugged her tightly, she tried to push me, but unhooked her bra and made her top nude. I pushed her to the staff table and kissed on her lip but she was not responding.

I stood up and made myself nude. I pulled her close to me and started to suck her boobs.

I  started to suck her nipples tight, slowly I started to feel that her resistance became less. I once again kissed her on lips again, now she also response and we had a deep kiss. We exchanged our toung and the kiss lasted for 10 min. I then moved down and started to play with her huge boobs. I started to press her left boobs and started to lick her right boobs. Her moaning became louder, and she started pressing my head on her boobs.

I again moved down and started to lick her navel. I slowly inserted my tongue on her navel and made a round on her navel she started to moan loud. I slowly removed her panty and made her nude. I started to lick her pussy. She was already wet down there and I sucked all her wetness. slowly I inserted my tongue on her pussy and licked it. Sumi started moaning she started to cry ” pls dont make me wait more, pls enter on me Vijay pls, I am in need of it pls”. So I inserted my dick on her pussy, it was tight but it went in easly due to the wetness.

I started to fuck my Sumi deep she started to moan high, fuck me , fucck myy nuuuts of ahhhh fuck me deep, make it fast vijay ahhhh fuck me deep in , pour your sperm on my pussy ahhhh fuckkk hard, fuckkk deep vijj…. etc. I increased my speed slowly I started to tear her pussy deeply, she was enjoying every push of me. I feel I was the most lucky man at that time. She was also shouting for more speed and I started to fuckk her pussy out.

After 20 min I felt as if I was to spit my sperm on her pussy. I asked her whether to put it on her pussy or not. she said ” I want to enjoy the whole fuck pls pour it on my pussy. I want it in ahhhh”. After few seconds I poured my entire liquid on sumi ‘ s pussy.

After that I and Sumi was dressed. After dressing up she looked at me I was also looking at her. Our lips met again. We kissed almost for few min. After that I said I love her , she just nooded her head. We started walking back to the door to go home. But when i tried to open the door it was not opening.

Some one had locked it for out. We where scared and hit hard on the door and shouted loudly for her, but no one came… I will continue what happened after that in my next part..

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